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From Transformation to The Joy of Living

Guest article by Mona

Most of you who have known me have seen me working at a radical pace recently! The need for healing is crucial at this particular time because everyone in our world is experiencing “change and transformation.” This is not a light subject, yet, it is one of the most important ones.

There have been many wonderful people coming to see me who had cancer or currently have cancer. This subject alone can frighten people, however, it is a condition that needs addressing, as well as heart problems and Alzheimer’s disease. (see bottom of article)

Conditions are occurring faster and faster in our human bodies since we are spirits being called to align with the shift. Most every condition in our body is a response to our thinking. Most of us have heard this before, however, if we are not listening to the change upon us, (meaning leaving the past behind and starting each new day as though it was a new chapter in a book) then we are in a position to take the consequences.

Listening to signs that the Universe is showing each individual today is a “conversation with God”, if you will. Paying attention to what is happening in your life and taking a stand to become more free, more aware, and certainly happier, is what is known as “being in alignment with the shift.”

Transformation is a key word today. Most of us know that when the economy collapsed, we were in a position to do something independently, and the old ways were leaving us like a tablecloth trick… the tablecloth is ripped out from off the table, leaving the bare necessities on the table. What happened to the old foundation?? Well, in the economy’s case, we still had the table holding us up. The soul you have within is your ultimate foundation that needs to be seen as such. As co-creators of our Universe, we are realizing that we actually DO have more power to change things than we used to believe. Coming from a dominant society of rules and followings, we didn’t know that individual power could be so potent. It can, and it is.

This is why you can make easier decisions when it comes to “putting your foot down” because the happiness you seek has always been inside you. No one can take that away from you unless you give them permission to do so.

One woman with cancer that I read for recently could not seem to lift herself “up” after doing everything she could to progress from hearing that dreadful diagnosis. She had been to several healers/shaman for help. She read many books for comfort, and even tried meditation. Still, sadness and gloom were winning, as though it was a race to see what emotion would be the outcome in this health issue. It turns out that she learned in our session that it was NOT the cancer causing so much of her despair, but the reaction to the cancer.

In my book, “The Sacred Language of the Human Body”, I speak of this condition in more detail. Even though everyone is different, many of the reasons are the same. A giving up attitude on life that isn’t necessarily conscious continues to put us in a rut. Sometimes there is a self directed anger as a result of not being enough that begins that cycle.

Many people ask me, “What is my purpose?” I must say… it’s not your job or even your calling. It’s YOU being on the planet, and even if you are out of work, personal chit chat with a neighbor or loved one can change your way of thinking, and you can change theirs.

Alzheimer’s is on the rise because there are so many that don’t know how to change the past, or better yet, wish it to be back. The brain tries to rewind in a world moving forward, whether it be good or not. This will not work in our coming days.

Heart issues are incredibly up right now as well. Many people are dropping into the heart center as this shift continues, however many are not listening. (there’s that message again!) Our feelings are essential, even if there are sad ones. Getting in touch with our feelings always gives us an opportunity to recognize them and then change them.

Time is marching on, and the higher speed button has been pushed. If you focus on these days of change, and stay in the moment, you will balance, center from your feelings, and move forward at the same rate the Universe is. That’s pretty quick!

Keep aware, recognize a change with peace in your heart, for now is the time to trust this change and watch it bring you exactly what you want and more. The more clients I have, which is a lot, the more I see a definite similarity in everyone. It’s exciting, it’s challenging, but oh so rewarding!!

We can take heed to my friend Mahala’s words… “You never know what a day will bring, but all is well in my world!”

Enjoy, be safe, and charge forward with your beauty, light, and your grace!! Here’s to a world “in touch~”    Much love,  Mona~


From Transformation to The Joy of Living — 5 Comments

  1. Great article, Mona! I loved your analogy of the tablecloth being whisked out from under the objects on the table. Looks like I’m gonna hafta pull a magic trick on myself!
    Then I wanted to verify what you said about all your clients being similar in their struggles. I’ve noticed that, too. For instance, all the astrology charts I did earlier this year highlighted Jan-Jul as a time of “getting our shifts together”. This month of Sep 2012 the hardwork begins, but it will be oh so rewarding.

  2. thank you so much. you messages help me to focus even m ore on the transformation of these periods nd to accept any trial.. luckily, havin passed through terrible events in the past to solve my neg. karma, i have raised my vibration , entered into a ne flow of love,, so i can start each day with GRATITUDE- BLESSING nd work with VIOLET LIGHT helping others to trasform and solve their karma as well.
    i feel being helped by SARA, one of my daughters who entered into her body of light in 2000*é****
    angelic kiss annaluce ITALY- free from cabala

  3. Being “in the “flow” is the only thing that works. IN THIS MOMENT OF NOW, I CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY, LOVING AND GRATEFUL. SO BE IT. That really works.


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