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The Three Eclipses and the Summer Solstice

Well, we made it through the time tunnel last month. What a ride that was because of the intense energy waves that came to Earth. It sure pulled a lot of emotional stuff out of me that I thought I had released a long time ago. Did you make it through alright, or are you still feeling tired with body aches and pains? I think that part of the body pain has been from the intense solar energy we have recently experienced and from the collapse of our magnetosphere on June 4-5. Did you see the YouTube of the recent CME from the Sun on June7?  Awesome!

The June 1, 2011 solar eclipse brought us out of the time tunnel to start creating heaven on Earth. We are now starting, as a group, to create the New Earth that we chose to live on. The New Earth has been like a blank screen ready for us to manifest what we chose to experience. Maybe we will just wake up one day on the new Earth. This is why it is very important to think with your heart and not get caught up in fear (false evidence appearing real.) There are still many events that will transpire as we continue through the transformation of Mother Earth. Remember, if you have love in your heart you will be protected as the Earth continues to change.

I listened to Coast to Coast last night and there was a man on that program named Roger Tolces, who is a private investigator. He talked about how everything we do is monitored by our TV, computers, cell phones, GPS units and other things. Big brother knows everything we do. We all knew these times were coming and they are now here. This is why you have to raise above the vibration of fear and manifest love.

Roger Tolces also talked about the world financial system. He thinks there will be a financial fall soon. We have also known for a long time that this system needs to be transformed. It just doesn’t work for the benefit of humanity. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. This needs to be changed. A lot of people think this coming change will be very dramatic. I don’t perceive it that way. I think it has already been very difficult since January of 2008, when Pluto first moved into Capricorn, and started the transformation of world governments.

There has been a war going on for a long time between two different factions, or maybe more, of our present world government. There have been those who want total control of everyone, and there are those who have been working behind the scenes who desire a new financial system that will benefit the people. The two main factions that I am aware of are the world bankers and the Knights Templars.

The Templars are the ones who first started the banking system long ago. People thought they were wiped out and defeated when King Phillip massacred the majority of them on October 13, 1307. I believe there were some Templars who escaped and I think they came to the United States by boat, and have remained here to this day. I also think they escaped with a massive fortune. Have you seen the two movies ‘National Treasure’ with Nicholas Cage? I think there is a lot of truth in those movies.

I think there is more gold in the world than anyone can imagine, and I think the Templars have a lot of this gold.

The Templars were originally set up to guard the Holy Family and take care of the Grail lineage of light workers. I think there are many Templars in different governments around the world, and many in our government here in the United States. I believe they have been working behind the scenes to take down the controlling New World Order and to set up a new financial system.

I think it is soon time for our financial system to change. What appears negative can very well turn out positive.

Jupiter has just moved into Taurus. Jupiter is considered the abundant planet and Taurus rules money. It doesn’t make sense that this energy would bring a total crash of our economy, even though Jupiter is making an aspect to Pluto, which is the transformer. The way I look at it, I think we will be going through a transformation of the world financial system, which could happen soon. I don’t know exactly how this will work out, but I think it will end up being good, so don’t get caught in the fear if it appears negative at first.

The Templars are connected with the 13th sign of the zodiac called Ophiuchus/Asclepius. This sign has the symbol of a man/woman holding a serpent. The serpent is kundalini energy and those who are associated with this sign have a tremendous amount of kundalini energy. The caduceus is another symbol and represents our DNA. Asclepius is the sign of Goddess energy. This sign was taken out of the zodiac because the church wanted to create a male dominated society so they threw out the Goddess energy.

The symbol of the Templars is the skull and crossbones, which is the constellation on the head of the serpent. A lot of art work, or pictures of Mary Magdelene show a skull in her lap, which also connects to these constellations. Asclepius is connected with healing. Asclepius had a healing temple in ancient Greece where people would come to dream and be healed by their dreams. This temple is now located in Turkey. For more information on Asclepius check out and check out the archives.

