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Conditional Thought Patterns begin with the Word

Guest article by Mona Delfino.

         As children of the human race , we become conditioned to our parents way of speaking, teaching, and tones…especially when directed at us! This begins emotional fear if we get yelled at, told what to do when we feel it’s unfair, etc. Therefore, the words we term as harsh can remain in our memory, such as, “If you want something to cry about, I’ll give you something to cry about!” We grow up feeling then that we are ashamed to cry as if it’s a weak reaction to our true feelings. 
        We are all experiencing the shift occurring right now, and this leads me into explaining that as we break free from these forms of conditioning, we must also realize it’s not just the words of our parents as we were being raised, but the words of the American Dictionary that also formed meanings that associated our dialect and vocabulary to our understanding. Our minds instantly recognize a word for what we thought it to be, as it was handed down to us… however, this isn’t necessarily true! 
        A new meaning in our changing times to words like, “Humility” and “Responsibility,” are in question to the past meaning we attached to it. These are huge concepts that form a huge reality within our perspective, and that can and will, ultimately change our life. 
        Humility has been associated to feeling “lesser than” or “of service to God” in a way that had us looking subservient to our environment and our experiences. It was originally intended to help us not become of Ego, and to teach us that service was the way to be spiritual. Well, many have taken that and left themselves behind in the process in everyday living. I’d like to offer a brand new suggestion for the interpretation that I “read” several times now when reading clients who are torn with getting to know who they are, as we are all beginning to really find as our world continues to unfold into this opening process:
        A quote, recently sent by a client that I worked with, said she was “changed” by the truth that she resonated to in her healing session we had. She sent me this, and I share it with you…
“Humility does not mean thinking less of yourself than other people, nor does it mean having a low opinion of your own gifts. It means freedom of thinking about yourself at all.” William Temple~
        So what I shared with her, as I find myself  sharing with hundreds of people now, is this:
        Humility is the ability to harness the freedom of thought and allow wonder to increase in your world through the expansiveness of living. This is where we must ponder our way of living, then become this freedom. Here, we live as “Children of Heaven” in a wonderland of possibilities, unfolding moment by moment in a world ever changing. A quote that Jesus gave us in the new testament was this… “You need to become like a child to enter the kingdom of heaven.”
It doesn’t matter if we are religious, spiritual, or even just plain unhappy. By allowing this process of understanding to increase in your perspective, you then relish in the knowledge that we made everything up based on standards that were handed down to us, and we then become adventurous, not only to what life has to offer, but to being a co-creator from the joy within. This is what it means to be a true “Co-Creator” in a Universe of multiple expanded frequencies just waiting to be directed and improved.
       The wonder that a child carries when they see and discover a butterfly, or little hairs on a blade of grass, or whatever nature provides, is the new humility in the human race. At this point , the word, “Responsibility” also changes. We then can provide the ability to respond to this new found freedom. How we choose to direct that, to expand that, to share that, etc. is now the focus of a paradigm waiting to be shifted, acknowledged, and increased simply by your beautiful contribution.
       This is what I see in a new world of change. Everything is energy. Respect, gratitude, comprehension of your importance, and your newfound Self Esteem, are directing our way as a human race into the throws of higher existence. 
       It begins with us. One person at a time. Where there is one, it’s one. Two, that becomes 200. Three, three thousand… and so on. 
       Here’s to the journey, the freedom, and to Humility and Responsibility throughout our unfolding consciousness.~  
       My heart to yours,   Mona Delfino~
If you wish to contact Mona, her email is or go to her web site at


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