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Red Dragon Awakening

Guest article by Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

I have been planning a trip along the St Michael and Mary ley lines of Britain this summer and so I was delighted to find that Red Magnetic Dragon wavespell and a new 260 day cycle began on the 24th May. These ley lines are known as Dragon lines and they connect to Europe and beyond. I feel a strong sense that the mountains ranges across the world are in communication with each other.

I have become more drawn lately to seeing the connections between the Mayan Astrology and what the Goddess Asteroids are up to. This month the Sun moves into Gemini and as you can see from the Johfra image above Dragons also appear in the symbolism of this fascinating sign. I love Johfra’s paintings. Years ago this book came to me and for a whole year when I was 29 years old I lived each sign of the zodiac. Back then some 15 years ago I also went on an amazing journey along these ley lines which cross with each other in very powerful points in places such as Avebury and Glastonbury Tor. I once met a man on top of Glastonbury Tor who had cured himself of a brain tumour by standing on the cross over point every day and he was kind enough to show me where it is.

There are exciting things going on in Gemini this month. Mars in Gemini is opposing Saturn in Sagittarius crossing the Galactic Centre. I feel Saturn very much as the presence of the Dark Mother Binah birthing new forms from the powerful waves of evolutionary force flowing into the Galaxy. The Galactic Centre is the portal to the Ninth Dimension so I was very interested to hear from Mahala’s blog that Carl Calleman has said 24th May is also a Ninth Dimensional opening. In this scenario could Saturn also be interacting with Mars energy through the ley lines? It feels as though their power is rising which is what we would associate with Mars. These ley lines also have a very direct connection with the human energy field too.

I am very excited as well that Ceres the Mother Goddess energy is conjoining the Sun at 6-7th June. I feel this will be a particularly powerful time and that perhaps events may lead politicians to take environmental concerns more seriously. I feel sure the Mother Goddess will in some way make her voice heard. I found out after writing this there is a new RHS Flower Show so that is perfect! On a personal level it is a great time to assess and transform your relationship with food. There is only one rule – the closer it is to how Mother Earth intended the better it is for us. Our bodies have evolved over thousands of years with the plants and animals and when we don’t mess around with the system we can have excellent health. I’m really enjoying growing my own food and being part of the journey from seed to plate, it gives me such joy. It is the best way to feel an intimate connection with your food. The only thing that gives me more joy is growing flowers!

As if to confirm we are on the right track here my friend M who follows the crop circles closely sent me this one yesterday. It is aligned to St Michael’s Mount in Cornwell and the ley line may pass through it…it is certainly close by. Apparently crop circles are very rare in Cornwall. What I see in it is a bird or a fish maybe? Here is the link below to see it.

Gemini being an Air sign, I’ve had some lovely bird experiences in the past week. In the nearby woods where I live there have been some baby woodpeckers singing their hearts out. The sound goes up when mum feeds them. I recorded it and its on my You Tube channel. And if that wasn’t good enough today we witnessed the fledgling flight of 2 tiny wrens. Pretty incredible!

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Love and Blessings

Alison Dhuanna

Blue Spectral Eagle

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