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Pilgrimage to the Well of St Seiriol

Guest article by Alison GoddessAsteroids


An old friend who has just finished her dissertation on Water and we are meeting after many years. Anglesey has so many beautiful and special places to visit and she has been researching wells and read about Penmon Priory, so we set off to this beautiful peninsular on the North East corner of the island looking out to Puffin Island. The Well of St Seiriol lies in a beautiful grove of rocks, a sheltered place where the spring once ran freely from the rocks. Now a structure has been built around the well and on past visits it has put me off the actual well and I have spent my time relaxing on the soft grass of the grove. However due to the interest of my friend, we have been immersed in talking about Water as a sentient being, I take a closer peek. She points out that she nearly stood in the well as the water is so still there appears to be nothing there. Later on a few people come over and the man who is older than the young American woman he is showing around tells her how many people step right into the well. Curious I go inside the well structure and sit on the inner wall slate stone seat. Im pleased to notice that what appeared to be sweetie wrappers left as litter are in fact crystals and a ribbon which soothes my agitation about visitors not honouring the place. The water is incredibly still even though it must be seeping in from somewhere. My hands are tingling and I stroke the surface of the water creating an infinity sign. The water feels very pleasant – it is healing me as I feel my mind relax and perhaps my tingling fingers are reciprocating. I am able to sit quietly for a while enjoying the special essence of this still water. It comes to me that this is the same water that was here at the time St Seiriol in 6AD, and the grass and plants are the same albeit in new growth cycles. There is a profound connection to the continuity of nature in a place whilst people and indeed whole civilisations may come and go.

Whilst here we have a conversation about the Kogi Indians as my friend is going to be archiving footage of their incredible culture in Columbia and the message they are wishing to share with the world through a film called Aluna. Many synchronicities have arisen since the visit for both of us and it feels the water of the earth is really crying out to be heard, to be taken care of.

The Priory is close by and we enter the quiet, old church. There are beautiful stained glass windows, Celtic Crosses dating to 1000 AD and most excitingly a rather worn Sheela Na Gig, but there she is on the wall displaying her sacred sexuality and next to her sits a carving of a bearded man who I think of as St Seiriol looking rather like a wild man of the forest.

Many of the Druid Priests and Priestesses converted to Celtic Christianity in fear of persecution from the Romans but they retain Pagan rituals. St Seiriol appears to have been dedicated to a weekly Solar Ritual walking some 25 miles to meet his friend St Cybi from Holy Island at a halfway point. St Seiriol Wyn (Pale) was so named because he walked from East to West with the Sun always behind him. St Cybi Fely was so named as he was Golden  from walking into the Sun from West to East.

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