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Planet Alert February 2015

I can’t believe we are almost in February, where does the time go? Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday it was Christmas?  As I am writing this article (January 26) a large Asteroid just passed by Earth and a major storm is in the process of happening on the East Coast. When there is a disturbance in the heavens something always manifests on Earth. As above, so below.  It was also a manifestation of the moon triggering the Uranus/Pluto square and Pluto affecting the East Coast. Mercury, which rules storms, was retrograde in Aquarius and Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius.

We will have the seventh and last Uranus/Pluto square in March of this year. The square will be exact with Uranus on 15 degrees Aries (which was the degree of the moon at the last lunar eclipse) and Pluto on 15 degrees Capricorn from March 11 to 28th. We have been in the process of transforming ourselves big time since December of 2012. Uranus rules change and Pluto is the transformer. These squares have been activating our chakras and this last one will be activating our Crown Chakra, which I have already started feeling.

There will be a lot of changes this year, hopefully good ones. We move totally into the Year of the Wood Sheep on February 18th at 3:47 PM PST. A friend sent me an email this morning that said we started feeling the energy of the Year of the Sheep in mid-January, and this energy will be fully transitioned by February 4th. The email said “this is the time you will want your remedies, enhancements, and affirmations for the year to be in place”. Check out:  White Lotus Feng Shui

The Year of the Sheep corresponds to the energy of Cancer in Western Astrology. This means there will be a very calm gentle energy this year. Being this is the year of the Wood Sheep it will be more stable and not so chaotic. This loving Sheep will have complete trust in those he believes are worthy of his trust. This will be a year when rewards will come to us from past deeds, and we will receive financial help because the Sheep always has money.

I have always liked the month of February because it is usually starting to warm up here in the Pacific Northwest, and we have Valentine’s Day, which is the celebration of love. I like to think of it as universal love. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all celebrate this holiday as universal love? After all love is the glue that holds the universe together. Most people have no idea how powerful love is. If we would just unconditionally love and accept ourselves, we would soon be in our power and able to change this world from one of chaos to one of love.

From now to the Spring Equinox there will be a lot of changes happening. And then at the time of the Equinox there will be a Uranus/Pluto square and a new moon solar eclipse. This eclipse will be seen over Orkney Island in Scotland. In the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar this is where the energy from the Central Sun comes to Earth. This energy is also felt at Stonehenge and has been measured by scientists. It is very powerful energy. This is why the story of Avalon was set in those areas. According to legend, Avalon disappeared into the mists or higher dimension. We need to be prepared for this tremendous energy that will be coming to Earth at that time and concentrate on manifesting total unconditional love. There is an article on my blog written by an Astrologer named Alison who lives in the UK. Check it out:

Shortly after the Spring Equinox on April 4th there will be a blood red full moon eclipse, which is also on the first day of the Jewish Passover. Last year the same thing happened and there was war between the Ukraine and Russia. What will happen this year? We do have some money challenges occurring right now. The Banking System will be one of the highlights this year.

Jesus overthrew the money changers in Herod’s Temple during the Passover festival. He accused them of turning the Temple into a den of thieves through their commercial activities. The Templars are the ones who started our banking system.  The Templars were digging at the Temple ruins in 900 AD when they found some important information which they took to Scotland and it made them very wealthy. Then on August 1, 1291 they secured their future by setting up their headquarters in Switzerland. This is why the Swiss flag remains a Templar flag in the same red and white colors, and this shield is still shown, with the Templar’s cross on it, at the front of all the Swiss embassies.

The Swiss bank has massive Gold in its possession. Much of the ancient Gold from Egypt and Jerusalem was transported to Switzerland. At the time of the Second World War Gold and other jewels were taken from the Jewish people before they were executed in Germany and the Gold was sent to the Swiss bank. The Swiss bank became the bank of Hitler, and Switzerland was allowed to be neutral during the war because of their bank.

The Templars in France, who escaped the massacre of October 13, 1307, escaped to Scotland where they helped Robert the Bruce conquer England. In that same year they gained control of the British Monarchy, and their next step was the Vatican. Have you ever noticed the Swiss guards at the Vatican? The Templars became the Freemasons in 1717 and founded America in 1776. They worshiped the Goddess Isis and the star Venus. The Statue of Liberty (Isis) was sent to us from the French lodge.

It’s my understanding that there is more than one branch of the Templars. One branch wants to control the world and the other one to take down the power of the controllers. This battle has raged for many years and is coming to a climax right now. On January 15, 2015 the Swiss Central Bank stunned the market with a policy U-turn when it announced it would no longer hold the Swiss franc at a fixed exchange with the Euro. There was panic. A number of Hedge Funds across the world had big losses and the Swiss Stock Market collapsed.  Why did they do that? Do they know something we do not know? I feel a big change coming. Watch what happens in the world financial market.

Then we have other events happening in our world. Do you know what the beautiful comet Love-Joy did as it was passing through Orion, Sirius, and the Pleiades? It caused a disturbance in our solar system. According to Celia Fenn who says “The comet is creating a disturbance in the field. This disturbance has the ability to influence the gravitational orbit of celestial bodies, as well as Timelines. Yes, Timelines are anchored in electro-magnetic energies as well and disturbance in the field can also create disturbances that affect Timelines”.

“In this case, the disturbances in the field create a potential relationship and a new timeline with Sirius, Orion and the Pleiades that reflects Earth’s new status in the Galaxy as an ascending Multi-Dimensional planet. This means that the Earth will assume an honorary status on the Solar Council, and these other member bodies will be working in harmony and co-operation with the Earth Councils. They will be working with us as equals as we tell them what we need and how we would like their assistance in our work”. Please check out her message at comet-lovejoy-and-the-siriuspleaides-pertubation.

I felt the disturbance in our solar system by being dizzy. I was dizzy from December 8 through January 26th. The first week it was pretty bad until it changed and I was just dizzy at night. I was also going through many different Ascension symptoms during that time period which caused physical reactions in my body. I had a dream that we came out of a dark tunnel on January 16th and we are now on a new Timeline with a soon to be new financial system.  Those who are ready will be able to manifest on this new Timeline, which is a higher frequency Earth. So Be It!

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Lots of love to everyone.

***** Mahala Gayle *****



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  2. I have felt dizzy too, the end of Dec. through till just a few days ago….mornings and evenings

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