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Planet Alert March 2012

Here we are in March already; time has definitely speeded up. Did any of you have heart challenges, or back problems this past month? The moon was in Leo this past full moon on February 7, 2012, and Leo rules the heart and back. Many people experienced some physical challenges during, before, or after that full moon, which was on 18 degrees Leo. This is the degree of Christ Consciousness. This consciousness is now open for anyone to experience. It is time to think with your heart.

On February 3, 2012 a Doorway to Heaven opened in the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar. This was on the glyph of the White Electric Worldbridger. This particular glyph is about death, release and surrender. This is the glyph of freeing yourself from the desire to be in control. This was the time to surrender your limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. This was the time to look for new ways of being, new people, new ideas and new directions that move you to where you want to be. It was the time to forgive, transform, surrender, and release.

We went through the door and into a tunnel and this tunnel gave us the opportunity to look at ourselves to see if there were still things we needed to release from our consciousness. If you experienced any issues during those ten days, were you able to solve the problem? Was it an illness, or some old thought you needed to release? Most illnesses are from some kind of emotion that you are still holding onto. I experienced dizziness that started on Friday the 3rd, and continued until Feb 12th when the doorway became fully open.

We came out of this tunnel on February 12 on the degree of the Blue Crystal Eagle. This is the glyph of vision, mind, and creativity. This glyph represents the evolution of individual consciousness into planetary mind. This is the compassion of all hearts linked as one. This glyph is one of people working together for the betterment of humanity. This glyph is ruled by Jupiter, which is a huge planet. This means our visions should be focused on bringing the energy of Heaven to Earth, and to totally move into Unity Consciousness.

I have used the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar since the Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987, and have found it to be very informative and accurate. Thank you Jose Arguelles for this calendar, and for getting enough people together to celebrate the Harmonic Convergence. That event set the Earth on a new path in consciousness and opened us up to a new reality. Now we have another reality that is being opened to us. It is our choice what we do with this energy.

I received an email from Celia Fenn way back in September of 2011. I would like to quote excerpts from that article because it pertains to us today. She was transmitting the “Grail Codes” at Nordkapp, Norway in August of 2011. She said “After the opening of the Lion’s Gate Portal in early August, there was a huge acceleration of frequency and many of you who were ready took the next step from the Fifth Dimension of light into the Sixth Dimensional Realm of Dreams and Magic, and assisted in anchoring the “Dreamtime” connection to the Earth once again”. (Remember, I said we are in the Mayan Dreamspell year of Magic and Miracles. This year started on July 26, 2011, and lasts until July 25, 2012.)

She goes on to say “The sixth dimension is a powerful place to enter, and as you begin this journey you will experience physical changes. Initially, you may feel extreme exhaustion and tiredness. In reality, what is happening is that your brain is dipping into “Theta” wavelength in the waking state. Now, your body experiences Theta as a sleep state, so when you enter the Sixth Dimension Dreamtime in the waking state, your body thinks it is sleeping, and so extreme heaviness and tired feelings are experienced as the body becomes temporarily confused at this change.”

“Then you may become mentally confused as your brain shifts between Beta, Alpha and Theta brainwave states in waking consciousness. You may experience lucid dreams in the daytime, or you may become forgetful, disoriented or dizzy (which I experienced) as your brain settles into its new shift pattern to allow you to move between the dimensions and to process information gathered in all these spaces so that you have a firm grasp of the different layers of reality.”

She also said “The Sixth Dimension of Light is the place of Magic, the realm of the Magical Child and the Creator of dreams. It is the Dimension from which the Planetary Consciousness generates the dreams, desires, fantasies, and projections that manifest as “Material Reality” in the Lower Dimensions of Matter. To walk in the “Dreamtime” means that you need to be“awakened” from the controlling illusions of the Third Dimensional reality, and fully grounded in the New Fifth Dimensional Reality Grids. Then you will be able to access the Magical Realms of the Dreamtime and its flow of abundance and joy without losing your grounding in material reality. This is “Mastering your Life”, and indeed it is an aspect of your personal desire to evolve and flow with the Earth and to achieve all that can be achieved within your present Planetary Reality”.

To do this you have to activate your Grail Codes which are the Light Codes or Cosmic DNA activators that bring you online with Christ Consciousness. The first key is you activate your light body until all the meridians and connections are in place to facilitate the Sacred Union of body and soul. Then you move into your 13 Chakra system and anchor fully into the Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras. Then you become a master of Light Harmonics and will be able to receive and transmit the pulsations of light from the Divine Cosmic Heart.

The energy of the Divine Heart is Love, and as you activate your Light Body, you will begin to activate Divine Love and Compassion and as you do that you will begin to become a Master of Divine Love. Once you become a Master of Love, you will be able to manifest anything your heart desires. This is the opportunity we are being given right now because of the opening of the Doorway to Heaven, and the last full moon being on the degree of Christ Consciousness. What an opportunity we now have to become Masters of Love and Light.

I know the world is in a lot of chaos right now, but in order to manifest love we have to forget about judging, or being critical of people. When you are critical of someone else you need to look within because in reality it is yourself that you are critical of. This has been a very large challenge for so many of us because it is so easy to be critical. If you start to judge someone, stop and think about what you are doing. Look within and see why you are being critical.

We can also be very critical of our governments and other controlling situations. By being critical we become part of the challenge. Some people choose the job to speak out and make us aware of all the corruption that has been going on for eons of time. I honor those people. They are very brave and many have lost their life by speaking out. That was their job, and now it is our job to bring peace, love, joy and unity to the world. So Be It!

Love to all of you! *****Mahala*****

The Asklepeon Light Center has a new web site. It is called please check it out.


Planet Alert March 2012 — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with others, have really noticed the tired thing at
    the time frame you were suggesting and alot of dreamtime with heart and blood.

  2. I thank you for sharing your insights. It is very helpful
    in understanding what is going on with the earth and the physical body.(Helps to keep one out of fear )

    Unlimited Blessings

    Kitty Margolis

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