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Planet Alert December 2016

The world is experiencing major changes right now. This year of 2016 is ruled by the number 20, the Tarot Card of Judgment, and the number 16, which is The Tower struck with lightning. This card is ruled by Uranus, and Uranus rules sudden change, revolutions, light, electronics and protests. It is also considered the great awakener. The world is in the process of massive changes and we are going through a great awakening.

On Election Day the sun was on 16 degrees Scorpio, and we are in a number 16 year. Election Day was a double 16, which is of course The Tower struck with lightning. A few months before Election Day I had looked at Hillary’s chart and saw that the sun was exactly on top of her Venus on 16 degrees Scorpio on November 8th. At that time I thought “oh, this is a nice aspect, she might win the election.” I neglected to notice that this aspect was on 16 degrees Scorpio and gives the energy of the Tower struck with lightning. Needless to say this destructive energy was probably one of the reasons she lost the election.

In the Tarot cards the Emperor is number four. Trump’s destiny number in numerology is a four (6-14-1946 = 31/4) and that number represents the Emperor card. The Emperor is a male dominant person who likes to control things. The Emperor Card dominates all the other cards in the deck. This is the energy of our incoming president. Donald Trump is a very powerful and dominating person. Maybe the incoming energies will soften him a bit.

Trump likes to build towers, or have towers named after him.  I heard the other day that Trump is building another tower in Manila. There are Trump Towers all over the world, or ones that are named after him. There is also a Trump Tower in New York City where he and his family are presently living.

The 17th and 18th chapters of Revelation, in the Bible, were all about the Twin Towers going down in New York City and the fall of Babylon (Baghdad). The Twin Towers were destroyed on 9-11 in the year 2001. The war in Iraq started in March of 2003. Thank goodness that part of Revelation is over.

January of 2011 was when Uranus (the revolutionary planet) moved into the sign of Aries. This started the third world war which was prophesized to start in North Africa. It started with the revolution in Tunisia and then moved to Egypt. Then it started to move through different countries in that region and covered almost all of the countries in the Middle East. It is now focused on Syria and is in its finishing phase. The Bible says that when the king of the North (Russia) enters the war then we are close to the end of prophecies.  Hopefully this war will end soon. Trump and Putin are friends and this might help that situation.

The 19th chapter of Revelation talks about that war. We have been experiencing the 19th and 20th chapters at the same time. The 20th chapter is about the downfall of the controllers. We are soon to experience the 21st and 22nd chapters of Revelation, which talks about the New heaven and the New Earth. If you would like some inspiration, read those two chapters of Revelation. We have almost made it to the New Earth

I believe that Trump is playing the game of representing the God Shiva, who is considered the destroyer in India. He was elected with the sun on the degree of the Tower struck with lightning. We have been manifesting the 20th chapter of Revelation which is all about the destruction of the old way of doing things. All of the corruption has to come out into the open so we can change it. The energy from the planets has been bringing awareness to the masses about all of the control we have been under for a long time. Everyone needs to know how corrupt our world has been so we can break down the Matrix and become free. Saturn rules the Matrix and Saturn and the sun are now in Sagittarius, the sign of freedom.

At the time of our election the sun was in Scorpio. That sign is ruled by Pluto and during that month, right before the election, all kinds of secrets came out into the world through the Internet. The corruption runs really deep and it was time for all that stuff to come out. Now that people know what they have been dealing with they can make the decision to change it. Change is the name of the game.

Washington D.C. has been under the influence of the planet Pluto, the transformer, for the past year. Pluto is still affecting that city. In fact, on Thanksgiving Day Pluto was making an exact square to Jupiter, which is in the sign of Libra. Jupiter is a huge planet so it will give Pluto the energy for major transformation. The Tower (the structure of our government) will continue changing.

The Super full moon on November 14 was a sign to us that major changes are on the way. On that day I felt like I had taken on all the fear in the world that people had been experiencing from the election. It actually made me feel sick with an upset stomach for a week. The last time there was a moon of this size was on January 26, 1948. At that time we were just getting over the destruction from World War two. Now we are coming out from the destruction of World War three, which started with the revolution in Tunisia.

Pluto and Uranus are the dominant planets for this time period. Look at all the demonstrations that have been going on all over the world since Trump was elected. Maybe this is the beginning of a peaceful revolution in our country instead of all-out war. People are standing up and saying “No More-We have had enough.” It’s time for Peace and Unity in the world. I think the time-line is about to change to 5D, which is Unity Consciousness. Maybe Trump will be president on the lower frequency Earth.

The good news is that there is very high energy coming to Earth right now to raise the frequency of Earth so we can all ascend into 5D, or at least those who are ready to manifest a higher frequency. This energy is fire energy, or love energy from Source and will change everything. It may take a while to change but the Solstice will set things in motion. The Solstice on December 21 is when the sun lines up with the Galactic Center and there will be a large surge of energy on that day. Some people will be in bliss from this energy.

