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Planet Alert March 2011

How have you been dealing with the intense energy we have been experiencing since the first of this year? Does it feel like the world has gone mad? Are you caught in the drama, or are you able to let go and let God. Are you able to manifest peace within? Are you staying in the vibration of love and joy?

A lot of things have manifested since the Winter Solstice. First we had a magnetic pole shift on Dec 21 -25, 2010 which activated the magnetic field and chaos. Then we had the activation of the Platinum Ray on January 19, 2011 which is pulling dark energy out into the light so people can see what has been going on behind the scenes. Then the Sun and Mars moved into Aquarius and activated the revolution in Tunisia and their government fell. Then the leadership of Egypt went down. Now there is a major revolution in Libya, and other Arab countries are also demonstrating.

We are also having our demonstrations here in the United States, particularly in the state of Wisconsin where the governor is trying to break the unions. Will this happen, or will the people win? There has been a major war going on between the Republicans and Democrats which has divided our country. United you stand, divided you fall. This division needs to be healed. If it is not, Mother Earth might just let the New Madrid quake happen, which could literally divide our country.

It looks to me like there is a tremendous cry for freedom all over the world. People are saying ‘we don’t want to be controlled anymore’. Enough is enough. I hear there is going to be a worldwide march, or gathering for freedom on March 6, 2011 at 12:00 noon, wherever you live. Join in if you choose to do so.

Right after that Uranus, the freedom planet, moves into the sign of Aries.

I also said in one of my recent articles that we finished a 26,000 year cycle of Capricorn at this past Winter Solstice. We are now totally in the golden age of Aquarius as of December 21, 2010. This Aquarian age started with much turmoil. The old has to go down so the new energy of freedom can come in. Unfortunately it is very turbulent as the old goes down. Capricorn rules governments, big business, structures, and control. All you have to do is look at the news and you can see that governments and their leaders are starting to fall. Uranus rules freedom and that is what people are gearing up for. The Indigos are leading the way and watch what comes out of this energy.

It’s best to watch this revolution in a detached compassionate manner instead of getting caught up in the trauma. This revolution was meant to happen. Without the people standing up and saying no more, nothing would happen. I know so many people who were glued to the TV as old Egypt went down. This was a major event. Egypt has been a very important country for a long time because there is a lot of ancient history there. The pyramids were built in that spot to hold the world together because of its location in the middle of the Earth. It was deactivated a long time ago and has just recently been reactivated. Light now flows from the top of the pyramids and goes around the world to activate other pyramids.

Then we have the Sphinx which has the body of a lion and the head of a woman. This was built to indicate the ending of another age which was the masculine age of Leo, the lion. We are now in the age of Virgo, the Virgin which is feminine energy. On June 7, 2010 there was a Mars/Regulus conjunction in the heavens on 0 degrees Virgo. This to me indicated the real beginning of the age of Virgo. During this past full moon on February 18, 2011 there were five planets in Aquarius in opposition to the moon on 29 degrees Leo which was basically conjunct the star Regulus. Then there was a 5.9 earthquake at the mouth of the Suez Canal on February 21, 2011. This was an indication to me that the sphinx was actually activated.

This moves us into zero point energy. We had to conquer the Lion evolution before we could manifest Christ Consciousness. This means that we need to think with our heart energy. I have also heard that now the Sphinx is activated we will be able to have open contact with our brothers and sisters in space. We had to be on a high enough frequency to be able to meet the light Beings face to face. This can now happen. As we went through the third and fourth dimensions there were lots of contacts with Beings who were not of the highest frequency. There was a war going on in space with lots of trauma and violence. Now that we are in fifth dimension energy, the dark will cease to exist for those who are vibrating on a higher frequency.

Did you see the White Horse Ghost rider that appeared on a video taken during the time of the Egyptian riots? The 19th chapter of Revelation talks about the appearance of the White Horse and white ships. Did you see the video of the white ship that hovered over the Dome of the Rock for all to see? Both of these videos are awesome. Here are the links; Dome of the Rock and Ghost horse and rider Egypt.

The end of the 19th chapter talks about war and violence. This is happening right now in the Arab countries. When the rioting and violence is over we will know that we have finished moving through that chapter. The 19th and 20th chapters are happening simultaneously. The 20th chapter is about the downfall of corrupt leaders. This has started, and this is where we are in prophecy. Then we will experience the 21st and 22nd chapters, which are all about living on the New Heaven and the New Earth. Sounds good to me!

With the rioting in the Arab countries a lot of energy has been stirred up. Because we are all one we also feel what is occurring in those countries. This is why so many of us have been in trauma. We feel the trauma, the pain, the sickness, and the cries for help not only from those in the riots but also from those who find themselves in earthquakes, storms, volcanic eruptions, and floods. It’s time to be compassionate observers.

The Sun is now moving through the water sign Pisces, along with the planet Mars. Pisces rules the oceans, ships, fish, gas, gasoline, oil, floods, storms, and Mars brings a lot of energy to that sign. When Mars went into Pisces the people on the ship the pirates captured were killed. This is an example of the energy that is in effect right now. Then we saw the price of oil go up, along with the price of gasoline.

Pisces is a very emotional sign. Many people are having old emotions come up from the past that need to be looked at and released. Emotions dominate our cellular memory. Detach gracefully from the old emotions and free yourself so you can enter your new life. We’ve been releasing lots of stuff since the Winter Solstice in preparation for the Spring Equinox. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac before we move into the sign of Aries, which always brings us new beginnings.

The moon’s node is now in Sagittarius, and lined up with the Galactic Center. The affects are being felt in the states that are on both sides of the New Madrid fault, Wisconsin being one of them. Note the major snow storm that just came across those states. Sagittarius also rules the banking system. This system will have to transform or die because it is too corrupt. The node will be in Sagittarius for the next year and a half.

Then on March 9th we will have the beginning of the ninth wave, which will put everything into warp speed. On March 11th Uranus will move into the fire sign Aries. We will then be in a seven year cycle of fire.

The Jewish holiday of Purim is on March 20th this year which is on the same day as the Spring Equinox. Purim is the celebration of the Children of Israel (the whole 12 tribes) attaining their freedom.

This is the time we have been waiting for all these years. Release any fear you may still carry. FEAR equals False Energy Appearing Real. Love is letting go of fear. Love is the glue that holds the universe together. Yes, there will be more earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, storms and tidal waves. Mother Earth is cleansing herself because she is very polluted, and she is preparing herself for Ascension. Hold onto your hat and fasten your seat belts because you haven’t seen anything yet. Enjoy the ride. So Be It!

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Planet Alert March 2011 — 2 Comments

  1. Hello Mahala,
    We live in New Zealand. I was wondering if the Earthquakes in Christchurch and Japan are something to do with Haarp?

    I always look forward to your news letter.
    Kindest Regards, Maureen Burns

  2. I asked this once before and am submitting yet again. The Question comes from a friend.

    I had a question maybe you can ask the contact office for this web site. I couldn’t locate it and don’t have time to search but if you can..ask how the 26,000 year cycle ended in comparison to the 24,000 cycle described in Paramahansa Yogananda’s writings regarding the Kali Yuga and that we are entering the 400 year period of the electrical age..thanks when you can.

    Thank you.

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