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Fattening up your ‘Fun Forest Brain’

Guest article by UK Astrologer Alison Dhuanna

We are in a time of unprecedented possibilities of healing our relationship with Earth through the way we eat and how we nurture ourselves. This is a deeply important issue and this merging of practical nutrition with spirituality and consciousness seems the next vital step in our evolution and the cosmic conditions are perfect for it now.

Jupiter conjunct the North Node in Virgo is asking us to expand our frequency through our bodies and brains whilst Chiron conjunct the South Node suggests we may have to heal karmic wounds to do so.  I know for myself I have had a stretch since the Winter Solstice where I have been consistently eating healthily which I have to say is quite new! I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this too?

Ceres the Mother Goddess, who illuminates our relationship to food and deeper issues of nurturing in the birth chart, has just moved into Pisces and whilst she is there we could have an upsurge of concern about the way we are treating animals in our food chain. In addition we may also become more sensitive to what we are eating. We could have many more people on the planet drawn to become Vegetarian and Vegan and eat raw food more which retains its sacred geometry with the earth and cosmic patterns.

Whilst contemplating Ceres in Pisces I attended a talk at a new local health café by an author Tony Wright who has co-written a book called Return to the Brain of Eden: Restoring the Connection between Neurochemistry and Consciousness. His talk was all about how human beings evolved huge brains in the forests in a symbiotic relationship with the sexual organs of trees, FRUIT. These female sexual organs are full of amazing hormones and anti oxidants and there is compelling evidence that this symbiotic relationship, initiated by the plant kingdom, is responsible for our last evolutionary leap. There is also however compelling evidence that the human brain is now shrinking despite having access to lots of meat for example, and is highly deficient in Omega 3 fatty acids which is a big problem. This shrinkage has led to us over time to becoming more left brained, controlling and prone to act on survival instinct. Of great interest to me too is that this ‘Forest Brain’ was much more playful – one thing that has emerged this year is that I want to have more fun with astrology and get it to a wider audience so I’m starting a monthly comedy night where I live in Todmorden, UK called ‘Comedy Divino: The Astrology Forecast’.  Lots of opportunities for my ‘Fun Forest Brain’ to express itself and in the Year of Fire Monkey what could be better than finding ways to express our mischievous self.

The Goddess Asteroids are presently forming an interesting mandala in the heavens which I will do a forth blog on soon when I’ve finished contemplating what it means. Astraea Goddess of the Sacred Arts has just entered Virgo, Hygeia Goddess of Dreaming Libra and Pallas Athena Aquarius. This alongside Ceres entering Pisces and Venus entering Capricorn is signalling a new cycle of the Goddess energies. The energies of Venus flowing into the planet in relationship to Andromeda are asking us to pay attention to the beauty of Gaia and that absolute miracle for example of every piece of fruit you eat. The beauty is all around us we just have to tune more and more back into it until it becomes our reality all the time.

Perhaps this new phase is also what has motivated me to finally set up my own blog which will be specifically about Goddess Asteroids with weekly posts. This is the link below and I warmly invite you to sign up. There is a further article about Juno and Vesta who are forming a Cardinal Cross with Uranus and Mars respectively and Venus.

Go in Peace and eat lots of Juicy Fruit and get your Omega 3’s up.

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Fattening up your ‘Fun Forest Brain’ — 2 Comments

  1. There are probably zillions of things to do with carrpts and dips. Somebody told me carrots were originally purple!

  2. Yes, to the food change. I am eating far less carbs, less meat & lots of ORGANIC CARROTS now! They are just great to munch on and dip in anything you want for flavor. Plus they are fairly cheap. If you have to munch like I do, I believe carrots are a great solution. They keep great in water inside the fridge, and get sliced in half if they are a little big to bite through. How many things do you think you could dip a carrot in for flavor if you wanted to? A million maybe? Ha!

    By the way, I lived in Clophill in Bedfordshire during the war. Cheers!

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