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Riding the Ascension Wave

Do you know how to dowse? It is a good tool to find out answers to your questions. Carol’s system teaches you how to do release work to release your trauma/drama energy from your life. Carol has come up with a new system of Dowsing and I thought you might be interested in reading about her system. Enjoy her article.

Riding the Ascension Wave and Clearing Yourself with Power LifeWeaving

By Carole Conlon

Planet Earth continues its move towards the center of the photon belt, all the while stretching and shrugging and spouting off.

The Mayan Calendar continues its countdown to the End of Days.

The old political and financial systems in most countries are tumbling.

Healthcare and educational systems are wobbling.

Are you feeling some of the effects—both physical and emotional?

Are those feelings yours or do they belong to others?

Are you wondering what to do and where to turn for help?

Do you remember why you chose to be here at this time?

Planet Earth is now moving into a higher dimensional frequency while the end of the Mayan Calendar promises a radical new beginning. All around us we see and experience changes to the Earth in the form of earthquakes, storms, volcanoes.  At the same time, primary pieces of our society and the world—the political, financial, educational and healthcare systems that are so corrupted—are falling apart. All this is part of the current ascension to the fifth dimension where freedom, integrity and flexibility are paramount.

To make this change and keep up with our Planet, humans must move out of the water-based 3rd dimension into light/crystalline based 5th. This is why we are here. This is why we need to be paying attention to the real reason we inhabit Earth at this time—our own spiritual growth and enlightenment. As we accomplish that goal, cleaning up our world and creating something much, much better can occur.

There are three key steps to spiritual growth:

  1. To keep energetically clear—removing old soul programs, karmic issues and emotional blockages that prevent our bodies from moving to higher frequencies.
  2. To engage in some form of meditation, contemplation, or spiritual practice—making the time to listen to your spirit guides and Source.
  3. To seek out activations to trigger latent memories and talents in us, helping us move our frequency to higher levels. These activations can come from certain pictures, books, movies, songs, and sounds.

To address the need for clearing, imagine having a simple method that allows you to clear karmic programs and problematic emotional blocks that have been with you throughout many lifetimes. Imagine being able to clear physical symptoms that stubbornly hang on due to those blocks. Imagine being able to balance and clear your life as well as the lives of those around you. With Power LifeWeaving, you can do all those things and more.

Power LifeWeaving was born out of the need for a super fast, simple method that anybody with basic dowsing skills could use for clearing on a daily basis. The system searches for and clears the initial experience or trauma—usually from a past life—that created an emotional block in the first place. At the time of injury or death, resultant strong emotional energy locks into the body and is carried into future incarnations. For example, if a person experiences intense fear as he or she is executed by hanging, that vibrational energy or frequency of fear locks into the energy body at the time of death. The next lifetime when that person becomes fearful, his or her neck may start to hurt because the lingering fear frequency activates painful cellular memories in the neck area of the hanging. It is these emotional blocks that we must remove and heal to allow energy to flow without restrictions and avoid reoccurring physical problems.

During Power LifeWeaving dowsing a group of words, like a set of keys, unlocks an issue in the unconsciousness mind, allowing the spirit, mind and body to process and release the issue or painful memories. This clearing method removes the original source blocking the issue along with any additional similar pieces from experiences in subsequent lifetimes. Once clear, all the emotional energy is unlocked and released for good (as in our example, the neck no longer hurts—even if the emotion of fear is present). 

How does a method like LifeWeaving work? As the key words—obtained by dowsing—spiral throughout the body, mind and spirit, they nullify existing identical blocking words/energies, much like when two identical sounds inverted 180 degrees over each other nullify each other resulting in silence. In a way, you can say that LifeWeaving is a variation of sound healing.

On the other hand, during dowsing, an energy or word may test because it is needed (e.g. the Violet Flame or the color gold) and the spiraling action of that energy during clearing helps instill it throughout the body, mind and spirit.

Testing the chart can also show areas that need attention—like who you should be responsible to or for at any moment, or different activities in which you need to engage.

Power LifeWeaving is just one of many methods available these days to clear yourself and others. Whatever one you choose, know that these methods are critical to help you move through this ascension process in a good way—to be able to be more in control of your life, to control any fears that are coming up surrounding the event (and from the collective consciousness), to find a better way to live, to clear relationships, and to help your body transition gently with fewer body slams. It is a way to back your power and move along your spiritual path. I challenge you to take the first step towards spiritual growth and find and use a clearing method so that you can do much of the basic work yourself, whenever needed, and move smoothly through the frequency shift and ascension process.

Carole Conlon, L.Ac., Master Integrational Healer

Carole Conlon has been using dowsing along with acupuncture and energy work for over 25 years. Lately she has focused on completing the LifeWeaving system—distilling is down to its simplest form. Four sets of dowsing charts compile the entire system: Power LifeWeaving, Basic, Expanded Research and, for diagnosis, PRSM. The Power LifeWeaving now is the primary chart in the system and is designed for rapid clearing through a self-directed system.  Check out Carole’s website at for more information.

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