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Planet Alert February 2017

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February is here already with the feeling of spring in the air; at least it feels that way here in the Pacific Northwest. It has been quite a winter for many people with an abundance of snow here on the West Coast. In fact, I think it set some records. I look forward to the early flowers starting to come up, and the dry sunny weather we usually have here in February. I also look forward to Valentine’s Day. I think we should make this into a major holiday and add unconditional love to this celebration. What could be a better holiday for the Age of Aquarius?

Mars just moved into Aries and the name of the game is more chaos until Mars moves into Taurus on March 9. Mars of course rules anger, violence, and war (I just heard we have a challenge with Iran.) On the positive side it rules energy and you have the choice of how you would like to manifest this energy in your life. The word anger adds up to nine and the word love also adds up to nine. This is a good time to go inward and see if you still have anger in your sub-conscious mind. If so, then this is a good time to “Let it all go”.

The best way to get through this turbulent time period is to have love in your heart and look at the events like a movie being played out on the world scene. It’s all a hologram anyway and will change when the time is right and people have learned what they need to know from this experience.

It appears like we have gone back in time to when women had no power. Do we want to go back to that period in time? Haven’t we worked hard enough to finally become equal with men with equal pay for a job well done and to have control over our bodies?  I am so happy to see so many people peacefully demonstrating saying “Enough is enough; we don’t need any more control over our lives. We need to be free.

The planets say that it is time to be free. Uranus is in the fire sign Aries along with Mars, and Saturn is in the fire sign Sagittarius. Uranus rules revolutions and new energy, and Saturn rules the old. Maybe we need to let the old go and bring in the new. Trump seems to be doing a good job of tearing down the structure of our government. The old has to go down before the new can come in. Maybe this whole mess will turn out differently than most people think it will.

Saturn (Satan) controls the Matrix, or hologram. Saturn only controls Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury and the Earth. Uranus is a wild card and does not believe in the Matrix. Neptune is the planet of delusion or deception, and Pluto is the transformer. Uranus, a planet that rules light is working on bringing in freedom by causing the energy of revolution to be on Earth at this time. If we focus our minds on bringing in freedom and watching this drama from an observation point, we can help the world move through this chaos a lot better.

Remember, we are manifesting the 20th chapter of Revelation where the controllers all go down and then we manifest a whole new reality which is called the New Earth. Negativity has a tendency to destroy itself so maybe the really dark ones will self-destruct, or maybe there will be Divine Intervention. The Earth changes are getting stronger and stronger, and our second sun Nemesis is here. How will this affect us?

There is also the theory that 1/3 of the Earth will be leaving when the lower time-line Earth splits off from the higher time-line Earth. The dark ones will automatically exist on a lower time-line, unless they self-destruct. The people with love in their hearts will be on the higher time-line Earth.

I have thought a lot about the splitting Earth theory and it explains a lot to me. If the time-lines separate it is kind of like when a person dies and leaves his/her physical body to go to a higher reality. In this case the Earth will symbolically die and her higher self will then be in a higher frequency where love and peace will reign. I think this theory is a real possibility although who knows how this will all turn out. I do know that we are caught in a dark Matrix right now and it’s hard to see the light unless we change our perception of life.

Now back to the planets. There are two eclipses in February. The first one is a full moon eclipse on February 10 at 4:33 PM PST on 22 degrees Leo. The meaning of 22 degrees Leo is a carrier pigeon fulfilling its mission of delivering the message it is meant to carry.  This is interesting to me because we just moved into the Year of the Fire Rooster in Chinese Astrology. The Rooster is kind of a cocky bird that rules the roost. This reminds me of Donald Trump and how he likes to be boss and do exactly what he chooses to do.

The Sun will be on 22 degrees Aquarius in this eclipse chart. This degree means “The warmth of understanding which comes to those who are open to new possibilities”. The asteroid Vesta, the goddess of the eternal flame, is in the sign of Cancer and it has been making a square aspect to Uranus, which is the revolutionary planet. Cancer is an emotional sign so this means there has been an abundance of emotional energy in effect for a while. Actually, there has been all kinds of emotional energy floating around since Trump’s Inauguration on January 20, 2017. This energy will increase as we move into the time of this upcoming full moon and continue up until Mars, Uranus, and Eris are conjunct in Aries opposing Jupiter in late February.

I said in my last article that we were about to start a full blown revolution in the United States and it has started. Actually, people are demonstrating all over the world and I think this is good because it shows me that we are all becoming united. Isn’t that what we are supposed to do in order to manifest unity consciousness?

The planet Jupiter is in the sign of Libra right now and this is the sign of relationships of all kinds. I was thinking about the world and how Trump has basically severed relations with Mexico, Iran, and the Muslims. Now that we have this problem with Iran, what will come from this event? Will it be another war? I sure hope not. There will also be problems in personal relationships as long as Jupiter is in Libra, which will be until October 2017.

What are the effects of negative thoughts? The moment a negative thought enters your mind; your body releases acid, your aura decreases, your resistance power decreases, your system’s functions are affected, your heart beat  increases, your blood pressure increases and unwanted hormones are released. Do you want to feel all of those effects? Then consider thinking more positive thoughts. Be grateful for what you have and bless each day as you wake up in the morning. Be kind to yourself and everyone else. It is important to stay positive with everything that is going on in the world.   So Be It!

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Mahala Gayle


Planet Alert February 2017 — 7 Comments

  1. Back in the late 80’s I spent many hour meditating. During one of my meditations, I was taken to the outer realms of the Fifth dimension. I was looking back at Earth and saw the “yin yang sign” on Planet Earth. The black/white design began to pull apart and I saw a complete new Earth with the old earth fading away. This vision has stayed with since. The New Earth is with US – with all people who are service to others and Live in the Light! – Jim

  2. Paraphrasing: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do” Jesus, Luke 23:34… Have compassion for the ignorant (ignor-ant) those who ignore the real truth (within, not polluted by outer influences!), but instead choose to follow consensus reality (or tribal consciousness) perpetuating what we all don’t want… To change what we all don’t want, stop giving; attention, energy, focus, time, etc. to what we all don’t want, and instead create both within and without, what is good for all! Peace…

  3. I second William’s comment. They are actually dividing us. Now you can’t wear a red hat, you get beaten up.

  4. I enjoy the wonderful video and feel a sense of release from the tension I have been feeling for a while. Everything said felt as if you spoke of me, and I’m sure many of us. You’ve read my reactions before hand, as I wanted to archive this video and as I entered the lick you left, “Mahala Gayle”…wallah! The entire dialog of the video is here word for word.
    Thank you so much for helping me. Peace, prosperity and love to all.

  5. Mahala wrote: “Actually, people are demonstrating all over the world and I think this is good because it shows me that we are all becoming united.” These demonstrations are not grassroots expressions of the people. This is bought-and-paid-for anarchy funded by George Soros and proxied into the streets by Soros NGOs such as Black Lives Matter and Move On.Org. This is Saul Alinsky hard core Communism in your face and has nothing to do with becoming united. This is pure divide-and-conquer and is part of the final battle between the Dark and the Light.

  6. Something to consider… “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” by Buckminster Fuller… Thank you for your report! Blessings and Namaste…

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