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Connecting to the Divine – Retreat

Guest article by Mona form

Hello Everyone!

We are in major times of change. Our worlds inside and out are be being confronted in ways we couldn’t even have imagined or could even make up! Many of us are having dreams as well that are having us feeling different when we wake up in the morning. What is actually happening is that we are opening up to new neuro pathways in our bodies to help reconstruct, redirect and redshift old memory that no longer suite or serve us. This ends up in the physical body to help us expand into our truth. It may sound foreign, but we really are shifting into new beings. The only thing we need to do is Trust, Honor the process, and Allow our spirits once again align to our heart.

Sometimes even though you might wake up wondering if your physical body is getting healed, the answer will be YES if you “know” that you are in good hands! ( Spiritual connectedness!)


I am planning on holding a very spiritual and “Connecting to the Divine” retreat in Sedona, Arizona in July. For those of you who might be interested, the dates are July 7th through the 10th, with people leaving on the 11th. This will be a very integrative workshop where we will be connecting to Source within, as well as having time to do some hiking. This will not be strenuous at all… but we will go to a special place to open our hearts and do ceremony.

If you might be interested in this event, the cost is $1,000.00 per person, and will cover room and board, food and drink. Dining will be separate. This does not cover airfare or transportation to the house. There is room for 12 so please visit It is first come first serve. There will be more events added shortly, so STAY TUNED!!
In love and light,



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  1. I’ll tell you I have been waking up feeling (dread) depressed, and I’m a upbeat person, mostly positive. . . . I don’t know where these feeling are coming from?????

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