I love how synchronicity works. Just yesterday I received an email from which contains a very interesting article. It says in this article “on the 15th of June 2011, the full moon will rise over Stonehenge in Total Lunar Eclipse. At that moment, powerful Lunar and Galactic Light Codes will recalibrate the Divine Feminine energies of the Snake Goddesses and the Platinum Ray energies of the Shekinah into the Stonehenge Time Code Frequency Cycles. The energy of the Great Cosmic Mother will bring the entire Henge back into Cosmic Balance”.

A crop circle appeared in Wilton Windmill a few days ago. It is a picture of a snake. Isn’t it interesting that the sacred land in England, which was the home of King Arthur and the Knights Templars, will be the spotlight for this upcoming lunar eclipse and Summer Solstice? The dark energy that took over that area and set up the Bank in England in London will now be overtaken by light energy from the Goddess and the Templars.

The eclipses are now in the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius, although the July 1st solar eclipse will be on nine degrees cancer. The first solar eclipse on June 1, 2011 is affecting the areas from the desert of California all the way across the United States to the Mississippi River. You can tell how that has worked out with the major fires in Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico, and the flooding along the Mississippi River, the flooding in Montana  and the flooding in North and South Dakota. The opposite side of the world is Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. There has been a lot of fighting going on in those countries.

The Cancer eclipse on July 1, 2011 will be close to Washington, D.C.  What will that bring? Nine degrees Cancer is a Historic degree. What historically will happen? This degree also rules money. The opposite side of the world is China which is having massive flooding right now. Maybe there will be some kind of financial event between Washington, D.C. and the Chinese government.

The Summer Solstice will be on June 21, 2011. The day before the solstice Mars will be on 29 degrees Taurus, which is where Alcyone is located. This means there will be another energy wave coming to Earth like there was when our Sun was conjunct Alcyone on May 21st. That energy wave totally knocked me out for two days. How will this energy from Mars affect us? Mars has been activating the Middle East for quite a while now stirring up lots of violence in that part of the world. Let’s tame that energy and use it for peace.

The Summer Solstice is always right over the New Madrid fault because that fault lines up with zero degrees Cancer. There is always the possibility of a quake there but the energy seems to be more towards storms and flooding. The moon will be in Pisces along with Chiron and Neptune. In fact the Sun and Neptune will make a perfect trine. There will be lots of emotional water energy coming in. Saturn will be in the house of money opposing Uranus in Aries which means there will be many financial issues that will arise this summer. It would be nice if everyone who wants to connect to this energy would do so and use it to create abundance for your self and the world. A new financial system is needed, and the time seems to be right for creating it.        So Be It! 

Written in love and light by Mahala Gayle with the help of Archangel Ariel, who is also known as The Dove.


The Three Eclipses and the Summer Solstice — 9 Comments

  1. Hi everyone,

    In answer to Sweets, Mr X, Aryelle, FE, Cindy, Pat, Mary, Heather.

    To: Sweet-welcome to the world of the Goddess-Ophiucus

    Mr X: Thank you for your response to my article. I believe there are both positive and negative Templars. You have done your research on the negative ones who are for the New World Order. There is another group of Templars, who are behind the scenes, who are for taking down the New World Order. My research has been focused on the beings who are working for the betterment of humanity. I guess we will see how it all works out.

    Aryelle: Greetings to the Galactic Federation-they are great!

    FE: I have not kept up on the dispute between the Philippines, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc. I will put that on my list of things to research.

    Cindy: You are right-the energy has been intense.

    Pat: Thank you for calling attention to my misspelling of the word Templar. I used the word check and it came up Templer and thought that was right. Then I looked at a book I have on the Templars and it is definitely spelled Templar.

    Mary: Hope your stomach problems are better.

    Heather: I have read some of David’s work. He is great, but there are only so many hours in a day so I don’t always have time to read other people’s stuff. Sometimes people send me emails about his work. I do try to read all my emails with interesting information in them.

  2. Sweet! This explains a lot. My sign is Ophiucus too (chusp of nov 21/22). And my whole life transformed….it started Jan.1.Its kinda like aligning the realities that do not suck to all around me.

    So far we’ve skipped many sucky things that “should’ve” happened. I just want some amazing balance.

