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Galactic Worldly Update- Urgent

From Mona channeling Izora 


Many of you who know me, I’m Mona Delfino…Energy runner and healer, Vibrational Medicine practitioner, teacher, author, and reader of energy. On August 23rd, I channeled a beautiful being named Izora. I’ve been channeling her for many people and groups since 2010. She is Pleiadian, a very high vibrational being who is funny, feisty, and very loving.

On August 23rd, a dear client and friend requested this channeling as a session. As it turned out, the message was surprising to her and she said Izora requested this be public. An urgent message for humanity, and anyone who will understand it can help in creating our world for peace, unity, etc. If it is not paid heed, we are possibly going to repeat a cycle that happens every 26,000 years. We are here again together to help bring about only the best for ourselves and our children. Here is the channeling:

As you well know, many of you realize everyone is in transition. It’s time that change occur for all of us. First, let me explain that your hearts are waking up if you so desire, to the “sense-ative” abilities it carries. Your heart has ears (listening), eyes( knowing when to move into something you trust and desire), touch( love), taste( the smarts in realizing what to stay away from), and balance. It’s becoming more alive every day. Now, your downloads and changes are mostly due to the Sun, magnetics, and shifting.

A few weeks ago, the Sun had stopped solar activity for a short time. This concerned your scientists. However, it was meant for you, to catch up from all the changes and downloads in the brain due to solar initiations through flares, particle generation, etc. It was to help regenerate you through a “rest cycle” on a larger scale. It was also when your “Robin Williams” passed into the Spirit world. This helped humanity through generating heart consciousness and unity for the love of him. Humanity sparked a bit through this love.

Here is a video showing an energy source over the sun

We could not keep the flares from happening much longer. So now they have started up again. This time, they will be more intense without having to exude any more energy than before. They are going to increase and it’s time again for another surge. This time the human race will be effected a little more dramatically. The Earth will be more effected. You will have more Earthquakes.  (California quake happened on the next day August 24.)

Here is an article from NASA

The weather patterns are going to shift rapidly, and Earth will have an extremely cold Winter. Please prepare now for one of the coldest Winters in your history. This is all part of the changes. The magnetic field around the Earth has decreased, therefore causing more intensity in and around the Earth, and within yourselves. This is not to harm, but to wake up the human race.

This process was intended for the benefit of a higher vibratory world. Now, if humans raise the vibrations within themselves, they will increase the vibration within the Earth, causing the magnetics to become new in unified energy. You will create a New Magnetic field which is in alignment to the changes of higher frequencies, so needed upon your Earth and in the Universe.

First, you must “allow” what is happening without judgment in order to recognize you can rise above this. (I’m in the world, not of it) If humans do not allow and try to stop what is happening in the world through fear and judgment, then you cannot become the “Human Solar Flare.”

In the light of change, there is an energy of electricity. It comes when 2 or more are gathered. It sparks when a group of people come together for enlightening themselves through these shifts and changes.

Some speakers in your world who talk about this are not with integrity and do not walk their talk. When egos are present, these speakers do not instigate from the generated heart and therefore cannot reach as many humans in this great time of need. If you are not honest in yourself, your heart is not activated, and the generated abilities and energies we need to help increase these shifts from you on this planet, simply do not happen.

Therefore, the enlightenment does not get filtrated into the magnetic field, keeping it then weak. As above, so below…as within, so without. It is utmost important that humans become more true to themselves for the regeneration of your magnetic field. Humanity needs to participate and  “give back” through this method. The Cosmic downloads will not stop. It is better to align with them and not resist. Then you will be more resilient to the changes…remember, all is energy.

Lift your vibration not in the midst of chaos, but because of chaos. For this will rise and generate more electricity for the human race to become stable without the old ways of living. This is what we’re after for a whole new world, Universe, and a whole new time. You are like a lightning bolt, sending energy back as it hits the Earth.

People, it is with this information that we ask you to understand the importance of this message. The Earth and humans can simply regenerate with these Solar Flares. No doom or gloom here, however, energies need to be recognized now more than ever before. It is all about Magnetism. Rise above the mundane, the chaos, and the TV stations. It’s time to get real with the energy of Love. For that is the way of Spirit. Much love to you ALL.  Izora


Galactic Worldly Update- Urgent — 4 Comments

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  3. Very interesring article. Im working with a group of women and mums and babaies and this term im very drawn to align with the 3 suns as a mirror of the triple heater system of the body. Thanks for the info about the break and the solar flares

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