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Revelations at Glastonbury Tor

Guest Article by Alison Dhuanna.

I feel a great sense of excitement in approaching Glastonbury where the St Mary and St Michael Ley lines spiral up the Tor and weave their way through the many sacred sites and churches of the town. It seems so much more powerful arriving having traveled these ley lines for a fortnight now from Lands End in Cornwall.

I have visited Glastonbury many times and each time has been full of synchronicities and healing. Now having a more in depth understanding of how the ‘energy’ is working I can see why this is. It should also be said, as many people will say who live there, is that it brings up shadow material for people. So, Glastonbury is not necessarily an easy place to live.

In the ‘Sun and the Serpent’ Hamish Miller and Paul Broadbent, who spent many hours tracking the ley lines through dowsing, came to an astonishing conclusion. The St Mary’s Ley line forms a double lipped cup holding the spiraling Michael line within her vessel. In other words, the Tor is a Chalice holding the Dragon energies of Michael. The energy in the land itself is the Holy Grail. That our Earth is so clever is wondrous to consider.

Our bodies are also modeled on this energy of yin and yang spiraling through our electromagnetic field, known as the Caduceus. This is not surprising as Earth Mother is our Creator. My intention as I set off on my walk up the Tor, wind chime in hand, is to anchor the original frequency of the Earth’s electromagnetic field at the ‘Heart Chakra’ of the World back into my body – for myself but also for the collective so we can re-member how to be fully aligned with our Mother.

As I climb the steep winding path that will lead me to St Michael’s Church I remember the last horse workshop I did with Amanda Oates at In Harmony with Horses. We worked with the male horses separately and they were bucking and kicking out in the round pen – doing their full-on yang playing. None of us women were too keen to get in there with them. Eventually Amanda got us into ‘cowgirl’ qigong pose and we collectively held and contained the yang energy of the horses with our yin energy as we stood in a half moon circle. From being quite dangerous the horses became mellow and peaceful.

It was extremely effective, and I’m feeling now intuitively that the horses were preparing me for this greater understanding. Like so many of the Earth’s teachings it is very simple. In the original energy matrix Yin holds Yang and contains its sometimes-dangerous nature. Yin containment is the way that our yang energy can be most usefully channeled. This is very much the nature of Saturn who is currently transiting the Galactic Centre.

The somewhat mind boggling leap is that purely through focusing our minds and intention collectively we can contain out of control Yang energy such as Donald Trump, companies destroying the environment etc. without doing any harm to them.

I finally reach the top of the Tor and sit on one of the huge stone seats in St Michael’s Tower. I close my eyes and slow my breath. Its busy today so I’m trying to zone out the other people. I feel a sense of being very connected to the Universe and that the alignment that is taking place is ‘womb healing’. I’ve been doing a lot of this in the past year for myself and others and it feels like preparation for this moment. I become a shiny speck of dust in a great galaxy of energy. I am Nothing.

Opening my eyes, I find that a lamb has come into the tower. Its presence is so wonderful. An American family who I was climbing with earlier come in and I feel an affinity with the woman, as if I know her. She comments that it feels very special that the lamb is here. I say to her ‘It’s like Jesus has arrived’ and she agrees. We are perfect strangers but very in tune. She says she is from Southern California and somehow it seems important we are here together.

Suddenly lots of people are coming in stroking the soft fleece of the lamb and taking photos. It seems very happy to have this close human contact and for one young girl especially it seems a very special experience.

After a while I feel drawn to set off down the southern side of the Tor. It is a wonderfully warm, summers day. Reaching the bottom, I see a spiraling path back left around and I take this new route. Circumnavigating I come to a flock of sheep and see a black one limping to his friends under a big tree below.  I decide to do a little ceremony here with my crystal skull and the dowser showed me a spot close by where the rod starts spinning dramatically. It’s a node where the two lines meet. Sitting down I find there is a rabbit hole right underneath me, which seems ironic as Jay fell down one! (Read previous blog on our journey to the Isles of Scilly). A Heron flies past and them amazingly 3 green woodpeckers which are both birds which appeared earlier on in the pilgrimage.

Tuning in again to the land a vision returns that I had in January of the 3 Goddess Asteroids Juno, Astraea and Hygiea carrying the Holy Grail Chalice and the Spear that drips with the blood of Jesus (Or Chiron) across the Galactic Centre. Lilith is now crossing where they were a few months back, the Dark Madonna of astrology. This is a powerful time for the rising of the energies of the Holy Grail and all that it might mean for humanity.

I am still playing my wind chime and down below me in the apple orchard I can hear a flute. The two instruments sound beautiful together carried on the wind. Looking into the darkness of the trees I can just make out a young man with dreadlocks sleeping rough. I feel that in some strange way the music is a weaving and a celebration of St Mary and St Michael – the Yin and the Yang in equal parts.

If you would like to read the whole pilgrimage so far – we are about half way through – visit which is the first blog.

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  1. Thank you for reminding me of the energy of the Tor. I visited Glastonbury years ago, traveling from my home in California. There was SO much Divine Feminine energy in that whole town. I agree that it can be a difficult place to be though–I got knocked unconscious by a speeding moped and wound up in the hospital overnight! I concluded that the energy there needed me conked out to get into me fully. 😉 I love your beautiful report.

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