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Astrology of the Sioux Constitution at Standing Rock

Guest article by UK Astrologer Alison Dhuanna

Researching Standing Rock from England it was important that I find the history written  from a Native American Point of view. I found a PDF online by LaDonna Brave Bull Allard which is where I got the information for these blogs.

It struck me that the date the Sioux themselves formed a Constitution for the Standing Rock Reservation on the 24th April 1959 was particularly important. The Astrology for this date illuminates the greater cosmic patterns unfolding, especially when considered in relation to the planetary movements today.

The Constitution was signed on a day when the Moon was conjunct Ceres (Mother Goddess) and Jupiter in the last degrees of Scorpio. This is a very important part of the zodiac as it’s the place of emergence from the cosmic underworld. It is therefore highly syncronistic that what lies in this part of the zodiac today is a conjunction of Astraea, Hygeia and Juno. In a nutshell what this frequency represents is the Golden Age of Sacred Arts and Natural Rhythms being rebirthed. The equality of men and women is also very important. I have been involved in many political struggles in my life but what is different about Standing Rock is that it is unequivocally spiritual and creativity plays a central role in the way the Sioux express themselves. This is what gives it the Goddess touch.

The other wonderful aspect in the 1959 chart is that the North Node is aligned to Pallas Athena and Juno in Libra. This feels a harmonious expression of the Warrior Goddess and Sacred Lover energies – as if what would be born at Standing Rock was the celebration of the strength and power of women and equality with men. Jupiter has been transiting this part of the zodiac so we could expect an expansion of this consciousness now. This is further echoed in that Pallas Athena is transiting Chiron the Wounded Healer at the time the Constitution was signed. There is a strong energy present of the healing of the wounds of the archetypal Warrior Women.

In the blog for the founding of the Standing Rock Reservation I mentioned a very rare conjunction of Pluto, Uranus and Saturn at 3 degrees Taurus. What is interesting is that the Sun was also at 3 degrees Taurus when the constitution was formed connecting these two dates. The light and warmth of Father Sun was shining upon the previously very challenging patriarchal energies. Standing Rock in its name is very much the energy of Taurus, the Fixed Earth sign of the zodiac.

Finally, there is a Vesta return happening now – Vesta being in the same place in the zodiac as she was in April 1959 which is pretty awesome. Vesta is the archetypal Priestess or Medicine Woman. Even more importantly she helps us to re-member that we find our pathway to Spirit through our hearts – not through a male authority who gives us permission. This is a very special time for Priestesses, Medicine Women and the Power of Prayer. I know my fellow Sisters and Brother Shamans of Celtic, Viking and other enthnicities of the British Isles Stand with you at Standing Rock. Ho!

Love and Blessings

Alison (Blue Spectral eagle)

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Astrology of the Sioux Constitution at Standing Rock — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Bill I must confess that my new computer likes to do predictive text and sometimes I don’t notice! Thank you for the feedback and its good to have mostly pleased your Mercury midheaven in Scorpio (from a Sun. Pluto, Mercury conjunction in Virgo lol). My next post is about the new Disney film Moana but it has surprising connections to this theme of not giving away our spiritual power embodied in the Vesta archetype. Im actually just listening to a fascinating podcast about Kepler who predicted where the Goddess Asteroids would be and he is so much a Goddess man. His mother was actually accused of witch craft and he rebelled against mainstream religion on this point exactly. Here is the link

  2. Thank you for your informative report! A saying that needs to be embraced by all who feel others hold the keys to their lives… “A dominate can’t have control, without the submissive’s permission!” To support that saying, Dr. Phil states, “You teach people how to treat you!” and “How’s that working for you?!”… Too often in our time of need, we fall for the sales pitches without considering the substance we really need and want… When you open to the Divine already within, and stop allowing other’s made-up limited egos play you, for their benefit (which they wouldn’t do, if they had any true power to begin with~!), and don’t allow your made-up limited ego to engage in their selfish behavior (reacting means they win! Why? It distracts from getting the result that is good for all, hoping you will concede to their whims!)… Too often, we see what we want to see, and don’t pay attention to and/or see the hidden agendas… Looking back (hindsight) we see what went wrong and how we could have effectively created change… Work towards what is “good for everyone”, or find other’s that play fairly in life’s sandbox “with you” concerning what that is good for all! Don’t waste energy or time on those whose “ego’s exceed their diaper sizes”, they don’t and won’t play fair! Open to see what is really in front of you, instead of what you want, and you won’t ever be fooled again! May the new year bring; Blessings, Peace and Wisdom that is good for all!… Namaste…

  3. unequivably = unequivocally

    Mercury in Scorpio on Midheaven 🙂

    Excellent astrology on Standing Rock… Thanks

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