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Riding The Relation-Ship

Guest article from Mona @ Sacred Reconnections


So, if I were to ask for a show of hands from a group of 100 people, and said “How many of you are experiencing shifts and changes with your friends, family, and partners, I can bet you that there would be about 80 people at least raising their hands!

    In my last article entitled, “Soul Responsibility”, it was clear in our recent times that people have been experiencing a feeling of being “fed up” to the point of possible resentment.  Well, in being  fed up and “done” with our past commitments in the way we have thought, believed, and lived, we are now facing the NEXT adventure of our soul responsibility… and that is independence.

    Even though the world has gone into major forms of lack in government, financial instability, and pure common sense, there are those of us who are finding that within ourselves we are experiencing the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Within the last few years, we have all noticed that much has been “rearranged” in our lives and we looked at it as sadness, fear, out of control, weekness, and plain outright depression. We also feel it from others who are close to us, as well as reading the upheaval of collapse in our newspapers and news stations. This we can not help but to feel…. it’s everywhere. Yet, inside of us a peace is lurking… an acceptance if you will, in knowing that this collapse must happen in order for renewal to be achieved. So, not only is it global, but as each individual feels the trickling down effect, deep within us, we are also feeling a strange sensation of power to begin again. Starting with a new perception of your own personal truth is the light that shines the automatic response that now you can think for yourself, make your own decisions, and become stronger with your free will that has been ignited. It goes to show that when something is lost, something is gained.

    Relationships are being tested more now than ever. We are losing friends we have had for a long time, and leaving certain groups that were once supportive. We are noticing the change within us, and have even asked ourselves if something was wrong with us! Recently, a beautiful client asked me if she just didn’t play well with others!!  The truth of the matter is that you are discovering that the way you saw life, your family and friends, might just be tested right now to make sure that this is where your world actually is! Astrology nails so much of the conditions occuring. Briefly, this full moon was enthralled with Aquarian energy… wow. It makes us want to feel spacey and even non productive. With Fall on the way, we are noticing  we just want to sleep! However, it is a lot more than just taking a nap! The cells in your body are succumbing to the knowledge that the old is finished. We can actually feel like we’re dying, but we aren’t. Nor are we finished with life…it’s just the future in our world is becoming more real because we are becoming more real. Communication is changing, as we are speaking up for ourselves and changing the way we might have solved a situation in the past from insecurity. We are more secure, and are now “calling a spade a spade!”

    We are also more playful in some aspects because we already went through the cycle of realizing that effort has been too much of a drain. Mercury has been in retrograde and will continue to be until the 26th of August, however, what a wonderful time to question, dream, recognize and establish your independent thoughts and actions…therefore changing your life for the better all the way around. We are becoming more creative, more conscious of our knowledge due to the fact that we have already “paid our dues” and not only learned, but established a new kind of grounding. Confidence and Self esteem are on the rise… courage is easily marked as our friend, and smiles are returning to our faces. This is what it means to transform. I see a very positive format for those who have felt these shifts and wanted to have the encouragement to get through these times.

    So I say, keep up the good work, conform inside to your new identity, (which is the REAL you) and stay compassionate to those who are still searching. So many will question you, but hold tight to this wisdom within…. you are the light we’ve been waiting for~ WE ALL ARE….

Love, Blessings, and God Speed!!     Mona~


Riding The Relation-Ship — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you SO much for this insightful article. I do a lot of reading on the web and have been finding information about sleep and waking in the middle of the night. You know, the 3am group! But, alias I’m sleeping like a baby, actually I could sleep 12 hours a day if I didn’t have any commitments. I’m normally a bubbly person, bouncing around with a smile, but lately I feel like i want to curl up and hybernate. As for friendships, they have been slowing dissolving over the last 10 years. I’m used to that now, but I love your quote, “didn’t play well with others!”. I am confident that it will all work out in the end. Thanks again. Love, light and courage.

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