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The Dissolution of Karma

Guest article by Alison Dhuanna

Mahala’s blog about the Paris situation and karma has led to a lot of discussion and deep thought about the issues surrounding national karma and the often very distressing ways in which it is acted out in the world.

I was born in Johannesburg in 1970 under the Apartheid regime and so this issue of resolving national karma is very close to my heart. As a white child I had an idyllic childhood running barefoot around the veld all day, playing in the river and having a carefree life. Just miles away though the situation unbeknown to me was very different for the African population living in absolute poverty with no rights to own property, mix with whom they chose and have a basic education in their own language. Families were deliberately torn apart and the final insult was that African children were not allowed to learn art. The violence that erupts from such a situation of polarisiation along race and poverty lines was a thick energy of fear and violence that I could not wait to get away from as soon as I left school and immigrated to the UK. However leaving didn’t solve the problem and left me scarred with years of resolving the guilt of the oppressor.

Nelson Mandela was an incredible person who when he came to power eventually was able to bring unity and vision to this polarity. It was only years later watching the film Invictus that I realised the importance and wisdom of some of his key decisions when he took government. For example the civil service, mainly Afrikaans speaking people expected to be sacked, but instead Mandela asked them to stay in their posts and help build a united South Africa. Mandela stood alone in the ANC in not wanting to do away with the Springbok Rugby team, a bastion of Afrikaaner culture, but rather he involved African people in the lead up to the World Cup and when South Africa won I remember weeping as the feeling of unity was overwhelming. South Africa in that moment had risen from the ashes like a Phoenix Bird.

Recently the karma between the Roman and Celtic culture has come strongly into focus and I am very excited that a group of Italians will be visiting the Sacred Sites of Anglesey, North Wales at Winter Solstice where once the Druids were wiped out in this their last stronghold. Wars between the Romans and Celts go back aeons and I recently discovered that the Celts had also once successfully invaded Rome taking pretty much all its silver with them on departure. No wonder then the Romans were so vicious in their invasion of Britain following this humiliation. The question is can we really heal this very old karma through ceremony and song?

The tour is being led by an Italian Holographic Light and Sound healer Darshana P. Tedesco whom I’ve not met personally yet but her work fascinates me. For example she writes about the ‘Holographic Memory and its function in karma dissolution’.

This raises some very profound thoughts about how peace may be brought about in the world and how as Light Workers we can work on other dimensions to resolve karma. Many of us do this already and so it’s a matter of how can we do it with more and more clarity, creating the vision of unity and peace in other dimensions to assist it in manifesting in the Third Dimension. Cymatics is a fascinating science of how patterns in solids and liquids are formed by different sound vibrations. The sound Omh creates the Lotus of a Thousand Petals for example. The mantra Kadoish Kadoish Kadoish Adonai Tsebayoth are Fire Words in Hebrew that call the light of heaven to us. Ideas about the ‘Music of the Spheres’ began in our knowledge of history with Pythagorus and many astrologers and scientists took up the mantle of understanding the healing effect of sound through the generations and its connections to the planets and fixed stars. Instruments, voice and celestial objects are creating sound patterns all the time, infinite and incredibly beautiful patterns. The question is perhaps what is blocking the collective human mind integrating these beautiful patterns into our mainstream global culture when they are everywhere and powerful? Like streams rushing down a mountain after the rains the energy gathers pace, become more forceful pushing its way through new channels, cleansing the old paths. Each of us with our beautiful minds are these streams with the overwhelming urge to find the source, to return once more to The Garden of Eden and a state of Unity Consciousness.

Many years ago my consciousness was deeply transformed with the discovery of the poems of Enhedhuanna, a High Priestess of Ur. Her poems were discovered hidden beneath the deserts of present day Iraq. Enhedhuanna played a central role in unifying the Sumerian and Akkadian cultures through her 42 Temple Hymns.

The first poem begins with an ancient temple, not the centre of political life, where humanity originated from the oceans in that culture. This poem showed the unity of all human life at its source despite whatever national or religious differences came to exist. Here is the first Stanza of her First Hymn about a Temple in Engur lying in the tributary between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers which I feel still resonates a truth about humanity that we all come from the Goddess of the Waters. These poems are the oldest known written around 4000 years ago.

The Eridu Temple of Enki

Growing between,

This first temple tower split heaven and earth

Whose roots reach Eridu’s dark cella

Watery shrine built for a prince

Water hauled from his pure canal

Pure food gathered from the holy hill

Purest mountain scrubbed clean with soap

The Sumerian Temple Hymns of Enhedhuanna: Princess, Priestess, Poet’ by Betty De Shong Meador

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The Dissolution of Karma — 3 Comments

  1. PS…as long as we believe there’s something to forgive….then we still are judging and blaming!!!!…if we understand that evrything is just energy in evolutionairy motion…orchestrated by Cosmos-Self…forgiveness…disolves in Tuth’s frequency….
    In Love’s Embrace with Us All..

  2. We all need to do forgiveness practices for the mistakes we have made. Society is a reflection of all of us. Take the time to ask and give forgiveness. Forgiveness brings inner joy and inner peace. Carol

  3. We can Create the needed Clarity….by disolving our old
    conditioned Beliefsystems TOTALY…
    Disolve all…Judgment and Blame…..and all Karma is disolved with it…New Pure Energy Emerges…Our Cosmic Unity….Get In Love with desolving Allllll judgment and blame that arises in you….Love yourself for doing so….

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