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Let the SUN Shine

Guest article by Mona from SacredReconnections.

When I was born, my parents named me “Ramona.” As a kid, I remember being challenged with people and fellow students who could never seem to remember my name…almost like it seemed too long for them. So I shortened it to Mona in elementary school, because that’s what my sisters called me. However, in the years to come, I had learned that the Egyptian word for Sun was “RA”. I was intrigued to say the least, but I still kept with Mona. One day years later, a client came in and asked me why I “left the Sun out of my name” by being called Mona?? Somehow, I never thought about that…until then.

At the age of 6, I was playing out in the front yard in Southern California where the sun seemed like it was always shining. I laid in our front yard and looked closely at a blade of grass. I picked it and held it realizing that one simple blade of grass had little hairs on it. Then, the most amazing thing happened. I became blind for about 3 minutes. I looked around me and saw nothing but white. No lawn, no houses, no street, just white. In those days of the ’60′s, we had airades that were scaring people because that was the time of the “Bay of Pigs” and fear over war and bombs were permeating our sunny skies. I, however, felt in my heart (as this blindness was happening to me) there was no need to fear at all. A peace came over my whole being and it was like being bathed in light… a peaceful light at that. I had not told anyone about it. Years later at a retreat in Asilomar, California, I heard a lecture on “light experiences” and the speaker had said this is what happens to mystics when they are young. After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I was able to thank him, as that was an answer I didn’t even know I had a question to.

In the ’70′s, a song by the Youngbloods called “Get Together” sang to me when I heard the words… “You can make the mountains ring, or hear the angels cry.” Literally, I felt this to be true. I chose to pay attention, and even challenged myself at 16 years old by asking God to create a quick illness for a moment so that I would know that this Supreme Being actually existed. Well, let me tell ya…my advice is don’t EVER do that unless you mean it! The saying ,” you just might get what you ask for” is very true!! As I stepped out of the bath, I fell to the floor throwing up and heaving relentlessly until I said “ UNCLE!” From that moment on, I never again questioned the Power that served us to whatever we wished for….and knew I would give back to this awesome energy the gratitude I shared from my heart to the world. My life has been a series of incredible experiences, including the recent calling I had responded to in Chaco Canyon which you can read in the archives on this website. One of the visions Spirit had showed me there was the Sun looking at me like an eye with the rays being eyelashes. The Sun is predominantly female, despite the things we hear about it being masculine. It is both, as are we.

That brings me to share with you what I see and feel happening today with our current Solar Flare activity. Due to the fact that we are in a high transition time in our world, we have to expect that change is constant and that we are being recycled back to our original form. If you notice in your own life, most of you are witnessing that many things are happening that are creating a “full circle” from one time of our lives to this time. I have heard many of my clients talking about how in their personal experiences, they are meeting people they knew years ago who have come back into their lives…yes, thank you to Facebook and many other means of reconnection~ But even with our loved ones passing, how we see them, perceive their lives and our lives intertwined…our mothers and fathers, even our ancestors… we are seeing now how peace is a huge part of “coming back” into these situations of awareness. It’s fabulous in my opinion.

We have so much to be grateful for and the lessons we have learned and accomplished due to the love we have inside of us. So then, why would we allow ourselves to find these Solar Flares sliding us into fear and torment the way that the media and others want us to do? The Solar Flares are not about being scared or fearful what so ever. The truth is they are helping the magnetic field to change so that everything becomes clearer and more direct… that doesn’t mean we will be killed by it, but right now, we can use common sense and let this process happen…knowing that we are appreciative of the things we cannot see that are happening for us. There can easily be interruptions in cellular activity, technology, and energetics everywhere. The late Nicola Tesla had it best when he tried to tell the government to use Solar activity for energy uses on our planet … we still can! Right now however, we need to be mindful and do all things in moderation. If you feel tired, sleep. If you feel compelled to cry, cry. Your feelings are coming to the surface as the Sun shines its light on us in so many incredible ways to enlighten our souls back to who we really are. We just need to wake up to the understanding that the end times are not about being taken out in one clean sweep. It’s about becoming one with ourselves, each other, nature, and hearing our animals when they have something to say.

Our vibrations are moving higher and we ARE becoming more intuitive as these changes persist. Feel gratitude. Many people are going around quoting the end of the world. I say it’s the end of the 3rd Dimension… it is our time for oneness to rise up and be seen, felt and lived. We’ve had enough of the idea that money is the ruler of our lives. It creates a false sense of identification. People are enslaved by it inside their minds. My beautiful sensitive clients have taught me that they have felt owned at soul-level by this means because they can’t take care of their families, etc. I say, “Lighten Up.” Again, let the Sun into your lives and see that there is no need for “buying into” the concept of lack. Heck, people have gone into bankruptcy and noticed it wasn’t so scary!! Even the banks are confused about which end is up! If you’re worried, forget about it. The banks will change some silly law again tomorrow. Start giggling at the situation and see that you are SO much more than what you had thought….then a doorway opens and money appears.

The Sun will shine again tomorrow and the next day so I encourage you give it your “surrender” and smile… be one with the changes and realize that we are free to be in our bodies and soul. We do not have to die to be free.

So in closing, I would like to continue to the chorus from the song “Get Together” and sing…”Come on people now, smile on each other… everybody get together. Love one another right now.”

Peace out~ Mona***


Let the SUN Shine — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you Ramona, my father named me Gayatri (Sun mantra) which was shortened to Gaya (Gaia) for similar reasons. In my heart though I never lost the essence and compassion of the Goddess and now I am shining ever more the authentic Sun Light of my Soul :o)

  2. MONA THANK YOU !!This is exactly the peace I needed this am .Its been a rollercoaster lately and I woke with a knot in my stomach reading this put me happily on the right track!!!I I agree with you wisdom and your understanding heartily sometimes we loose it and bingo up pops your story and I smile because it brings us all back together again in our smiling hearts !!I love you if you are ever in sedona please let me know!xoxooxxolove wendybyrd

  3. Dear Mona,

    Thank you for this lovely and expanded point of view. I find your perspective spot on and freeing. And so many points you mentioned I resonate with and have had experiences of recently. I too have had a similar experience of seeing only white wherever I looked for for few minutes when I was 13 years old, and like, you it has answered a question I didn’t realize I had. Thank you for this! May you bask in the grace of peace and bounty! With love,
    Linda M.

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