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Opening the Keys of Enoch

Guest Article by Alison UK Astrologer

Two streams of cosmic happenings have been fascinating me this month: The Lion’s Gate Opening and the Keys of Enoch. A wondrous combination of planets and asteroids have been travelling through the sign of Leo in this powerful Blue Moon period culminating in a Venus Jupiter conjunction aligned to Regulus, one of the four Royal Watcher Stars at 29 degrees Leo. However whilst one might expected only good things to happen in this period a square from Saturn to Jupiter has been in my experience a big challenge to move to a different level away from the material into the spiritual realms where in connection with the Quantum Field there is a complete feeling of bliss and abundance which surpasses material advantage. Also it was heart breaking but fascinating that a famous lion in Zimbabwe Cecil was shot by a hunter in this period. Zimbabwe means ‘Place of the Lion’ and beyond all the political issues is a very sacred place. There was a global focussing on the moral issues of hunting endangered animals and a big heart opening towards the lions. As a result of global internet campaigns a number of airlines have now banned carrying endangered animals. The only consolation in Cecil’s death is that he ascended back to the stars where all the sacred lions originate from and opened many hearts.

I have been fascinated too by the connection of a number of Sacred Sites in Britain to the Keys of Enoch and presently focussed on the Sacred Isle of Anglesey (Mona) in North Wales where our boat Simba (meaning Lion) is moored. The book Uriels Machine is a decoding of the Book of Enoch and talks of how Enoch was brought to Britain before a massive comet hit so he could record the importance of these sites in the Orkney Islands, Newgrange in Ireland and Bryn Celli Dhu on Anglesey. Bryn Celli Dhu is aligned to the Winter Solstice and the 8 year transit of Venus and the Holders of the Spiritual Keys for those ancient Druid communities were born at this time in the chamber having this special connection with Venus. Recently a friend lent me a book published in 1973 called The Book of Knowledge: the Keys of Enoch which confirms many of the recent teachings which have been emerging in our group of healers who have formed an astrology circle downloading this information. Some of these key teachings are that our DNA is changing through quanta of light in our tRNA (third strand) and our meridians reconnecting to the cosmic source which releases survival fears at the deepest level. It is these survival fears which are primarily keeping us trapped in 3D. Both tRNA which instructs the DNA on which chemical combinations to form and our cellular membranes are able to resonate fully with 9 dimensions of consciousness and the quanta of light flowing from the Galactic Centre at this time but which are cut off by survival fears. There are 64 cellular keys which relate to the 64 I Ching Hexagrams of different variations that DNA can take and a kinesiologist within our group has been working with an amazing new system to open these keys so the light can flow unimpeded through our systems. I started to feel in my bones a connection between the Lion’s Gate opening and the Keys of Enoch!

Below is an image which is Plate 5 in the Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch by J.J Hurtak called The Sphinx Vehicle of Light as the Key to Crossing the Solar Spectrum. The image is useful to contemplate and it shows how we break free from the limitations of our Solar Self as we ascend to the Aquarian self.


On our most recent visit to Anglesey we visited a male and female stone of massive proportions, isolated in farmers fields we arrived totally alone on a still, sunny early morning. The male stone is visible first walking across the golden Fields of Barley, an enormous 15 feet and made from granite. The female is perhaps the most incredible stone I have ever seen. She is 10 foot high and almost entirely quartz with a rose quartz inclusion down her spine, all covered in lichen. The stones have many snails upon them and they seem like little spiralling galaxies. We discover a hole in the male stone full of insects devouring a dead snail and this feels like it is a metaphor for the Galactic Centre Black Hole, a profound place of death and rebirth. As we stand between the stones we are transported into a Vast Pillar of Glorious Light and a feeling where nothing could ever make you feel afraid ever again. The Pillar of Light is clearly activated by the polarisation of these two stones standing together for thousands of years. On the path back we discover rare butterflies we have never seen before, pure white with black, red and orange spots. The butterflies seem to represent a new and beautiful state of transformation touching this light light.

