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Happy Mayan Dreamspell New Year – July 26, 2012

On July 12, 2012, I was awakened from dreamtime by the voice of Jose Arguelles saying to look up the alignment for July 24, 2012. He said this is a very important day. I immediately knew that was the ending of the Dreamspell calendar for this year. I looked up the meaning of the glyph for that day, and it is the Red Overtone Earth, which is guided by life force.

Then I looked in a book I have had for years called It’s About Time by Nell Arnaud. This is what it says about the Red Overtone Earth, which is called Caban.

Caban is the glyph of the red earth and is the access point to your natural alignment with Earth force. It is the point-of-perfect centeredness in the eternal present from which all alignment and magic manifest. Your center, the Earth center is the secret of gravity’s magnetizing force. From the center point within self, you align with this galactic center.

It goes on to say:

Caban is a symbol of the Earth Keeper, the keeper of the garden, the shaman-healer who, through reverence for all life, heals and sanctifies the Earth.  As you bring light to yourself, you bring light into matter. Caban also has a staff that is both connected to the cosmic consciousness of the stars and firmly planted in the Earth. Caban holds the ascension of Earth and all humanity.

After reading the meaning of this glyph I understood what is so important about this day. It is a day when we need to do ceremony, or meditate, to initiate another consciousness shift to push us totally into a new reality. If enough of us can bring in the light we can cause a big difference in the world. It would be kind of like the Harmonic Convergence that happened in August of 1987 which pushed us into a new timeline. The Harmonic Convergence was instigated by Jose Arguelles. He has been nudging me to get this information out there so we can gather in consciousness and move into the energy of love, joy, and magic.

The tone for Caban is called Overtone and is the number five. This is the number of the year we are in. The number 2012 equals five. The Goddess Star is a five-pointed star and represents the planet Venus and the Pleiadian system. This is what the Mayan Calendar is based on.

The meaning for this Overtone is about radiance and the vibration of center, empowerment and taking command. Radiance is the quality of radiating out from center, expanding one’s essence and energy so that it is felt, perceived, and seen at a distance. Use this Overtone to empower your radiance by committing to your center. Your center is the most stable, wise, calm, joyous, and powerful part of you.

Being centered means to be self-validated, self-assured and aligned with the present moment. When you are this intimately connected to yourself and aligned with the present moment, you are an unstoppable force, able to take command and be resourceful.  All the energy and intention to this point has been gathered up to empower and intensify the intention of your creation and to facilitate the next phase of creation.

See why July 24 is such a powerful day? July 24th is the last day of the calendar, and July 25 is a day out of time and also a time for celebration. It is New Year’s Eve for the Dreamspell.

I think it is very important to pay attention to those days and connect with this energy. It’s time to move out of pain, suffering, and all of that old third-dimension stuff we don’t need anymore. This Dreamspell calendar is lined up and starts with the star Sirius rising over Egypt and the Pyramids. Sirius was a very important star for the ancients. It was also very important for the United States because our government was set up on July 4, 1776, which lines up with 13 degrees Cancer and that is where Sirius is located in the heavens.

The glyph for July 26, or this upcoming year, is the Blue Resonant Storm and is ruled by the planet Pluto, which is a very powerful planet.

This glyph is called Cauac and is the initiation by fire, the lightning path, and the arrival of the thunderbeings who bring the final transformation. To the Maya, Cauac represents the storm, the thundercloud full of purifying rain, and the lightning that shatters any false structuring of reality.

Pluto rules Scorpio, and Saturn will be moving into that sign in October of this year. The moon’s node will move into Scorpio by the end of August so look for the shattering of false reality.

This is why it is so important to release all of your fears, worries, and negative thinking now so you can move into this new energy and start manifesting happiness. Live in the NOW! Yesterday is gone; tomorrow is not here yet, so what is there to worry about? Worry is just an illusion anyway, so why stress out worrying about what may happen? Create from the energy of your heart. All is well in my world. Blue storm will open a gateway to new consciousness.

The Resonant tone is one of attunement and vibration of inspiration, channeling and mystical power. Attunement means to be aligned with your desired vibration. To attune to your highest self is to synchronize with its resonance, to adjust and bring yourself into harmony. The more you attune to your highest nature, the more effortless and elegant it becomes to channel information, energies and forms whenever you need or desire them.

A seven tone is a call to the vibration of inspiration, channeling and mystical power. A seven tone is calling you to decode hidden systems. Seven is direct connection and close personal relationship with Source. When you believe in your divine connection, you receive divine illumination. A resonate tone lives by their own rhythm, they are not crowd-followers, but are elevated by their sense of individualization. The musical note for this tone is F#.

The Olympics are starting on July 27, 2012, and it is in England this year. England has been one of the main powerhouses for the banking system and control of the world. The reason for this is that the energy from the great central sun that holds 27 galaxies in place focuses into Stonehenge and the dark took control of that area. If we focus our energy on this area at the opening ceremony of the Olympics, and send lots of love and light and good thoughts to that area we can change the energy from one of control to one of love. Please check out this video: Vortex Energy part 29 – 2012 Olympics, Crop Circles, The Olympians and the Consciousness of Humanity.

