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Soul Responsibility

I would like to share the latest from Mona. Enjoy.

In these past few weeks, I have had several clients with amazing lives. Each one in all of their different ways, their different ideals, and strong abilities to move mountains with positive change! What I have found interesting is that there is a theme that permeates these energies recently that has caught my attention to the changes in the way they perceive “responsibility!”

Many people are asking me about why they feel so unorganized… when they, of all people, knew how to collect and file paperwork beyond anyone else’s imagination, or clean the house and know where everything belonged. Women in particular, who have always kept up on their jobs, their kids lives, their way of seeing to it that everyone was taken care of, and even to the point of having dinner on the table at 6pm! These feelings of rebellion are coming over people who have had to “keep the boat afloat” for quite some time, and are finding that it becomes a war within themselves to even look ( for example) for salt in the grocery store because they refuse to even look at the sign that says “spices.”

Reading people’s energy is a kick! It tells me all about what the world is going through when I see themes like this. Then when it really catches my attention, I seem to be able to clarify answers within these situations. I begin to look into reasons within a person, and in this case, several.

This way of feeling about responsibility is becoming much more prevalent in everyone’s life right now, to the point where I had to write my article about it. If you are feeling this way, and are outright “going on strike” within yourself to no longer HAVE to do what you used to, or what everyone else expects of you. There’s a very good reason for this. You are finished with the past, and can no longer tolerate a false way of being, no matter what. More than likely, you want to have more fun, and wash everyone off of your body as to feel lighter and more alive. Now for more understanding of this….

Our souls are already becoming more, without us trying. The trickling down of the old idea of responsibility is shifting so fast, it makes us put up our dukes! The old way of perceiving responsibility had to do with a sense of insecurity, without us even knowing it. We did “what we thought” we had to do to be the best we could. No doubt we did, and we were. However, this rebellion has a purpose and needs to be taken seriously. We are becoming more of who we are. The natural person you are is one who wants more joy, more fun, and more balance without effort. Heck, most people don’t even want to work the way they used to! This is a good sign, and there’s nothing “wrong” with you. Your attitude is playing havoc with the behavior in order to shift you back into the person you really are, and wants you to see the behavior for what it is. For example, a person who took a job many years ago in the health field decided to take that job to help people. Down deep, they hadn’t helped themselves yet… maybe they didn’t even know they needed to! But the job became routine and boring, and it might even overpowered the “caring” factor because the idea of doing something for others rather than yourself was now unacceptable.

The planet Saturn is going through an amazing solar storm right now. Saturn, in astrological terms, is about rigidity, structure, strength, endurance,and sometimes, inflexibility. Saturn plays a role in our field today because with this storm continuing to excel, is being thrown into a chaos of change. This effects us as well. Of course it isn’t the entire cause of change occurring, but this part of old structure and ideas based in old paradigms relates and vibrates to that.

It’s time for us to lighten up. Any situation in our pasts that have lead to too much effort, misguided ideas of work, or even too busy to see straight, must change. We no longer have to feel important by these old standards. We can feel lighter and more open as we “relax” our way into the future. Then we will become a more thoughtful, less stressed, and much more compassionate society as time continues to encourage our souls to a more advanced state of mind.

So our Souls Responsibility is to now realize that yes, we have the right to remain happy… in everything we do and everything we choose..

Here’s to our New and Improved awareness~~ Love and Blessings, * Mona *

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Soul Responsibility — 4 Comments

  1. Our Soul’s have another perspective of what “Responsibility” is all about. Just wait until the realization and awareness sets in, that we are all responsible for the thoughts in our heads, the way in which those thoughts are related together, as in, are any contradictions created during the process, and then there responsibility and accountability for the resultant peptide production of our hypothalamus, which most of us simply call our “feelings.

    Always embraces all ways. This means Life is all inclusive. Every moment is a Gift, a Present, and it doesn’t matter whether that moment is spent in joy or in suffering, we are still alive to enjoy that moment. I come along and ask the question:

    How much do we love life?

    Because most of us only Love half of it, our Love being limited and restricted to the “good” part, the “positive” part, the parts that make us “happy”.

    Much Wisdom can be gleaned through contemplating how actual and genuine substance of inner character is created. Understanding the understood, accepting the acceptable, and tolerating the tolerable are no great feats but to go beyond those limits, requires facing them.

    Decades ago, I too, ran around in a hyper state and what I’ve got to share is that the fuel and motive is nothing but fear and this fear is being caused by believing in limited Love. Expressing our Divine Perfection is reveled through our capacity to embrace Imperfection. The goal and purpose of the Light is to embrace that which lives in Darkness, not destroy it.

  2. Thank you for this great insight into what the heck is going on in my life. After 30 years of cooking for my family, I could not even find a recipe in my brain. I would just draw a blank. It surprised me…not that I was a great cook, I really don’t like to cook, but that I had no inclination to provide for my family. Thank god my grown son moved home and took over the cooking! I literally was bowing down to him everyday!

    This started in 2006. I have had many changes since then and one is being single(might have something to do with going on strike)I openly tell potential daters that I do not cook. I want to attract a cook into my life. I hope some day I do want to cook again,but maybe in a more balanced way where I do 50% of the cooking. Thanks again for sharing this with us.

  3. I have finally said no to any more working. I am helping my neighborhood with my garden. I am done with the rat race although I get a fight from my ego almost every day. I can attest that the energies have changed because I am not worried about my decision to leave the work force. What a relief it has been. I am no longer distracted by a job so I can see what needs to be done.

  4. I have to keep reminding myself that there are no “dust-bunny police” and that naps are necessary for ‘downloads’ and ‘upgrades’,but it has been a real challenge to not think I am wasting time. When you are 70…time here is a surprise every morning. Those of us who have been control freaks find this shift in energy uncomfortable…but a relief too!

    Thank you, your insight confirms and supports the mondo attitude adjustments happening in our galaxy! love your wisdom and look forward to them!

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