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Planet Alert January 2017

Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas or Hanukkah celebration. The holidays are not over yet because we are still in the celebration of the High Holy Days. The celebration of the Orthodox Christmas will be on January 7.  How many of you know that the Roman Catholic Church divided into two groups in the year 1054? One is the Roman Catholic Church and the other group is the Orthodox churches. There are several branches of this church and I believe all of them celebrate Christmas on January 7.
I am writing this article on the day of the New Moon, which was December 29, 2016. On that day the planet Uranus moved direct in conjunction with Eris, the planet of chaos. Uranus was retrograde from July 29 to December 29. During that five month period of time it was like Uranus was standing still and stirring up everything in its path. Actually, no planet stands still or goes retrograde; it just appears that way from Earth. Uranus rules rebellion, demonstrations, light, high technology and the male higher mind. Now Uranus is in its fast-speed mode. This means it’s time to buckle your seat belt and enjoy the ride.
The sun is in the sign of Capricorn right now and this is a cardinal fast-acting sign. Capricorn rules governments, corporations, structures of all kinds and heads of governments.  On December 29 Uranus was still on 20 degrees Aries in an exact opposition to Jupiter on 20 degrees Libra. This degree means a return to contact with the Mother-force of nature and social togetherness. Didn’t that happen in the Standing Rock event in North Dakota?
Both Uranus and Jupiter are now on 20 degrees which brings up the energy of the Tarot Card called Judgment. The Judgment card, in my Tarot book, is a picture of a woman with raised arms and wings rising up from a pot of old leaves. In other words, it is the Phoenix rising from the ashes and it is the ending of one phase of life and the beginning of another. It’s Ascension time. To reach a higher frequency we all need to stop judging ourselves and others.  Are you still judging yourself? Are you judging other people? Are you judging what is going on in the world? Are you judging what you hear on the news? Do you feel like you are not worthy?  Move into your heart energy where love lives. Stand in your power. You are a great Being of light and it is time to manifest that light.  Let go of judging and become the risen Phoenix.
Saturn is on 21 degrees Sagittarius and this represents the World in the Tarot cards.  This is the last card in the Major Arcana and means fulfillment, attainment, culmination, harmony and well-being. Whatever happens now will affect the whole world. Sagittarius is a fire sign and rules freedom. Saturn is, or has been considered our controller because it literally controlled all of the inner planets of our solar system and kept us in the Matrix. Saturn is no longer our controller if we just claim our freedom and stand in our power. Saturn also makes a nice trine to Uranus, which also rules freedom. Now it is the time for the old way of doing things to go away, and a new way of life to manifest.
The planet Pluto is on 16 degrees Capricorn and that of course represents the Tower Struck with Lightening. Pluto is directly affecting New York City right now. I find it interesting that the Trump Tower in New York had a bomb scare the other day.  I am glad no bomb was found, although it proves that the energy of Astrology works.
What other kind of event will Pluto bring to New York?  I hear the East Coast is having more storms and that is a Pluto event. New York is the financial center of the world and Pluto is the transformer. Will our financial system be transformed in any way by this aspect, and if it is will we hear about it? The United Nations is also located in New York.  China will also be affected by the energy of the sun in Capricorn.       I do think there will be more large weather events in China in this upcoming month.
Pluto was over Washington D.C at the time of our election. What a transforming event that was. It was a surprise to me that Donald Trump won, although the Web bot said he would. I guess we needed a change here in the United States. He will be inaugurated on January 20, just before we move into the year of the Fire Rooster. The Rooster likes to express himself and be the center of attention.  Kind of sounds like Trump to me.
I’m sure there will be a lot of different events in January, and who knows exactly what will happen? The Sun will conjunct Pluto on January 6th.  Mercury goes direct on January 8. The Sun will square Uranus on January 10 and square Jupiter on January 11 right before the full moon on January 12. January will be a very interesting month starting with the first day of the New Year which is a 1-1-1. This is a new beginning.
There are a lot of things going on in our solar system, and one of them is the arrival of Planet X, also called Nibiru/Nemesis. I heard about Nemesis coming in many years ago. The Astronomers at that time expected Nemesis to be here by 2012, and then they recalculated and said it would be here by 2020. Apparently it is in our solar system now because the scientists have discovered Helium in our system. Nemesis is a brown dwarf star and is known to emit Helium. Nemesis is our second sun that Nostradamus talked about in his prophecies.
Scientists also say that we will be entering a dust cloud soon. I think this dust cloud is from the tail of Nemesis. This will be quite an event. The controllers built their underground cities so they can go there when we go through this dust cloud. We are in the ascension process right now and as soon as we reach a high enough frequency we will be in a different reality where everything is beautiful and people are very loving and kind. It’s called The New Earth. This is what I have been waiting for to manifest for many years and it is finally here, or almost here. In the new reality Nemesis will not be a problem.
I recently read an article by Lisa Rising Berry about the new activation of our DNA. This article is very interesting and I recommend that you read it. Her article talks about a major ascension process that is going on right now in our brains. Right in the middle of the brain is Ammon’s Horn, also known as the Hippocampus. It is our connection to God, or source. This part of our brain was activated on December 19/20 when a wave of energy covered the whole Earth. I felt that energy on those two days because I became very electrical. Maybe I had an electrical connection to source on those days. Here is a video that shows that wave: Massive Waves of Energy Are Hitting Earth, Picked Up On MIMIC Map. Here is another from dutchsinse. Here is the web site of Lisa Berry.
Here is a video of a comet that is in our heavens on New Year’s Eve, and for a few more days. It is beautiful.   What a way to start a new year. USA Today: Look to the sky for New Year’s Eve comet.
Happy New Year and I hope this will be your best year ever. Have you heard the song “I am the light of my soul”? It is a beautiful song. Here is the link: Let this light of our soul shine in all its glory for everyone to see in this upcoming year. So Be It!
 I send you my love and blessings.
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                                                                    Mahala Gayle


Planet Alert January 2017 — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for your uplifting and unifying post! It’s important to understand that we all traverse life through numerous expressions… We may agree or disagree with others, but the most important aspect is that we work together towards what works for all! In Chinese astrology their new year begins and is celebrated on Jan. 28 this year, and their year (that other cultures embrace too) will be 4715 (in numerology this represents the number 8… In the tarot it represents, “Strength” along with courage, self awareness and compassion (which we all need!)). Interestingly, the Chinese have chosen to erect a statue making their new year of the rooster resemble Trump (very apropos)~! It seems there might be more considerations concerning other factions altering our election than just one country~! (I can think of many, but I digress)… What’s important, this moment is about awakening for those who are awake, and for those who have been sleeping… Supporting one and all through this transitional new beginning will provide lessons and opportunities for all. Be compassionate, loving and patient both with others and yourself! Blessings and Namaste…

  2. Thank you. i like what you write. especially about ascension. i do not usually get ascensionitis, but i had blazing headaches these past holidays. i am soooo looking forward to our ascension.

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