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Astrology Report for May

Guest article by Dorene Carrel

May contains abundant energy for examining and refining our long-term goals, values and beliefs. However, there are some notable challenges along the way. Mercury in Gemini turns retrograde in mid-month, which will affect our communications, travels and how we process information.  Since Mercury is in its own sign, the effects will be more pronounced.  We are still under the influence of the April New Moon in Aries until mid-month, with a theme of being self-assertive, pioneering and competitive.   The mid-month period also contains potential for conflicting energies and a need for caution.  Hence we have an underlying theme of the need to establish clarity before taking action, along with using discernment and discrimination.

On May 3 the Full Moon occurs at 13 Scorpio 23.  This lunation forms a challenging t-square to Jupiter in Leo, while in favorable alignment with Neptune and Pluto.  The influence of a fixed-sign pattern (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio) encourages us to examine long-term patterns, goals and beliefs.  Jupiter provides expansive energy to assist in knowing and manifesting our true ideals and goals.  On the highest level it provides greater spiritual meaning and perspective. The Scorpio energy allows us to release and transform any lingering power and control issues, along with limiting beliefs.  It can also bring more depth, emotional intensity, resourcefulness and determination. The Sabian symbol keynotes for these degrees include: “Returning to simpler joys for revitalization,” and “The need to establish new channels of communication.” We can ask our higher guidance to bring the deeper messages and insights we need to hear at this time for our greater growth and balance.

The Mercury retrograde shadow period begins on May 4.  Be alert for mistakes, delays and breakdowns beginning at this time.  Mercury in Gemini forms a challenging square to Neptune on May 9.  This aspect will repeat two more times over the next few months due to Mercury retrograde.  Our sensitivities are heightened and confusion and illusion may predominate.  It is best not to make important decisions at this time, as your feelings are likely to change later on.  On May 14, Mars in Gemini opposes Saturn in Sagittarius, which can bring unexpected delays, restrictions or limitations.  If possible, strive for a compromise in any disagreements.

The New Moon occurs on May 17 at 27 Taurus.  This lunation highlights our possessions, finances and values. Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is in Cancer, which also brings focus to the home, family and our sense of security.  This month we can reflect on whether our home suits our needs for comfort and security, and what we can do to make improvements.  Instead of the usual new beginnings theme, it is best to think of renovating or rethinking our plans.  We can also develop our capacity for dependability, patience, practicality and stability. The shadow side of Taurus is stubbornness and being overly rigid. The Sabian symbol for this degree is “An old Indian woman selling the artifacts of her tribe to passers-by; peaceful adaptation to collective needs.”  We can now discover what has true value for us as well as the value of our gifts to others.

Mercury turns retrograde on May 18 at 13 Gemini.  It moves backward until June 11, when it turns direct at 4 Gemini.  During this cycle, it’s best to be more mindful concerning communication, technology and transportation. It is favorable to have another option in place for sudden changes. As breakdowns and misunderstandings are more likely to occur, it is best to be more cautious and clear when speaking or writing emails.  It is also advisable to avoid buying expensive items or signing important contracts.

Another challenging period for relationships and finances is May 21-25 when Venus opposes Pluto and squares Uranus.  There can also be breakthroughs in these areas, if we are open-minded about making needed changes.  On May 25 a Mars-Neptune square can bring a lack of focus and possibility for deception.  A Mercury/Mars alignment on May 27 is good for reworking an older idea. Mercury forms a second square to Neptune on May 28, which brings the possibility to further clarify and refine what began during the first square on May 9.  We may also practice refining our intuition, or wait until the third square on June 23.  The Sun aligns with Mercury in Gemini on May 30, which is favorable for mental renewal and contemplation.

Saturn moves back into Scorpio in mid-June.  Have a great month!

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Dorene Carrel is a professional astrologer with over thirty years of experience.  For more information on readings, contact  Donations towards this column (even small ones) are appreciated.  Paypal accepted; use my email as reference.

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All references to Sabian symbols are from An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformation and Its 360 Symbolic Phases, by Dane Rudhyar.

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