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Lessons in Cosmic Juggling

by Alison who is from the UK

Her email address is:

The Total Solar Eclipse on the 20th March 2015 is a vitally important energy portal. Firstly falling at the Spring Equinox as the Sun enters a new solar cycle it marks a new beginning.

The eclipse falls in the middle of the 4 Blood Moon lunar eclipses in which the Sun and Moon have become glorious cosmic juggling balls soaring between Aries and Libra. Aries is the sign of the ‘self’ and Libra the sign of ‘relationship’. In 2014 these lunar eclipses have been challenging us at a deep level to find a balance in creating sacred space to nurture ourselves and follow our dreams and deepen our bonds to partners, family or friends or end relationships which are too difficult.

Here in West Yorkshire we are a small group of women (celestial lightworkers) and the predominant theme has been being struck with illness and intolerable stress looking after others. The Goddess asteroids, which have been also very important in these eclipses such as the Ceres Vesta conjunction, are asking us to process guilt motivated caring and break down old gender roles.

Vesta asks us to bring spirituality back to the hearth of the home and out of the hands of the patriarchy. Ceres is almost exactly the same size as the British Isles and has a great affinity with the emerging energies here. Campaigns against ‘fracking’ have joined people globally against the destruction of Mother Earth’s inner sanctity which is another emerging Ceres Vesta theme. We are also being called to reintegrate the wisdom of the feminine into major religions and are reminded that holy days for a number of religions are intricately connected to the emerging consciousness of the Goddess.

Another theme is that our brains have been rewiring in this intense period as our lunar and solar selves become integrated and the electromagnetic field of the earth is being charged by incredible solar flares. This has resulted in many people experiencing unusual symptoms such as eye problems, vertigo and sinusitis. The earth has seen a rapid increase in active volcanoes, earthquakes and extreme weather in the last year.

The Total Solar eclipse is also unusual in that the full eclipse will occur only over the Faroe Islands North East of Britain. However the Orkney Islands is where our group will travel to experience 96 per cent of the eclipse in the ancient Rings of Broghar and Stenness which are Solar and Lunar temples. A recent BBC documentary Sacred Wonders of Britain revealed that new archeological evidence shows the Orkney stones to be the first Neolithic sites in Britain predating Stonehenge. So evidence suggests that something very important started here around 4000 BC.

The book Uriels Machine by Christopher and Robert Lomas is a must read for those of you whose curiosity is tweaked! It is a decoding of the Book of Enoch found with the Dead Sea Scrolls and talks about the teachings Enoch received from very tall, red headed ‘Watcher Angels’ incarnated as humans about an impending comet hit at the Orkney stones and Newgrange in Ireland. These Neolithic sites were essentially used to make accurate astronomical readings for both practical (sailing navigation, crops) and spiritual purposes. The landscape of the Orkneys in light of the energies arriving with the Blood Moons and Total Solar Eclipse seems vitally important and perhaps why it was chosen by the Watchers.

Two enormous lochs are separated by a thin litmus of land and the solar temple Broghar and Lunar temple Stenness lie to each side where they connect with the land and the Atlantic ocean beyond. In the center is a large communal temple or possibly even a pyramid which has been buried until now. So this landscape is a map of the human brain and also the kidneys in its yin and yang formation. That sets my goose bumps going! What I love too is that a stone from every island of the Orkneys was brought to make the circle at incredible effort. This seems to me to be a statement of the importance of inclusiveness.

The unfolding mysteries of the Orkneys have also led me to Tenerife and La Gomera in the Canary Islands where giant red headed people known as Guanches built pyramids aligned to the solstices. La Gomera is where Columbus set off to the Americas which is perhaps how he knew just how to con the locals that he was a returning god with his red beard and tall figure.

The Orkney sacred site Maes Howe and the Guimar pyramids of Tenerife have one extraordinary thing in common, around the winter solstice each year the sun appears to set twice over specific mountains. Recently in researching Sedna who lives way out beyond Pluto astronomers theorized that an enormous, invisible body which may be a binary star to our sun is holding Sedna in her orbit. Could this be the Dark Mother, she who represents the invisible and as yet much undiscovered creative force of our universe?

Perhaps these ancient astronomers saw in these double sunsets her visible presence if only for a brief moment each year. One of our group happens to be a very tall female sailing Captain and so we shall be travelling to La Gomera and Tenerife to experience the final 2015 Blood Lunar eclipse of 28th September 2015 out in the ocean with the whales who migrate in the channel between these islands. The philanthropist Thor Heyerdhal saved these pyramids from becoming a housing estate and has set up a beautiful outdoor museum on Tenerife.

As we approach the Total Solar Eclipse between the gateway of Pisces and Aries the energies seem to have become focused on crossing the ‘rainbow bridge’ (a term first coined by Barbara Hand Clow) between our inner and outer selves. What support do we need to bring all of ourselves in our relationships, work and community? As we traverse the rocky space of the asteroid belt we integrate the Goddess asteroids and transform the Chiron/Chariklo wounds into gifts to share. Breaking through all shame and fear we arrive in the beautiful glow of our true spirit selves. We are becoming mycelium which we like to eat and grow, and get as many mushrooms around you as they are the master teachers of this quantum transition in which we are all part.

The eclipse also coincides with the final exact square of Uranus and Pluto. These outer planets were conjunct in the late 1960’s when the seed of the Aquarian vision started to grow in many freedom movements. The waxing square urges us to take control of our lives and humanity and not continue to be swept along by unconscious currents of survival fears.

If you would like to join us on our journeys to the Orkneys or La Gomera or are interested in a chart reading ( I specialize in the Goddess asteroids and centaurs) please get in touch at


Lessons in Cosmic Juggling — 4 Comments

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  2. Your article inspired me to remember an astrological event on July 5, 2014. I am hoping you might have more insight.

    Two spheres traveled, one by one, through a gold and copper ring in the cosmos. The ring was like the ring in the movie “Lord of the Ring.” So each time the sphere passed through the ring, it formed a circumpunct.

    I believe this was the sun moving through the ring, not sure though. I think the sun’s divine feminine finally joined him, thus completing a solar cycle. Any thoughts?

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  4. Thank you for this.
    Since 1991, I had questioned my inner being regularly, and with petulance, for the absolute changes I put myself through.
    , is my credo.
    Having had 3 Near-Death Experiences, and other experiences, my awareness is acute.)
    I’ve learned it isn’t about me, not anything trivial like worldly material, but its about my relationship with the non-physical universe, and her driving forces.
    So, imagine my surprise when you spoke of tall red-headed folk! The Ancient Ones in the Peruvian Mountains, speak of Angels being “Tall as Trees”.
    (Take this as a grain of salt, for the people are not very tall, to start.) But, the Tall Ones have appeared to me; as have the Ancient Ones, making the message more important.
    We’re building more etheric resources.
    Our connections through the veils are easier, with more clarity.

    I’m looking forward to your journeys this year, and of reading your account of them.


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