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Planet Alert July 2011

How many of you have read the Harry Potter books, or seen the movies? On July 14th the last movie will be in the theatres and broadcast to the world. It ends with the final battle between the light and dark. Isn’t that symbolic? I read the first book out of curiosity to see why the children were so engrossed in those books. When I started reading the books I thought to myself, oh my gosh, this is exactly what is happening in the world, Hollywood style, of course. I could hardly wait for the next book to come on the market to see what was next.

In the last book Harry, representing the light and Voldemort representing the dark have their final battle. In the book both sides start getting ready for the fight. The light is on one side and the dark is on the other side. When it comes time for Harry to face Voldemort directly, they both have their wands ready and the spell is finally cast. The energy from the wands stop in the middle, and the force goes back to Voldemort and he dies.  The dark destroys itself and the light wins. This is where we are right now in prophecy.

We all know that good and bad is just an illusion. We know that God is everything: the good, the bad, and the ugly and that there is no right or wrong, there are just lessons. With that said, we did come here to experience duality and this is the culmination of that cycle. We will be moving into the oneness energy, also called unity consciousness, by the end of October, 2011. Right now the energy from the ending of the Harry Potter series will be seen by millions, or maybe even billions of people. Will they understand the significance of this movie?

Now, what are the planets doing? We have the final eclipse of this series on July 1, 2011 at 1:54 AM PDT. This eclipse will activate Pluto, and the cardinal cross. This cross consists of Uranus in Aries, Sun and Moon in Cancer, Saturn in Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn. This cross will affect the whole world and will create a very intense fast moving energy. The energy from this eclipse will build until the full moon of July 14th or longer.

An eclipse in Cancer brings forth the Goddess energy.

This eclipse also aligns with Sirius, which is a very important star in our evolutionary experience. Isis, the Great Mother, embodied in the star Sirius, brought a spiraling, resonant harmony to the Earth, a pattern of Great Force in the atmospheric ether, that not only set time, but sought to shape matter as well, manifesting a natural aesthetic form called the Golden Ratio.

Now back to the planets. Pluto rules nuclear energy. A couple of days ago, when the Sun was conjunct Pluto, we became aware of the fire in Los Alamos, New Mexico. This fire is huge and burning close to the nuclear facility that is located there. Hopefully they will contain this fire before it reaches the facility. There is also a challenge with two nuclear plants that are located in Omaha, Nebraska along the Missouri River. One plant was shut down before the flood, and the other is still in use. What will be the outcome of these challenges? Will the controllers finally realize that it is time for another form of energy to come forth?

This eclipse will be on 9 degree Cancer which is the degree of history. It looks like historic events have already happened with the flood along the Missouri River, fires burning out of control in Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico, and probably in other places in the world. Volcanoes are erupting along with more earthquakes, storms and flooding. We are in the change; there is no doubt in my mind this is happening. We are finishing the ninth wave in the Mayan calendar and this is the Initiation by Fire, which is the final and last one on this level Earth.

In my last article I said it is soon time for our financial system to change. What appears negative can very well turn out positive. Today, June 29, 2011, I heard on the news that the lawsuit against the Bank of America was settled, and the people who lost their homes won. I think this is great news and a start in the right direction. Bank of America will have to pay 8.6 billion dollars to the people they harmed. Now, what will be the next change in the financial system?

I believe the most important thing in an astrology chart is the lunar nodes. When the north node was moving through Capricorn (which it did for a year and a half) we had many large earthquakes which destroyed many structures. We also had the housing bubble and the fall-out from that challenge. Capricorn rules corporations, houses, buildings, and governments, and it is an Earth sign. The north node was in Capricorn until March of 2011 and the south node was in Cancer (water) which rules the areas from the Mississippi River to the East Coast. China is the opposite side of the world that was also affected. There is a north and south node and each one rules a different part of the world.

Since March, 2011 the north node will be moving through the sign of Sagittarius, and this sign rules the banking system. It will be in that sign for a year and a half. This is why I say we will see a change in our banking system during this time period. Sagittarius is a fire sign and it rules lawyers, law suits, higher education, mountains, volcanic eruptions and fires.

The south node is in Gemini which rules the areas from the desert of the west coast like California to the Mississippi River and that is where most of the fires are now happening like Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico. The opposite side of the world is Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. Today there was a terrorist attack on a large hotel in Afghanistan. Those countries will be in the news as the node continues to move through Sagittarius. Mars is also moving through that sign and this is being experienced as violence in those countries, and fires in the United States.

Then we have the cardinal cross which is also being activated. At the time of this eclipse the Sun will be almost over Washington, D.C. That city corresponds to 13 degrees Cancer and the eclipse is on 9 degrees Cancer. The New Madrid fault corresponds to zero degrees Cancer, which is not too far away. With the Sun and Moon opposing Pluto I would look for more exposure of dark events coming to the surface.

During this eclipse Saturn will be in Libra making an exact square to the Sun and moon. Saturn is activating the countries of Libya, Greece, Italy, and Egypt and is bringing up karmic issues to be looked at and transformed. Uranus is in Aries and is activating the South Pacific Islands, and the area all the way up to Alaska. There have been lots of earthquakes in those areas. Pluto in Capricorn is dominant and will be causing more storms along the East Coast, particularly the SE states. Pluto will also bring to our attention challenges with nuclear power along with uncovering hidden information.

Remember, we are finishing up the 19th chapter of Revelation which is the war and violence that is occurring in the Middle East countries like Libya, Syria, Greece, Yemen, and Africa. The 20th chapter is the downfall of the controlling bankers which has started with the resignation of the head of the IMF, and now Bank of America has to pay billions of dollars to their customers. The 21st and 22 chapters talk about the new heaven and the new Earth. We are almost there.

It’s our job to hold peace in our hearts as the world goes through its great changes.  We also need to release any remaining fear we may still be holding onto in our energy field. Know that you are protected anywhere you might be on this beautiful planet. What an exciting time period we are living in. We, the light workers will see victory very soon.  I send love and light to all of you who are reading this article.      So Be It!

***** By Mahala with the help of Archangel Ariel *****


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Planet Alert July 2011 — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for the insights – helps one to better comprehend what is coming and to hld center through the storm.

    RE: banks – seems one could vote with their feet and choose another institution, such as credit unions, to do their banking. The CUs aren’t holding one to minimum balances, fees, etc. We do have choices – by voting NOT to allow the excess charges, that, too, may shift the balance in favor of the little guy. Just saying…baby steps count too.

  2. Mahala is right; the next change in the banking system has begun. It’s called Squeeze the Little Guy Even Further.

    Since Bank of America lost its case and has to pay 8.6 billion to the people it harmed, it is passing the damages on to its banking customers. As of July 23, it is no longer offering free checking and will start charging people $15 per month. While that doesn’t sound like much to many people, it imposes a hardship to the unemployed, the indigent and seniors on fixed incomes and other people facing hard times. It waives the fee if you maintain a minimum balance that is high for the working poor and average person. And it waives the fee if you have direct deposit but if you have that than you have a paycheck to count on in the first place.

    Yes, the fire has begun and we can’t wait to see these financial institutions go up in smoke.

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