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Rage: The Wisdom Keeper of the Body

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Guest Article by Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

As we lead into the Lunar Eclipse on the 10/11 February 2017 subconscious material is being released from the collective emotional body. The eclipses this year cross the Leo Aquarius axis. The Leo part of us asks to stand boldly in the light honouring ourselves. The Aquarius part asks us to learn to be in synergy with others. The Sabian Symbol for the Moon in this eclipse is ‘In A Circus the Bareback Rider Displays Her Dangerous Skill’. The meaning is ‘the audacity and perseverance required to control and play with the powerful energies of the vital realm in human existence

This year Chiron, Neptune and Pallas Athena are transiting the South Node so many ancestral issues regarding the power of women will be erupting to the surface. One of these wounds I have been facing in myself and seeing in others around me is deep rage because of a violation of natural laws which occurred in womb time or during childhood. The following may be symptoms of such rage and this is not an all inclusive list:

  • Addictions and behaviour which numbs feeling despite all your efforts to heal them
  • Severe loss of energy
  • Reacting very strongly when somebody violates your psychic or physical space, or tells you what to do
  • Strong feelings such as revulsion or fear when faced with an invasive medical procedure
  • Deep revulsion, fear and anger when seeing fracking or the DAPL pipeline issues, feeling your body is in resonance with violations of Earth Mother
  • Memories surfacing of trauma giving birth to your children, feeling helpless or separated from your child
  • Memories surfacing of violations in childhood or later in life such as abuse
  • Feeling paralysed and possibly manifesting this physically
  • Struggling to maintain connection with others
  • Having a troubled relationship with food
  • Feeling revulsion towards your body
  • Never feeling satisfied or that you have or are enough
  • Feeling unable to be intimate and present in a sexual relationship
  • Compulsive behaviour with a deep need to control others and what is happening in your environment

In contemplating this we need to not get into guilt and blame; If Astrology teaches us anything it is that karmic patterns unfold and until we know, we don’t know. We are swept along in great tides of collective issues and it takes strong will and support to turn things around. We are being presented with a portal of cosmic healing right now in which we may heal these deep traumas. It feels that it is a necessary part of the healing of the Warrior Woman archetype to heal there ‘violation’ traumas

I’m wanting this year to express how deeply the Goddess Asteroids affect human life. I had an Epiphany moment on the 1st January that these Goddess ways of being are the ‘Exemplar Archetypes of the New Emerging Culture’ for women and men. This was inspired by the Sabian Symbol of the New Moon. It is our future, our birth right to live as equals upon this beautiful Planet Earth. The Goddess Asteroids offer a detailed map of what is needed to be living the dream, the New Earth. I have created a free resource called ‘Love the Body You’re In’ to illuminate how astrology can transform your life. You can sign up to be sent the videos and healing practices I have found work at

I offer personal chart readings with a focus on the Goddess Asteroids and Chiron in your chart. Please email for details

The eclipse is visible from London from 22.34 on the 10th February and reaches maximum at 00.43 11 February 2017.


Rage: The Wisdom Keeper of the Body — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you for this beautiful depiction of anger and rage! A reminder once again that rage and anger do serve a purpose to our well being, almost as a purge of some sort, the body saying I have had too much, as the Earth is saying with climate change. It is important to recognize the rage and the anger, the wounded inner child, in order to heal and move to a place of peace and love. We have to shed our collective tears and voice that which has been kept silent in order for any real long term healing and world peace can be attained. Thank you Alison!

  2. Correction: Non-duality doesn’t play in duality ( )~! Rage has “antonyms” (opposite feelings), thus is part of duality ( , scroll down the page to read the antonyms!)… Rage is nothing more than anger out of control, created from unfulfilled and unmet expectation(s), resulting from false adopted and learned beliefs! Epigenetic (computer software definition: “resulting from external rather than genetic influences”)… Generational genetic markers and tenancies “can and have been proven to be altered” through “changing learned”; beliefs, eating, environments, physical habits, etc…. Just because we have a genetic marker, doesn’t mean it ever has to be ignited! Commenter: TrueSelf, “never” stated anything about “affirmations” thus your “reaction” (rather than an authentic researched “response”) is baseless! Their genuinely heartfelt and well thought out response to your article, was meant to unify and “heal”, therefore is worth reconsideration! Polarizing doesn’t harmonize anything~! The word itself means “dividing”! At some point in everyone’s journey, anger is no longer about what someone “did” to us, rather it’s about the choices we made, wondering if we could have done anything differently to have avoided the horrid experience in the first place! The way to heal and reconcile experiences is move beyond victimhood and survivorship to thriver! Embrace others comments intended to contribute, thus expanding your understanding (and others!) so healing can commence for everyone! Namaste…

  3. Non duality resides in the deep recesses of the body memory, often stored as rage. Epigenetic shows us that this happens over many generations and it cannot be ignored, or transformed through simple affirmations. If this rage about inequality is part of your experience then this article may help you release it during this eclipse period. I polarise in order to harmonise

  4. Alison McCabe, once again I read an article which focuses on one aspect of the Divine, that is the Divine Feminine. Separation and polarising the soul into just one aspect of the Divine is not part of the Divine Plan. It separates humans on this level and can only result in the ongoing assault on the Divine Plan. The human body is artificial intelligence which is being attacked in attempt to be controlled by a source which is not connected with the Divine Plan.

    Until this dual aspect of self is fully realised in words we share, true awakening will not be completed.

  5. The best quote I heard recently, “You can be a victim, survivor, or a thriver; I choose thriver!” by Tyler Perry (actor, director, incest survivor, etc.)… In every moment, opportunities knock on the door of possibilities… What you have to ask yourself is, “Do I want to focus what was “done” to me?” or “Focus on what I can do that adds to my true inner being, bringing about the things I envision for my life, refreshing and supporting who and what I truly am and want to be?” Paraphrasing Oprah Winfrey (actor, broadcaster, director, an incest and rape survivor, now also thriver!), “The best revenge is living your best life!”… Other’s actions won’t ever “define” you, only alter your choices in creating a better future! Leave what was, and focus on what can be… Allow and Be the magnificence you are born to be and already are! Namaste…

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