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Radio Show Announcment for Monday March 31

Cosmic Contacts Show with Pam- and Mahala World Astrologer. March 31st @4:30 Pacific Time.

Hello Everyone it’s Cosmic Contacts time with Pam. To easily access the show go to or you can call 347-838-9142 if you have a question for my very special guest this evening  Mahala ‘World Astrologer’

Mahala a frequent guest on the show will share her predictions for the month of April.

Mahala will tell us what is in store for the month and how to handle these intense changes we might be experiencing.

It seems a rare and high-pressure Cardinal Grand Cross, strongest April 20-23, calls forth your ingenuity, courage and compassion.

The Cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, are the leaders and pioneers, catalyzing new beginnings into motion. Follow your inspiration to make radical life changes, but be wary of overly impulsive action.

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