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Edgar Cayce Past Life Charts

Thanks to all of you who ordered Edgar Cayce Past Life charts from me. I did not expect such a large response so there will be a 4-8 week waiting period. I will be doing them as fast as I can although I can not devote that much time to doing them because I live a very busy life.

The Edgar Cayce Past Life charts are a 9-14 page computer generated chart all about you and sent to you by email.

For those of you that contacted me, please send me your birth information-month, day, year you were born, time you were born and where you were born.And I will need a $30 donation before I start the chart. Go to and look for or send a check (USA only) to:

Mahala Flenniken
5028 S. 179th PL
SeaTac, WA 98188

Thank you so much!

Lots of love to you!


Edgar Cayce Past Life Charts — 2 Comments

  1. I know I am late in ordering an Edgar Cayce past life reading but, if you ever get caught up on your current orders, I would love to have one.
    If it is at all possible please let me know and I will send in the payment.

    Thank you for your posts.

  2. Hello, Mahala, hello! My friend Kay recently turned me on to your newsletter. I feel compelled to let you know how much it rings true to me. It is wonderful how you use Sabian symbols which are very important to examine along with the astrological aspects at this time. Also wonderful is your very positive tone. These times may be very intense, but there is a huge pay off if we can hold the space for the unfolding of an amazing new time on earth. Thank you very much!
    While browsing your website the Edgar Cayce past life reading caught my eye. I was wondering whether you are able to do an past life chart for me and my partner. It seems like you are already quite burdened with a backlog, but if it is possible to fit us in, please let me know and I will send in the payment…

    Thanks so much.

    Much love and goodness to you!


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