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Diagnosis vs. Condition

Guest article by Mona Delfino.

Recently I wrote an article around emotions tied in to the physical body that eventually become a “diagnosis.” I now feel it’s a good time for me to continue to share what the differences are in a diagnosis vs. a condition.

I’ve been doing work in reading conditions for 32 years. It was not through any other means except by energy reading of the data inputted in the body through the muscles, which include emotions, mental concepts in our individual daily living, situations of the client’s childhood, etc. Then I help confront these to the client who then allows the release of that cause to alleviate the physical condition. It’s where 2 or more are gathered… recognition onto itself… or a physical “big bang.” 

Truth is a remarkable tool in allowing pain to leave the body. In all of these years of reading clients’ energy fields, I have found nearly 500 incorrect diagnosis’ in all of my cases. They range anywhere from a muscle sprain to a serious heart condition. Some of these cases were diagnosed by a doctor when it was actually a side effect from another prescribed drug. On the other hand, certain conditions in the body are sometimes very difficult to call, especially with so many people experiencing different symptoms that may mimic other symptoms. 

The way it is today, people are experiencing sudden onsets of symptoms that confuse a physician, leaving the doctor to wonder if the patient is a “victim” of a placebo they created that they say is “all in their head.” No symptom is “all in your head.” They are real to the patient, therefore more than likely, it’s an emotion caught in the physical form causing pain and discomfort until that situation resolves itself. 

The term “diagnosis” concerns me because it is a label. Once you are labeled, you are then seen with this on your record and you may not feel able to change it. My concern is that we are continually allowing labels to lead our life instead of becoming empowered enough to check out the possibilities within ourselves in order to heal, not mask our conditions. 

Conditions are very curable. With energy increasing and speeding up in today’s world, it would certainly behoove us to be able to help each other see possible reasons as to why we are going through a physical situation. Therefore, we need to understand the language of the body because we factually cannot disregard that we are one unit with our emotions, our mental thoughts, insecurities, etc.

Bernie Siegel M.D. has often stated that doctors do not really know what is the matter with you, and to live life well, it’s best to know who the true healer is!

The bottom line is this: How you feel about yourself and your decisions determines your own physical health. This goes beyond even diet and exercise. Even though these are very important in our bodies, we can not lose sight of that which you hold sacred unto yourself… your true self.

Here are eleven “Pointers For Healing” that will help align you to your true self on a daily basis:

1) Stay in the moment as much as possible. That is where all the power of life exists and creates the way of alignment with Universal Intelligence.

2) Pay Attention. We are responsible for 3 things in life… our actions, our reactions, and our non-actions. 

3) Be the observer. All of life is based on our perceptions. If we can master being an observer without being detached, and still stay involved in day to day living, then we can act responsibly from our heart.

4) Be care in taking things too personally…. it was meant to enjoy, not to fight.

5) Be honest with yourself at all times.

6) Listen 
with more than the ears. See with more than your eyes. This is where insights and truths are gained.

7) Be aware of your thoughts and your words. 

8) Quit blame altogether. There has never been a case recorded that anyone has ever healed by blaming something or someone.

9) Remember that every moment you live, you are making a choice. (How precious is that?)

10) Be gentle with yourself. We are all learning how to expand into awareness.

11) Give yourself the space and time necessary to reflect. Beating yourself up doesn’t ever heal pain.. 

Mona Delfino is a teacher, leader and healer, starting with being born Shaman. She has found her passion in seeing people heal from the depths of their soul, being able to assist them through the process with reading their souls energy from lifetimes that have created blockages in their freedom for todays times. Mona is a National Speaker and a leader in the field of Medical Intuition. She works on individuals through Skype, phone, and hands on sessions. Visit her website:


Diagnosis vs. Condition — 1 Comment

  1. I love your material. susan Lovitt sends it on to me.
    My name is Gaia Lamb. I live in sedona and co-authored
    “The Sedona vortex Experience” and lead the journey for
    years in the 80’s and 90’s.
    We recently returned to Sedona after two years at our
    Integral Yoga AShram in Pudicherry India and 5 years in
    our Lodi Ashram.
    I would love to be inn contact with you. Value your
    work and information.
    We have a Center here in Sedona and work with Integral
    Health and Wellness using Neurolink NIS, Quantum Inquiry,
    Body bliss: A Continuum of MOvement and Redox Signaling
    Molecules. From the feedback (from all levels ) we get,
    I can say we are assisting individuals to make their
    Quantum Leap (our Center’s name) to their next level.
    Blessings and Thank you for all your Good Work.

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