  3. The Knights Templar… here to save our failing financial systems? For real, you believe this? I think not… Aren’t they tied in with the Illuminati, the Skull & Bones society, & the Free Masons (all members inbedded in the bilderburg group), all of who which are trying to enslave humanity through secrecy & deception?

    I don’t claim to know everything, but the research I have done tells me you might be on the side of the New World Order… They too are pushing a one world religion agenda as well as a one world government, a One World Financial system overhaul/transformation, and total control over humanity. Wake up, see the path you are traveling down and ask the infinite creator to guide you to the truth as he does for me through my spirit guides Archangel Michael (truth & justice) and Kuthumi (higher consciousness) communicated to my higherself (over-soul).

    Spirituality is the key to the times we live in, trusting in the infinite/divine creator in the path he has chosen for us to follow, going with the flow of universal harmonious energies and yes through our UNCONDITIONAL LOVE transform these times & energies int what some see as the “Golden Age”. We have to chose a side, as it were, either positive or negative, love or hate, move to the light, or into total darkness…. these times are to strengthen our spiritual understanding, our unity with all consciousness throughout the universe and understanding that connection to the divine within us all.

    I hope humanity see’s the path we are walking towards, and changes it for the better and not falling prey to the deception of the negative forces undermining the universe’s positive loving nature.


  4. This ties in so well with what the Galactic Federation of Light has been talking about for some time now. This message might be a lot longer than most but it is so relevant, I hope it all fits in here. Exciting Times!!! We are so fortunate to be alive at this time of transitioning into a more evolved species………..

    Sheldan Nidle’s Update from the Galactic Federation of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy: June 15 2011

