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Astrology Report For March 2011

By Dorene Carrel

March is highlighted by Uranus entering Aries and a powerful alignment of the Full Moon and Spring Equinox. Also in focus is a Jupiter/Saturn opposition in Aries/Libra and Mercury turning retrograde in Aries. The month begins with a predominance of introspective watery Pisces energy until the Equinox when fiery Aries gradually gains momentum.

The New Moon occurs on March 4 at 14 Pisces. Pisces themes include the mystical, spiritual, visionary and compassionate realms. The shadow side brings illusions, deception and escapism. The new beginnings here could involve clearing and releasing on inner levels so we can be fully ready for the future energy enhancements. This lunation is aligned with Mercury in Pisces, which suggests cultivating receptivity and sensitivity in our communications. How can we speak more from a heart-centered, compassionate place and less from a judgmental one? The Sabian Symbol for this degree suggests “the use of intelligence and mental subtlety as a protection against storms and trials.” Subtlety is a good Piscean word, as it can also refer to the ability to hear the subtle voice of one’s intuition as a guiding force.

Also on March 4, the lunar nodes will move from Capricorn-Cancer to Sagittarius-Gemini, where they will stay until August 2012. The North Node in Sagittarius will bring focus to living more from our higher visions and ideals, while the South Node in Gemini encourages us to be authentic in our communications and to look beyond the details to see the whole picture. This is a good combination for developing and using our right brain intuitive perception, which will be given more value in our culture.

On March 11 Uranus re-enters Aries where it will stay until March 2019. Uranus in fiery Aries will increase our sense of evolutionary change and the feeling that both time and events are speeding up even more. During this period it will also be easier to discover our own ability to create positive changes in our lives, instead of feeling a helpless victim of change. With more focus on personal freedom, there will be increased acceptance of unique expressions, ideas and approaches in all areas.

From March 15-18, a series of Mercury aspects to Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn will bring a focus to the areas of communications, education and local travel. March 15 will be a good day for creative expression and one may receive or act on an important opportunity. March 17-18 may bring some confusion in relationships, followed by a need for more patience or effort to bring resolution to a situation.

On March 19 the Full Moon occurs at 29 Virgo. This potent lunation aligns with Uranus, the lunar nodes and the Galactic Center. Virgo brings a focus to the health and work areas, along with the qualities of discernment, analysis, efficiency and pragmatism. It is time to open ourselves to new ideas, approaches and models for any challenges in these areas. Events occurring now will have far-reaching effects. The Sabian Symbols for this degree are “a seeker after occult knowledge reading an ancient scroll, which illuminates his mind” and “light breaking into many colors as it passes through a prism.” We can receive valuable guidance through ancient wisdom teachings, even as we travel into new territory.

The spring Equinox in Aries occurs the next day and is the beginning of the astrological New Year. On the next day, the sun aligns with Uranus in Aries, creating a powerful momentum for change and moving forward in all areas. Now we can be the change we want to see happen, instead of trying to change everyone else. Be prepared for some surprises this week. An alignment of Neptune and Ceres reminds us to take care of ourselves and be supportive to others as we all move through these times of change.

On March 28 Jupiter in Aries opposes Saturn in Libra for the third and final time. These two social planets are quite different in nature. The desire for greater freedom (Jupiter) is in opposition to the desire for safety and security (Saturn), and our task is to find a workable balance between the two. Saturn can also bring some needed grounding and structure for our aspirations and ideals. With a Sun/Pluto square also exact today, it is favorable to release what is no longer valid to one’s life.

Mercury turns stationary retrograde on March 30, traveling through Aries until April 23. This retrograde cycle is best for research and planning for actions to be taken later. As Aries tends to be impulsive, there may be more accidents and driving defensively is advised. It may be best to slow down our communications to avoid misunderstandings. During this period we will be looking at how we lead, initiate and follow our higher ideals. It is also a good time to develop and validate confidence in one’s judgments and abilities.

In April, Neptune enters Pisces and Mars aligns with the outer planets. Best wishes for a prosperous spring!

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Dorene Carrel is a professional astrologer with over thirty years of experience, offering birth chart, transits/progressions and relocation astrology readings. She is certified in Astrocartography. For more information, contact Dorene at Paypal accepted.

All references to Sabian symbols are from An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases, by Dane Rudhyar.

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