Then we have Christmas Day on December 25, along with the start of Hanukkah which is the Festival of Light. These celebrations go on until the Sun is at the closest point to Earth, which will be January 4, 2017.  Will Ascension happen during these celebrations? Time will tell? The year of 2017 is the Tarot card called the Star which is very nice Goddess energy. The Goddess energy is returning which is Love energy.

I think the most important thing to do now during this stressful time period is to go within and center your energy in your heart. Think with your heart. When there is love in your heart there is not any room for fear.  Be grateful for everything you have and develop an Attitude of Gratitude.  Bless everyone and everything.   All is Well in my World!  So Be It.                       Mahala Gayle


Planet Alert December 2016 — 13 Comments

  1. I have a weird twist on our present Election. Maybe only certain Light Workers were involved in this task dealing with our process post 2012.
    The day of the Election I felt like I had switched timelines.This included my private life as well
    Today, another switch! Back to the Light Track. Did we agree to go to the depths of the Dark Agenda to flush it out during our sojourn through Scorpio? Flush it out has happened since Trump ‘winning’…The parade of Darkness has been hard to witness. I too had stomach issues. I work with animals-they were seriously effected as well since they are in tune with Humanity. My Guidance still insists he won’t be sworn in. Time will tell,but today felt a huge shift-so why thinking we jumped timelines to assist in the Ascension Process.
    Today had Vision of the Tower Card with the Trump Regime falling off.
    I have much more..need to transcribe…Pluto in my 3 rd house has broken down all my communication devices! Will take me a bit to recover.

  2. AM CONFUSED I thought that TRUMP would be the US President of the UPPER timeline that would ascend to the upper dimension, and KILL-ary would be the prez in the lower vibrating parallel timeline
    Surely, you should perhaps consider that there is a parallel reality where the loser here (KILL-ary) would be a winner there) hehhhh…..
    Anyway, TRUMPs victory sent a massive sigh of relief around he world ….relief that we will not be into 3rd WW….THAT was promised by KILL-ary had she won.
    Thanks, Mahala Gayle.

  3. Dear Mahala, Interestingly this is the third time i have read about a split, the government Of Trump in lower frequency. My vision for our nation is a government based on the council tables as in our planetary govt and our solar government.This Christ Consciousness government of our nation would be physical in the higher frequency functioning simultaneously with lower frequency government. I welcome comments.

  4. I thought the woman in Rev 17 was the vatican due to the seven hills and control over kings. Nice post. And you are so right…stay in your heart and all will be well. We are all exactly where we are supposed to be doing exactly what we said we would. Peace!

  5. Thank you always Dear Mahala for your Planet Alerts. Let’s bid for the better for everyone on this planet. We need to embrace Unity and that is only possible if all of us increase our vibration. By resonance, the others do not have other option but to go higher too. It needs to be that way!!!
    Much Love, Light and Blessings 🙂

  6. The information shared on these blogs is of the utmost importance during this time of transition to the Light workers and souls who have offered to loving hold the space for frequency growth. Thank you everyone for showing up.

  7. For April, I feel you are correct. Perhaps a separation of timelines and the final choosing, or threshing -out of the grain and chaff. Trump would continue on the lower frequency timeline and the other half would (in the twinkling of an eye) find themselves in 5D. I’m looking forward to the energy of the upcoming Solstice. Let’s make this happen.

  8. Mahala, maybe you can explain how you arrived at number 2, being the number that ruled 2016??

  9. Yes to EL above. Well said.

    My thought when Trump won was also this: Maybe Trump will be president on the lower frequency Earth. My feel is that we are separating out – the higher frequency from the lower. It’s not just theory now, it’s reality now. I agree, stay centered in your heart, and saying or writing down your gratitudes helps your heart go there. xoxo

  10. If you play with some forms of numerology, 2016 is related to the number “9”… Which in one interpretation is about endings, making room for new beginnings which will be next years numerology number of “1” (which can also mean “unity”, as in blending and becoming one)… If you break down each number by the Tarot’s interpretation; 2 is the High Priestess card, 0 is the Fool, 1 is the Magician, and 6 relates to The Lovers, then 9 concerns The Hermit, which is about; discrimination, discretion, detachment and withdrawal… Decades ago, I had a guide talk about our living in a 5D world right now, and the need to evolve into our true aspect in a 6D universe which is unity (Tarot, the Lovers~!)… 5D is Tarot’s “The Hierophant”, which relates to; conforming, holding back, respect, teaching, traditional roles, and ceremony (in essence, a gerbil wheel repetition that has gone on far too long!)… What prompts the next thought is; How many times in do we need to go down the rabbit hole of old “interpretations” concerning past theorems trying to find something new within them, before we all ditch the old, and start something new that is good for “all”!? Too often it seems, we are talking “at” one another, instead of creating possibilities that we can “all” live by, thus creating a new world “Right Now”! How do we do that? Stop playing in realms that repeat the gerbil wheel of redundancy that obviously hasn’t worked (time and again!), and instead, start creating guidelines that actually unifies all realms! How? By creating a new world within ourselves and in our own backyards, thus “Being” inspiring examples, wherein others will transform as well! So, “Be the love you want in the world”… Namaste…

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