    We return once again! Everywhere, our Earth allies are making progress. The Ascended Masters assure us that the new financial system is in place and the new monies are ready for distribution. We are busily assisting them in setting up the final pieces needed before the new governments make their first announcements. This operation runs parallel to the process that is manifesting the new central banks. Indeed, several of your major financial institutions are now no more than facades for the institutions slated to succeed them. In addition, the globe’s secret gold depositories have already allocated the funds that support the world’s new hard currency system; and the mass printing of new bills and the minting of new coinage is also complete. This money is being held in well-guarded, undisclosed facilities around the globe, and the people selected to distribute these funds are at present waiting for the final ‘go’ codes. The same applies to most of the new-government personnel. All that is left is for the divine right moment to occur.
    As we await this magic moment, our fleet personnel are carrying out the next steps in our disclosure scenario, one of which concerns our first post-disclosure broadcasts. Our communications team is revising what we intend to convey to you. You now want to know more about us, and so we are completing the presentation which will set the stage for our massive first contact with you. One of the main items will be to display the various technologies we intend to share with you, and another will be to give you a video introduction to your Inner Earth cousins, the Agarthans. The Agarthans intend to follow this introduction with a full explanation of who they are and to ask you for a formal recognition of their Inner Earth realm. They desire to teach you about your true origins and your true history. This knowledge is very different to what you now generally believe and hence, needs a clear and formal recognition of the Agarthans before it can be given to you. These events are only the first part of our initial interaction with you.
    The Agarthans are setting up a grand tour for the leaders of the various caretaker governments, which includes a demonstration of a comprehensive tableau of Earth’s early history (from Lemuria to the fall of Atlantis) and an explanation to each leader of the scenario envisioned for the initial cooperation between the Agarthans and each new surface government. It is important for the two parts of Gaia to be reunited. During the nearly 13 millennia that the two realms were apart, the dark reigned supreme over the surface. But with the return of the Light to the surface world, a grand reunion can take place, which is why we are giving the Agarthans this vital role in the first contact mission. On another front, the numerous secret societies that serve the Light are in a position to execute the final government transitions; indeed, these governments have begun to issue the orders that initiate the new global financial and currency system. This establishes the system’s formal legitimacy and permits our Earth allies to remove the dark cabal from power.
    Blessings! We are the Ascended Masters! In our last message, we described a means for you to regain full use of your Soul Force during this June solstice. This ceremony begins with your standard practice for reaching inside and communicating with your I Am Presence, which can be meditation, prayer, or even just creating a special time of peace that silences for a time the constant drone of your waking mind. Once this special connection is obtained, each person makes a personalized decree, evoking the return of this long-lost sovereign right. This process reclaims your Soul Force. Fully conscious, sovereign Beings have easy access to their manifesting powers, such as the ability to determine the type of society they live in. You are taking back this particular ability prior to your return to full consciousness, and this initial exercising of your sovereignty will be a big contributing factor in transforming the base conditions of your present world. Your collective action can anchor in peace, universal prosperity, and above all, full consciousness.
    Our primary mission is to raise the Earth plane to the Light. This task implies, by its very nature, that all of you can now manifest a fifth-dimensional reality. This new reality includes the realm of Agartha and reunion with the endless Orders, Administrations, and Life streams of Heaven. In short, the full breadth and wonder of Heaven are to be revealed to you, and in the process, you will discover who you truly are, spiritually, including your role in unfolding the divine plan. The present time is the transition period decreed long ago by the Creator, and we are reaching that miraculous point when the new reality manifests. So take this time of rising chaos in your stride, knowing that the immensity of spiritual and galactic humanity is fully behind you and in support of your endeavors. Go within and merge with Spirit. Recognize the journey you have so valiantly made and know deeply that your destination is in sight. You are very, very far from alone!
    This moment is filled with anticipation! Our associates have taken the tasks we gave them and are finishing them on time. Now we await the divine release given to us by Heaven. This is when your world suddenly veers toward the Light. We have alerted our associates that this time is at hand. Then, we require that a set of specific instructions presented to us by Heaven be publicly read out. These words may be shocking to many, yet their purpose is to prepare you for what is to come next. We intend to begin a series of special appearances and teachings, as we feel you need to know about what we collectively call the “first truths.” These teachings concern Love, true compassion, and the unity between all the diverse branches of humanity. The time has come for you to connect to each other and to your fellow humans across the vastness of physicality.
    This brings us to first contact and your return to full consciousness. We, your Ascended Masters, are completing a work that has taken thousands of us over 12.5 millennia to complete. This sacred mission is to transform the dark to Light, and hatred and division into Love and cooperation. What is transpiring on your world is marvelous to watch! Inspired groups are coming together to form both virtual and real networks that are transforming your societies. These little-reported activities are the grassroots beginnings on which our larger programs are based. You have shown us that these small beginnings can swiftly grow into the foundation for a galactic society. Our associates and we bless you for what you are doing and what you are about to do!
    Today, we talked about how you are speeding toward your great victory over the dark. We rejoice in the profound significance of what is happening around us. The dark realm is morphing by spewing out its great wheel of chaos, while your response has been to hold rock-steady in the Light. Now your well-deserved time of jubilation arrives! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
    For more from Planetary Activation Organisation: Click: PAO

  5. Hello, how do you think the position of the planets affect the dispute between my beloved Philippines, China, Vietnam, Malaysia etc. Hope you can give me some insight. Cause in case of force who we are against China. Seems like David and Goliath battle.Thanks.

  6. Thank you so much for your emails. They offer insight and support to me. The energies are so strong I have to lie down. I embrace them and say-Thank you-

  7. just asking-but isn’t the knights you speak of that were wiped out on friday the 13th–they are the knights TEMPLAR spelled with an a, not an e, if i am correct. thanks for the article–i can relate,my life has been extreem–pain, car burning up, my right leg overnight swelling to 3times it’s normal size–and still swollen over a month later–and people–my lord–today i thought hell itself had come to earth–all the jerks in my area were completely out of control–all i could think of all day was “beam me up Scottie” i don’t want to live in this evil world of evil totally out of control people!!!!

  8. Wow!!! These are exciting times. Do you already read the stuff from David Wilcock? His website is His approach is much more scientific, but if you do not already read his stuff, it would be amazing to see the similarities in both of your views.
    I am new to both you and David as my spiritual awakening is only been happening for a few months. I am a baby just learning as Moojii says. Anyway, thank You so much for your insight. It really helps a lot.

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