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Autumn Equinox and Healing Relationships

Guest article by Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

On the 18th September we enter an intense period of healing opportunities in relationships on every level in White Magnetic Mirror wave spell, influenced strongly by the planet Neptune. Neptune has a dissolving action so in this time we may have insight into the illusions we and others have created. We may also access the highest spiritual inspiration and be inspired to write brilliant poems and songs. The New Moon falls in Virgo on the 20th and the Autumn Equinox 22nd September.

The Autumn Equinox occurs as the Sun moves into Libra, the sign of relationships. Successful relationships are based on ‘Ayni’ or Sacred Reciprocity. A balanced give and take can make or break a relationship. The Kogi Indians say we urgently need to practice ‘Ayni’ with Earth so this is not just about human to human relationships. The Earth is having to take drastic action to balance herself as we have witnessed since the eclipse.

Like the leaves which are now falling profusely in the chilly Autumn winds, our ego’s naturally dissolve in a healthy relationship. We put aside our own needs for the other, and they put aside their needs for ours. This is the case with the Earth too. Do we really need shale gas when we can have solar power? Could we give it up for the sake of our planet’s well being?. Problems in all relationships may stem from a loss of balance in ‘reciprocity’.

The New Moon falls in Virgo and it’s time to celebrate the Harvest of Mother Earth. My garden is heaving with veg and flowers after remineralising the soil with volcanic ash in the spring. Gardening is truly my greatest teacher about cosmic cycles.

Vesta the priestess is conjunct the New Moon so take some time to do a ritual to celebrate the Autumn Equinox and to honor the cycles of the Sun and the Earth. Create a meal for loved ones from fresh veg and fruit marveling at the diversity and miracle of nature. Gratitude is a powerful healing energy for our Earth. Sharing food is our most primal way of bonding. Pray too that food be available to those who are hungry around the world.

Neptune in Pisces is exactly opposing Mercury and a Venus and Mars conjunction in Virgo. Venus and Mars echo the relationship theme and are all about balancing the Yin (receptive) and Yang (active) energies in ourselves and in relationships. Do you have a set idea of how you should be in a relationship as a man or a woman? Often such ideas are very powerful passed down through generations. Even when we don’t consciously agree with them i.e man is the bread winner, we find ourselves living out these patterns. On the other hand we may have swung to an extreme and be unwilling to receive help from anybody.

Neptune opposing Mercury may bring out arguments that have been simmering below the surface. A veil may be removed from our eyes about an important truth. Fear not though, this is a perfect time to look in the White Mirror and acknowledge, at least to yourself, what is going on inside you. All you can transform is your own experience and perception. It’s also a time where we may find out about illusions and deceptions and this is generally not a good time to sign important contracts.

Jupiter is opposing Uranus across the Libra/Aries axis bringing in expansive, creative potential and enhancing themes of self and others. Also on the creative front Pluto turns direct at the Autumn Equinox after his showdown with the Goddess Asteroids Juno (Sacred Marriage), Astraea (Sacred Arts) and Hygeia (Natural Rhythms) in the past few months. I have been seeing a lot of relationships setting new agreements which support Ayni. The Goddesses are urging us to align with nature’s cycles, to express our creativity and to honour the Sacred Feminine and Masculine within ourselves. I’m very excited that I have been invited to facilitate a series of seasonal workshops with Astrology and Sound Healing at the Mandala Yoga Centre in Preston as I feel this honours these new emerging energies in humanity perfectly.

This week I made a spicy Moroccan Beetroot and Bramley Apple soup which was heavenly. It warmed me up in minutes having spent an afternoon outside gardening in the cold. My garden is at the top of the Pennines in Yorkshire, so at least a few degrees colder than the valley where I live. I was discussing with my good friend I share the garden with the profound changes taking place in weather across the planet, including the hurricanes and melting in the North Pole. Her partner has done a great deal of research on this and it is an urgent issue being ignored by governments. An ice age is approaching and I know for myself I’m not going to rely on the authorities for my survival – it’s time to tune into Mother Earth in a big way and to work in the local and global community together to live harmoniously on our planet.

Ceres the Mother Goddess is nearly ended her journey through the nurturing sign of Cancer and I feel in myself deeper shift away from foods I know do me no good to healthy, natural foods. I hope the nurturing energy of Ceres has infused your life too.

I have been contemplating the next steps in the development of an online course to spread the word of the Goddess Asteroids. The course is called ‘Loving the Body You’re In’. It should have an extension too – ‘and the Earth you are on’. Some of you reading this are already signed up but if not please visit as it will be launched soon. I am going to be in Catalonia beginning of October where I will record the series. The course will be free because after deep reflection that feels appropriate for many reasons. I do offer personal chart readings which I charge for, I have many happy clients details of which are also on my website

Gene Key Connections

The New Moon occurs in Gene Key 6 and is perfect for the theme of relationships on a personal, national and galactic scale. In the past months these 3 strands Goddess Asteroids, Mayan Wavespell and Gene Keys have started to form a most intriguing and beautiful web of intelligence, each echoing the same themes. Not surprising really as they are all emanating from Spirit to assist us.

The Shadow Frequency for Gene Key 6 is ‘Conflict’, the Gift ‘Diplomacy’ and the Siddhi ‘Peace’. Let us strive for Peace in a world of chaos and may this truly begin in our own hearts and in the courage to look in the White Mirror. This is my prayer,

Love and Blessings

Alison Dhuanna

Blue Spectral Eagle


Autumn Equinox and Healing Relationships — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you, for a most brilliant and loving article on working on our relationships (what else is there. . .) even with our pets and all the various animals, insects, etc. on Mother Earth. And not forgetting Mother Earth, who nourishes us in body, mind and spirit. So lovely, to read something from someone in lovely England, which I associate with lovely gardens and flowers. So enchanting! The best & brightest to you! Sky*

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