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Our Changing Brains

Since Uranus went into Aries on March 11, 2011 we have been in a major cycle of brain transformation. Uranus rules the electrical part of our brain and the sign Aries rules the head and the brain.  Neptune rules the magnetic field and we are all connected to that field. As that field gets close to zero magnetics our brains kind of go into neutral. 

The effects of the exact cardinal cross that occurred on April 22/23 with planets on exactly 13 degrees each caused the magnetic field to start going down.  I think we are either at zero magnetics now or close to it. I know that my brain started responding to that field right after the solar eclipse on April 28, 2014. In my chart the sun was exactly conjunct Uranus at that time and my brain proceeded to go on hold for eight days. I was starting to get worried about myself during this time because my brain went into neutral. I tried to write my article during that time and it was a very difficult thing to do.  The energy is flowing again so I think I have passed through that cycle.

Many people felt a similar energy starting on Friday night around 6-7 pm May 2nd. I know I fell asleep after dinner at that time and did not wake up until 10:00 pm and then got up and went to bed and slept until 9:00 AM the next morning. Then I heard of other people going through the same thing and I also heard from people how tired they were and they just wanted to sleep, myself included. I was wondering why so many people were tired during the same time period and figured out it must have been ascension symptoms. I think we were all going through a process of a brain reset.

I think that in the last few days there was a major change in our brain function. I think that something happened that caused a connection between our hearts and our brain, and I think it will be easier to connect with our hearts for those who experienced this event.

It’s been the changing of our brains that is causing so much chaos in the world. The frequency has gotten so high that people who are still on a lower frequency are freaking out and causing chaos. Bazaar things are happening in the world and it is getting more so as time goes on.  Anything is possible right now and as the time-lines continue to come together there will be the dividing of the frequencies. Those who are manifesting a high frequency will be on one dimension and not connected with the lower dimension earth where all the chaos is going on. It’s like turning a switch on the radio from one station to another.  The other stations are still there but you choose to listen to only one station. I think it will happen kind of like waking up from a dream and realizing that we have all been living in a state of illusion and nothing is real.

It is wake-up time and I think many people are ready to wake up. To wake up we need to have our heart brain connected to our head brain and this is when our heart becomes the ruler of our Being. This means the head brain will be subject to what our heart wants to happen. This is when everything will change for the better. And that is when we can start ‘Thinking with our hearts’ all the time.

It says in the Bible that first we need to find the kingdom of god within before our life can start to work well. This means to release all trauma and fear from your life so you can think on a higher level. Become an observer, not a participant in the drama, unless you like to have lots of drama in your life. What we think and feel is what we create and there has been lots of drama created lately on this beautiful planet.

The first thing to do is to realize that your brain has been going through a major change. It has moved from being a two hemisphere brain to having a connection between the two halves so we can think in Unity consciousness. That was not easy to accomplish. It has been a very hard period of time to go through. I think a lot of us have accomplished the unity feeling. Now our brains have to go into neutral to totally connect with our hearts. I think some of us are in that energy now or soon to be there.

This means that we have found the kingdom of god within us and now everything can change for the better. This will bring forth the New Earth we have been expecting for a long time where people will live in peace and harmony. They will know that if you hurt someone you will feel the pain yourself because we are all one. We will be individuals living in oneness energy and there will be no judgment of good or bad, because in reality there is no good or bad. There are just lessons that have needed to be learned by students looking for a better way of living.

Some people progress faster than others and they will be the teachers of this new age. They are the children of love who have been waiting in the background for others to catch up. There is still time for this catch up because Uranus, the planet of change, will be in Aries until May of 2018. This does not mean that we have to live in a lower vibration until that time. We can reach the higher vibration earth anytime we choose to and live in a world of love. All we have to do is connect with our heart energy.

Everyone says we are in the Age of Aquarius, the age of new inventions and high technology. We are in that age although we are also in the age of Virgo, the loving Goddess. The Age of Aquarius started in 1962 when many planets lined up in that sign. The age of Virgo started on July 11, 1991 when Regulus, the royal star of the Lion, moved into the sign of Virgo, where it will stay for 2,000 plus years. It will be in the sign of the loving female energy and that is why it is time to think with our hearts. We have been in an integration period since 1991 and now we should be ready to manifest loving energy. When I asked spirit about this cycle I was told that there are many cycles going on at the same time. The Virgo cycle is measured by the star Regulus moving through that sign.

Many people say the New World Order is about to control us. I don’t think so. Have you ever tried to control an Aries, especially with the planet Uranus in that sign? And besides that the negative powers have been controlling us for eons of time. Their rule is about over. If you choose to stay in the conspiracy theories then that is your choice, and is what you will experience. I choose not to experience that energy anymore. I choose to manifest a planet of love where peace rules.

We are definitely in the process of Earth changes. When something comes on the regular news you know it has finally come out into the open. These changes will continue because this is what Mother Earth chooses to experience. We are creators and we could help Mother Earth by cleaning up our thoughts of fear, judgment, and negativity and replace them with love.

We will experience Mother’s Day on May 11, 2014. The day before the sun will be opposing Saturn, which will trigger the water trine of Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune. This is nice energy. Then on Mother’s day the moon will again trigger the cardinal cross. At the Wesak full moon festival on May 14th some people will graduate to a higher frequency.  This happens every year as people progress to different levels. It’s like going to school, one step at a time.

As we honor our mothers on May 11th, I think we should also honor and cherish our Mother Earth and include her in our celebrations. We do all live on this planet and she is our Mother.      So Be It!


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***** Mahala Gayle *****


Our Changing Brains — 6 Comments

  1. Hey Mahala,
    Excellent post.Thanks for sharing.It’s first time I came through your blog.Such an appreciative way of writing that depicts a great knowledge about astrology.Keep it up!!

  2. Thank you Mahala, once again a great update. The part about the two realities matches what came through again in a channeling I did last night. I also noticed a lot of exhausted people on Friday. I love Peg’s insight above, too! Beautiful reminders about choice in these times, of where we want to be.

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  6. Yes, this is right on. I can confirm the brain changes. I have been through it and seen the new subtle energy forms that are the new brain. Both brain hemispheres connect via a horizontal vortex. A liquid light sphere forms around the head (after kundalini) in a toroidal flow. A smaller sphere sits on top of the sphere that surrounds and interpenetrates the head/brain. This looks like the Buddha hair bun. You will also hear new sounds like buzzing or continuous humming, tones that come and go and morse code type sounds, which are related to changes in Sun and our earth’s electromagnetic field.

    Great job Gayle.


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