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Ascension Symptoms

Guest article by Mona Delfino @


By now, we are all becoming more aware of these changing times, challenging feelings, and shifting of our intentions. My article this time is about this ascension process and how we are experiencing many of the symptoms, but mostly, I feel it’s good to break it all down to understanding what does this mean?!

I seem to be hearing more and more interesting ideas and thoughts from many writers and youtube videos sharing about the times we are in. Yet every time I hear the word “ascension”, I wonder actually how many people really understand what is occurring within them?

I will give you what I know is happening in people, and the true flavor of these experiences to help guide anyone who is having difficulty getting through this. These symptoms are real. It’s like we are birthing a baby called freedom. Yet in order to do this consciously, it requires the acceptance and the connection to the knowledge that this is really happening inside of our very being! When we are doing our best at living a day to day life, we are noticing changes that are rapidly occurring through our feelings. Right now, many people are basically feeling overwhelmed. It’s important to acknowledge that time seems to be speeding up. However, it is only our perception from the way we used to view time. It’s like we learned a behavior and now we are getting clearer that there was no such thing to begin with. There are cycles, memories, patterns, etc., but time? We have been told that in spirit, there is no time. The ancients told us that there would be no more time in 2012. This is correct from the perspective that we can’t even remember what day it is, or where the time went? Our sleeping patterns are very much effected because of this phenomenon occurring. What is this phenomenon really? It’s expansion of the Human race happening within each person, and ultimately, each cell of our bodies. Yes, we are expanding in our own physical bodies. Our souls are so much more than we give them credit for, and this is why we are hearing the word, “consciousness” in so many articles, talks, interviews, etc. The meaning of this word is the connection to ourselves. It is the waking up process that our cells are resonating to on a global level. As we become attuned to the larger picture of Universal intelligence, we too become more intelligent. This is known as Global Oneness. So in retrospect, we are becoming our spiritual selves recognizing it in a physical form. This is how we are connecting back to the Source, if you will. Now here’s where the part comes in about why people are acting as though they are lost.

Because our souls are experiencing an increase in and of magnetism, meaning our cells are virtually being energetically lifted or magnified, (and responding to a Clarion call if you will) then this is where feelings get stronger, the old patterns we lived are lifting into a different place inside, and sometimes we might feel insane. How can this feel normal when we aren’t used to this rapid shift? Many are finding that fear is kicking in more and more because they don’t understand that we are virtually being set free! This isn’t easy, and to be respectful, this can be painful! It’s happening in our emotions, in our mental thinking, and in our physical bodies…none of which this shift will take lightly. The oxy-moron is that we actually ARE getting lighter as this expansion continues to rock our world. None the less, it is in the recognition that we can walk on and through the coals and make it to the other side simply by acknowledging it. This process needs our surrender in order to give us the gift we have all come here to remember. We are actually seeing that the veil is lifting in us as well as noticing more people discussing death as a change of worlds, not an end. Our auric fields are intertwining with each other, from one end of the continent to the other. When we hear of someone having difficulty that we feel hurts us, it doesn’t matter where they live. This global coherence doesn’t know distance or time. We are interacting regardless, and this makes life more real as we are experiencing it daily. The more we accept this as real life, and enjoy it as such, the less our physical bodies will buy into the pain. If we can remember that our old negative thoughts, blockages, and subconscious behaviors (that weren’t ours in the first place) are being lifted out of us like magnetic fragments being pulled to the surface for extraction, then we can rest assured that we can trust this process and take a deep breath with ease. We are all in this together.

This is how I know transference to work in what I do for a living. Healing works best when we work together. It will soon be a way of life, where 2 or more are gathered, and the energetic sharing of thoughts, dreams, accomplishments, and joy become as though we are one unit coming together and walking into the future holding hands.

So the Beatles were right when they came out with one of their first songs ever to make the charts… “All you need is love.”

My love is with you as you are experiencing how you’ll contribute in creating our future!! Smile and trust that the best is yet to come! This new baby will be all of ours to nurture and enjoy~

Here’s to US! Many Blessings*, Mona Delfino


Ascension Symptoms — 2 Comments

  1. Such a wonderful message and a great exposition of what most sentient beings are experiencing at the moment. I continue to be amazed at the increasing efficiency of the give/take, ask/answer, play/respond, process of Our Universe. It seems any question I am working through in my life the Universe sends an answer/lesson/vehicle for immediate enlightenment. In appreciation of your message, I’d like to share a poem with you I’ve recently wrote. This is the first time I’ve ever felt compelled to share this piece:


    the thunder roared, underneath each step
    crept upon the shoelace, while it knots to our shoe’s embrace

    gently charging the direction, illuminating Earth’s projections
    streaming from the surge, that is blown by the winds

    directed by the dreams, who meet within the sky
    a myriad up above, forms a crucible of space

    creatures of convergent currents breach this roof and base

    the levies have been broken
    storms unfold, bearing witness to nature’s folklore
    gentrification, purifying what’s in its path
    rushing through the streets, purpose begets pleads

    mirroring the cleansing in our veins: sister currents

    uniting by its rapture, un-tying in departure
    dragging the debris, dreg of serendipity
    it will never settle, or so cites the ailing city
    broken boards spear splintered spirits

    it’s all within the flow of E’s motion
    sister’s hug, wiping away the tears
    in the great drying up of squalor and past fears
    the children gift the parents

    lightning bolts of love,
    mortal doves lightening up above

    the mountain wasn’t epic,
    it was only a tainted relic

    this Now is Sacred,
    in harmony with Eternal Effervescence

    a barefoot birth of Universal Concrescence

    Marlon J. Frausto.
    All rights reserved 2012.

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