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Turning Inside Out… and Outside In~

Guest article by Mona (See

Last year, my friend John Jay Harper, author of the book, “Transformers… Shamans of the 21st Century”, had spoken to me about what he knew of the “Science of Soul” and how we were on a Galactic Brain frequency shift with the upcoming times as the Pole Shift became more relevant. (This was in August of last year.) We wanted to go on tour, per say, and talk about the importance of where these changes were taking us, but more importantly, we would teach about what the possibilities were in terms of where our souls would be during the course that we are all currently experiencing.
 John passed away on December 15th, as many of you know, but the information he had was epic to the times we are in now. As his business partner, I want to share with you what we discussed… and the fear that humanity is currently experiencing about money, the economy, Earth changes, Solar Flares, Super Nova’s, etc. Now we seem to be finding that our nerves are being tested, our thoughts are being challenged, and the way of living we have been used to is turning around… but where is it all going?? I will give you some pointers that may help ease this a bit.
I always remind clients and therapists in my field that we are becoming “Shamanized”, if you will. This means that we are now experiencing an internal shift in consciousness that is leading us right into the space-time reality of who we are as a whole. We are experiencing a “window of opportunity”, where the AT-ONE-MENT of our world is heading.
We are “Transducers”, which means we are transmitters and recievers of consciousness. As John would say, “We are an experiment in consciousness” and are constantly waking up to new levels of reality. We are becoming more and more adapted into being co-creators of our own destiny, which is why we are being so challenged with the opposite constructs that we once knew to BE reality.
The Universe itself doesn’t judge, so it’s not like we are being forced into this. We will always have choices as free will can not ever be toyed with. However, the encouragement is there to produce a better world if we so wish. These co-creative abilities that are stretching our human consciousness help us rely on each other to rebuild our world together. What sounds airy-fairy to some, sounds like heaven to others. John and I agreed that when we would speak to the public, we would initiate these ideas or concepts from Science in Shamanism, or Shamanism in Science. Either way, the truth of the situation at hand would be acknowledged. When we use the term “Shamanism”, it is to bring simplicity back into a world which has been dominated by ego for thousands of years. I was born Shaman, so to me, truth has always been truth. Even more, simplicity of living is not just a cool idea, it is the way we were originally designed… to keep an imprint of traditional and unconditional selflessness alive as to hear and be with our Divine nature. In this way, we become smarter as we allow ourselves to keep open to all possibilities.
As this time in our world continues to become more advanced, we will find ourselves wanting to stop thinking so much… as we know that is driving us crazy. We simply can not continue to think the way we always have because it puts a strain on us. We are in a time of freedom. Many clients are sharing with me that they are starting to “not care” as much emotionally and are actually burned out by worry. Maybe, instead of saying they are not caring, the better phrase would be, “I find myself surrendering, not giving up.” With surrender, you can breath easier. I have used the expression recently…” The only thing that comes between us and Spiritual help, is us!” My mentor many years ago said we can always know that if we “ask” for help, it’s there. In a world that carries more supportive knowledge today of loved ones who have crossed, we hear time and time again that they are there and want to support us. I wonder why so many refuse to understand that, when our spirit never dies?
In closing, I ask that we all become more open to recognizing that our hearts are leading us into our future, since the heart IS the home of Cosmic Consciousness. It is proven scientifically with Institutions and groups such as HeartMath. Along with this knowledge, we will eventually become more like the dolphin and use new skills which are unfolding now, such as telepathy, higher intuitive knowing, and eco-location. Our evolution is at hand. Visual images will become more observant, and we will see that we really are having a sense of “turning ourselves inside out” so as to become like the Shaman…
My love to all of you during this tremendous time of change~ I give thanks for you! Mona~


Turning Inside Out… and Outside In~ — 3 Comments

  1. I have been wondering over the past few weeks why I was feeling the way that I have. This shift in my consciousness. The second to the last paragraph explained exactly how I’ve been feeling. Thank you for all this wonderful information.

  2. If the I constantly makes indentifications like; I am a sjamaan, I’am a astrologer,I am a lightworker.I am thise or that. All are the tempory play of the forses and full of changes.It comes from the ego. Only I is one:
    Forget the rest that will be the best!

    Namaste Diviana

  3. Thank you for your informaron as we as a people head toward the great ascension, and shift in consciousness forever…Namaste

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