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A Lakota Creation Myth and the Mysterious Trickster

Guest article by Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

For this blog, I wanted to research the founding of the Standing Rock Reservation and look at the planetary influences of the time, and how they are being triggered today. For a while I’ve been pondering that the new Secretary of State for Britain Boris Johnson bears a crazy resemblance to Donald Trump (The white hair!). The word ‘Trickster’ has been swilling around my thoughts, or perhaps more aptly ‘Dangerous Trickster’.

I was fascinated then to find a Lakota story of Standing Rock in a PDF written by LaDonna Brave Bull Allard which begins thus

“The Origin of the Oceti Sakowin-Pte Oyate

The Oceti Sakowin is represented in the sky the Red hoop is the womb with a new-born emerging, that new-born is Tokahe the leader, and the hoop is Wind cave with Tokahe leading them out. So we can see this is the Big Dipper of which the Oceti Sakowin is represented. This is our beginning.


In the beginning of time Maka’ or Mother Earth was created for all living beings. Life in this time was of harmony and happiness for those living creations of Wakan Tanka. Then one day, a trickster named Iktomni came to this world to persuade one of the two-legged beings to come out of this world by attempting to convince him that there was a better world above to live in. He came with his message to a man known as Tokahe or the first man. Pte, the holy man of the people, tried to warn Tokahe of the dangers that existed should he follow the trickster into this new world. Pte was a man of great wisdom or woksape. His power of wisdom and knowledge was the guidance of the two-legged, but the power of the Iktomni was so convincing that Tokahe followed the trickster into this new world through an entrance that is located in the Black Hills or He’ Sapa. This entrance was to become known as Washun Niya, or as Wind Cave. Tokahe returned from this new world had great praise for all the things that he experienced in his journey and attempted to convince the others that they should follow him back to this new world. He wanted them to see with their own eyes of all that was greater in this new world.

Pte, the holy man, being gifted with great wisdom had the power to foresee the future. Within this ability, he saw things that would cause great hardship and suffering for the people in this world above. But, despite the warnings, Tokahe was able to convince the people, as he was by Iktomni, to follow him into the new world through Washun Niye. The responsibility of Pte was to place the concerns of his people first, and himself, second. It often creates hardship for holy man but Pte accepted this great responsibility, and followed the people into this new world. He knew that the needs of the people for Wicozani or wholeness would be difficult, and harder to obtain in this new world. As Pte emerged from Washum Niya he changed into a great shaggy beast. A being that could provide the needs for the people in this new world. As Pte or Tatanka, he could provide food, shelter, clothing, ceremonial objects, and everyday things so the people could live. Pte gave his life so the people could live. The only requirement was for the people to never forget where they came from, and to acknowledge the past.”

One thing astrology teaches us is that patterns repeat, however all the time as humans we have the capacity to quantum leap to a new level. I feel the Dakota people in making this stand have changed the course of karmic history. The veterans who went to be with them have healed a deep wound collectively. We have been offered a dream of comfort in the West, and yet we face a mass extinction crisis on Earth and extreme poverty for millions of people.

Globally, and certainly where I live in England, the events at Standing Rock have been a catalyst of enormous awakening. It seems today that the powers of Yin have succeeded – by that I mean the Dakota have not taken up arms but have peacefully and creatively stood up for the Earth. This is a great triumph for the Goddess energies breaking through the patriarchal structures. Aho and thank you to all the people of Earth who through their ceremony, prayers and effort have contributed. Deepest Gratitude to those on the front line who stood firm against the cold water, the rubber bullets, tear gas and aggression. You are heroines and heroes.

Bog 2 will look at the Astrology chart of the formation of the Standing Rock Reservation and Blog 3 the Formation of a Constitution by the Dakota/Lakota peoples for the Reservation. Both give a fascinating insight into the greater cosmic energies at play and specifically the Goddess Asteroids.

Love and Blessings

Alison (Blue Spectral eagle)

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A Lakota Creation Myth and the Mysterious Trickster — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for your articulate and informative article! Life patterns may seem to repeat, but how much of our view of certain patterns is our “monkey mind” trying to make sense of senselessness?! By viewing events from a differing approach each time, allows appropriate and new responses towards resolution, rather than habitual reaction(s) which generates continuances… I agree with you, many blessings and thanks to the Earth Keepers for their diligence… Unfortunately, there was an oil spill in the area… How this is being addressed is unknown (news agencies tend to be selective concerning reports, which is usually based on their profit margins~!), prayers are needed to heal the situation from numerous angles… When “profit exceeds integrity”, tragic events happen, this pattern has been excessive for hundreds of years and the result is damage to the earth and all it’s inhabitants! A change in accountability and consciousness is needed in all walks of life, where “integrity exceeds profit”, how to implement this aspect is a work in progress… I feel if we all focus on what works for “all”, then healing is immanent… Discourses need an element of “win/win” in order for this to happen… Staying out of the false made-up ego duality game (right/ wrong, good/ bad), will also help to transform seemingly repetitious patterns… Changing within, will help the outer to transform… May we all awaken and Be all that we already are, creating a healing environment that is good for all! Namaste…

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