On another early morning jaunt we journey to Penmon Priory. This was where St Seiriol the Fair set up his hermitage next to a sacred spring in the 4th Century. He arrived on the island with his friend St Cybbi the Dark who set up at the other side of Anglesey facing America on Holy Island. The two monks used to walk once a week many miles to a central meeting place which would have taken considerable effort. St Cybbi walked from West to East with the Sun on his front there and back which is apparently why he was called ‘dark’ from his suntan! St Seiriol walked from East to West with the Sun on his back each way which is why he was ‘fair’. Many of these early Celtic monks had previously been Druids and converted to Celtic Christianity to protect their lives under Roman invasion. At the Priory there is a Sheila-Na-Gig, an ancient form of the Mother Goddess revealing her most fertile parts. There is no mention of her in the church information but she is clearly visible and even the guide didn’t know about her. My source of much of the above information is a little book called The Sacred Sites of Anglesey by Neil McDonald which alerted me to the presence of the Sheela Na Gig. Here we have the Ancient Crone Mother sitting open legged and peacefully in the same space as a beautiful Stained Glass Window of Jesus emanating fiery light and surrounded by the Lion (Leo), Angel (Aquarius), Bull (Taurus) and Eagle (Scorpio). It is wonderful to have such a potent reminder that in the past Christianity and the Goddess were woven together in this way.

My feeling is that St Seiriol and St Cybbi were doing a repolarising of the solar energy each week not a random walk given the effort it would have taken. In recent months I have become fascinated by same gender polarisations in the asteroid bodies which seem to be the access to these higher codes within our solar system. See previous blogs of Elatus and Chiron Centaur bodies and Hygiea and Astraea Goddess Asteroids polarising with each other. Being in a same sex relationship now with my Priestess other half, after spending most of my adult life in heterosexual relationships and working spiritually polarising with priests, I am curious about the difference in feeling between these different combinations which I believe we can all experience no matter what our current sexual orientation is. Lying by the sacred well emerging from rocks etched with quartz we meditate and chant the Hebrew words which open the light pathways ‘Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish Adonai Tsebayoth’ and as we open our eyes smoke rises from the grass in front of us. Perhaps the sun pulling the early morning dew from the grass it is incredibly magical to witness.

I hope this journey to the sacred sites brings you there in your imagination. Use these sacred fire Hebrew words whenever and as often as you can, especially when you feel afraid or disturbed to connect you to the light.

I am facilitating a 4 day retreat to Anglesey from 4-8th October 2015 doing astrology and visiting sacred sites. Shanaz Creative Kinesiologist will be Opening the Gene Keys and Geraldine Higson doing DRU (North Star) yoga with us. I specialise in chart readings of the Goddess Asteroids and Centaurs. Please contact me at for further information.


Opening the Keys of Enoch — 5 Comments

  1. Dear Mahala, you touch on many interesting and complex ideas. I like the way you link the astronomical and astrological movement to planetary events and would appreciate seeing this in more depth. However, I am not sure that your interpretation of the mening of Zimbabwe is correct as place of the lion. What interests me in your linking to the late leonine Cecil,was that it happened in Zimbabwe, that he was a Zimbabwean lion, and died as a result of greed snd self serving which ssdly mark the history of that land. Is it pure chance that the misogynistic entrepeneur Cecil John Rhodes who’s British emissaries succeeded in getting Chief Lobengula to sign over rights to the land to Rhodes’ trading organisation. The land was initially named as s recognition and honour for him : Rhodesia. It is unlikely that whoever named the lion was not aware of the significance of the name and its link to the country’s history.
    Kenyan psychic snd intuitive Rhodia Mann suggested that the country Zimbabwe was the energetic heart chakra of the continent, and if I recall correctly that the Zimbabwe Ruins from which the name is derived were the landlocked countries communication centre. So then we have a completion of a cycle where the last/ longest standing king of the beasts is cut short in the ravaged heart centre or a ravaged continent,
    and some good comes from this for other endangered species: the lions gate opening?

  2. To Tina You are not alone in seeing these combo’s of numbers- I’ve been seeing for years and they do seem to be coming more frequently. Each set of numbers has a different meaning
    111 is energy flowing
    222 is a new cycle beginning
    333 means a decision is pending
    444 is the number of initiation
    555 is mastery and unity
    666 is a warning
    777 is practice
    888 is understanding
    999 is completion
    11:11 is a doorway to other realities

    Hope that helps!! Feel Blessed for You Are Dagmar

  3. PS…when u get time pleeeease explain 2me why am I seeing the numbers 444, 888, 11:11 and 555 everywhere I go???

  4. Insightful sharing! Thank you very much!

    I am wondering if you are familiar with the work of Richard Rudd of the U.K., entitled
    the “GENE KEYS:Unlocking The Higher Purpose In Your DNA”. Amazing, mind-boggling work!

    Bless you for all your sharings, and the work that you do. … Starwalker

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