If the information in this article resonates with you, please find time to do some kind of ceremony on July 24 so we can all join in consciousness to bring more light to Mother Earth. Then on July 27th, we could all focus on England. We are powerful beings. We are the ones we have been waiting for, and it is time to take back our power.  We are God’s perfect children and It’s time for us to manifest the power of Love.

So Be It!             

Written in love and light!      

*****Mahala Gayle *****


Happy Mayan Dreamspell New Year – July 26, 2012 — 12 Comments

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  3. Mahalo (thanks) for the perspective.
    On July 24th, I wrote an email to my fellow teachers at a school I have been working with over the last year to inform them that my job as naturalist and gardener was being shrunk, I asked for their support. On July 25th, our school director informed me by email that my contract had been pulled. The cosmic timing made me aware that it was time to be fearless and dream. I have now begun the steps to create my own company educating children about the earth. Give thanks for fearlessness.

  4. Thank you so very much for this article and your words.I just woke up from a dream(july 25) and in my dream “someone” was talking to me about july 26,and that it was the “New Year”,and now thanks to you i know what they were talking about:)
    So Thank you again!:)
    Love and Light<3

  5. Mayhala,

    Greetings from Milledgeville, Georgia. I have a question to ask you and I am sure you can explain it because you are very knowledgeable on these matters. First, I was born on September 2, 1964 on Wednesday. I am getting messages from 6 different psychics online that are trying to predict certain things..One thing that they all agree on is that I have psychic gifts, which I Do, and being given new gifts from God to which I would have dreamed of having. When these psychics send you the e-mails, it appears that they are giving you enough insight as to make a person more curious about their future. When receiving all of these messages, they will tell you enough to peak your interest and then the put a blue highlighted text of their webpage telling you to go there to get 5 minutes free, etc. I have learned that if you will keep scrolling down, they divulge most all of the psychic information that they are trying to get you to pay for. All of the psychics keep telling me that I am in a Transit Period in my life due to planetary alignments. They all keep telling me how super special I am and how I am going to have abundance, wealth and a life of leisure. They compare me to Susan Boyle and how she is just an ordinary woman who accidentally came into fame and fortune because of her beautiful singing voice. They claim that a person only comes into a transit period in their life maybe twice and if you don’t recognize the signs you will miss out on your chance to shine with fame and fortune. All of these psychics keep sending me urgent messages every day and lower their prices to get me to
    call them for 5 free minutes of reading..This 5 minutes you are put on hold and you end up paying God knows what amount because of it…They all agree that I am about to come into a large some of money (5000, $ 500,000.,etc.) I am able to discern what is true and laugh it off. What I would like for you to explain to me about the Transit Period I am going into. I know it has something to do with the planetary alignments of Venus, Earth, and I think Mercury. I would like details about the Transit Period related to my date and time of birth. Your help would be graciously appreciated.

    Rhonda aka Rhiannon

  6. Thank you so very much for all of this! And those 2 paragraphs in particular regarding the overtone about radiance and the vibration catalyzing centering, empowerment and taking command. VERY much what I have been feeling for myself, clients, and friends. Now is the time! The Deep Light is poking through the eons of untruth that we are dropping. Beautiful stuff. Blessings Mahala!

  7. I am now just understanding this whole Mayan Calender deal. No disrespect to my informal ways, giving the fact that you all speak with such grace. I just have a question really. How should I properly celebrate my birthday? U see my B-day is July 26 1980 @ 4pm. To make matters more weird…I am the 13 child. There are 13 calender months right? This year I am presently 31… 13 backwards. What’s UP WITH THIS? A new acquaintance of mine, recently told me that I was born on the Mayan New Year. The funny thing is my response was, “WHAT MAYAN NEW YEAR?” How could I have never known? I mean I have always known about the Mayans. I had seen a documentary on the History Channel before. Their belief in the stars are amazingly interesting. I have always been super fascinated with the stars and always find myself in a gentle trance when stargazing. I haven’t had the resources or time to really study all this. I am too busy with life and if I do get a chance to research anything besides for college, its interpreting my dreams. I am really interested in a mentor to understand all this. I want to join the cause, if I may?

  8. Thank you so very much for all you do in the Service of the Light!

    “I AM”! (3) By all God’s Love I know “I AM”! The Blue Lightning of Cosmic Purity from the Great Central Sun, and Beloved Jesus’ Luminous Presence and Cosmic Sword of Blue Flame of Thousands of Suns, reigning Supreme now with full Power in, through, and around You- Mahala, everyone under this Radiation, and every person, place, condition and thing involved in the 2012 Olympics, England, America and the World; which right now this instant descends!

    The Presence the “I AM,” CHARGE this world with the Glory of God! (3)

    “I AM” America’s Victory and Freedom!
    “I AM” the world’s Victory and Freedom!
    “I AM” Earth’s Victory and Freedom!
    “I AM” That Light now made manifest!
    By the Light of God That Never Fails!!!

    Almighty “I AM”! (3)

    God Bless You Mahala, and God Bless us all!

  9. What would you recommend for those of us that will be in England until the morning of July 27th?

  10. very good info indeed Ill be meditating oln both th\ose days I will also share thank you

  11. Thank You Mahala, I will participate on 7/24 with a prayer and intention for the peaceful blessing of the olympic games. Pat

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