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The Astrology of Standing Rock Reservation

Guest article by Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

As an Astrologer working primarily with the Goddess Asteroids it has been phenomenal to see the largest, globalised Indigenous people’s protest in my lifetime. It is also very exciting to see how the Goddess energies are cracking through the patriarchal system bringing light, peace, nurture and creativity as the ‘House of Cards’ slowly starts to crumble.

Standing Rock Reservation was formed in a Treaty at Fort Laramie, Wyoming on the 17th September 1851.

The first major astrological event in this chart is a Pluto, Saturn, Uranus and Pallas Athena conjunction. Saturn and Uranus are exact at 3 degrees Taurus. To have three-outer slow moving planets lined up is a very rare event, it may not have happened since then. It is an indicator of major collective change. All three of these planets you would associate with challenging circumstances which force change at a personal and collective level. My feeling is there was probably some very nasty, patriarchal politics going on behind the scenes. The presence of Pallas Athena suggests strong women may have been a key to negotiating this treaty despite the opposition. If you know more about this please let me/the blog comments know.

Venus was conjunct the Sun in Virgo on this day also indicating a strong presence of Goddess energies. This aspect is also associated with the returning god Quetzalcoatl in Mayan Astrology. The Goddess frequency is enhanced by Astraea being very close today to where she was then. Back then she was at the latter stages of Scorpio and today she has just entered Sagittarius – emerging from the underworld of Scorpio. Astraea brings the frequency of the new Golden Age expressed through Sacred arts, dance and music. Overall It suggests that this energy of the emerging Golden Age is important as a cycle is about to complete in Astraea’s orbital patterns.

On the day, the Treaty was signed there was also a conjunction of Chiron the Wounded Healer with Juno and Vesta each side. This suggests also a wounding of the Divine Feminine present. It feels with the whole chart that there would have been important issues going on with the Medicine Women of the Sioux Tribe and the chart shows both strength and vulnerability at this time. What is very interesting is that Saturn is transiting the same degree as Chiron was back then – 17 degrees Sagittarius. Saturn is a very karmic planet so we see here strong suggestions that this is a rerun of old karma. I wasn’t around back then but it feels even if the Dakota hadn’t of succeeded in diverting the oil pipeline they would still have gained millions of people supporting them globally. I feel the karma has been transmuted by their peaceful stand. News at this present moment is that the pipeline will no longer go under their sacred lake but I’m wondering what will happen now? Wherever it goes it going to potentially cause great danger to water.

The bigger question which has been transmitted to me in the last few weeks is about the importance of harnessing natural earth energies to create electricity and power. We must look to the distant past when this was possible as these gifts are returning now. The work of Tesla may well see a strong revival in the next period.

I’ve written quite a few blogs about the shocking world events (e.g. Brexit) triggered by Ceres conjunct Uranus and Eris, who represents the ‘Sovereignty of the Land’. This would also equate to the sovereignty of the sacred lands of Indigenous peoples. It feels that this protest, and indeed in a ‘trickster’ fashion the election of Trump are opening both huge opportunities for humanity to quantum leap and great dangers. These often go hand in hand. Let’s face it as humans we are not that keen on real change – we have to be pushed to the edge before we jump.

In the next blog, I’m going to look at what for me is the most fascinating Astrology- that of the formation of the Standing Rock constitution on the 24th April 1959.

Love and Blessings

Alison (Blue Spectral eagle)

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The Astrology of Standing Rock Reservation — 3 Comments

  1. I think you are right on about there should have been a stronger presence of women and would add that time has shown that this was not the ideal ending to conflict that they had hoped for. This was like a sealing of the end to their transition from a society that found balance within the genders and not conflict to the white mans patriarchal society.

  2. Thank you for your informative article! Differing mythologies through millennia have spouted ruminations’ concerning the creation of humanity, and how Herstory and History has been in existence since the beginning, when the Divine decided to become two (di-vine) instead of staying unified as One… From research, the goddess has been in existence since the beginning… It’s possible, the abuse of matriarchal societies is the reason the patriarchal came into domination. In doing so, it exchanged numerous Goddess stories with God stores, in order to exude power… To hope the swing “returns” to matriarchy is fool hardy! For those who remember thousands of lifetimes (playing all roles!), there’s a point where the redundancy of swinging back and forth needs to end! And instead, a focus towards Union where neither is ever greater than the other, each working “with” the other, creating what is good for “all” (this also includes; racial, religious, sexual orientation and all other divisions, without “ego”! If we continue to play in the made-up limited ego realm (win/lose, good/bad), this craziness will continue until our planet literally ends)!

    Tesla’s weakness is that it employs “batteries” to store power in order to create clean exhaust… The problem, the batteries are “toxic”, the question then becomes what to do with the batteries once they become inoperable and need to be replaced~!? The same thing is true for nuclear energy, it creates “clean energy” however, the result of creating needed energy causes “toxic waste”… Research continues in order to find alternatives that create clean power “without” generating caustic results to get there~! Catalytic converters on vehicles take out toxic exhaust, however there are stringent disposal requirements when these devices become inoperable and have to be replaced… Why? Because they contain numerous caustic substances (heavy metals) considered toxic waste, which capture bad emissions to provide clean exhaust “air”! There comes a time where we all need to stop listening to the “sales pitches” companies provide, and instead seek to find the “substance” beyond the sales pitches! Living in a computer age, we have access to more information from differing sources than ever before… We are all responsible to find out the truth, instead of being lazy and accepting consensus reality…

    Think about this… If any of us were taught that change is normal and embracing it begets opportunities, would we ever have to be pushed off the edge of any cliffs in order to learn we do have wings to fly?! As the saying goes, the only assurances in life are death and taxes… Everything else is in flux… The beauty of life is choice (though there are numerous theorems that differ!), we are each responsible to find the truth, then live it, according to what is good for “all”… Blessings and Namaste…

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