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The Star of David Eclipse

Enjoy the beauty of our Sun during a solar eclipse. Watch this video of The Star of David appearing  in the heavens.

Wasn’t that amazing?

I wanted you to see the true meaning of the Star of David, so I searched on YouTube and found another video called the Star of David decoded. Here is a link to that video.

(admin: hi, Dave here. For anyone new to viewing video links on YouTube, the act of placing a link on this site  allows them the opportunity to display videos they want you to see after this one is over. If you’re not interested in what they want you to see, just ignore their options.)


The Star of David Eclipse — 2 Comments

  1. new to your site, I watched the Star of David video for the first time, and the second , and the third, and, and, and… the godbumps may not go down…ever, and my heart feels like it’s bursting out…
    Thank you, thank you

  2. AMAZING!! I was reading about the Merkaba being such a great healing tool and how to use it in a visual healing late last night. Then I had a dream, this morning, about a Solar Eclipse happening wherever I was and it was not a scheduled one. It just happened. People in my dream were wondering what was going on. So then, now, I check my e-mail and see your site had sent me the Astrology Report for February, which I have already been feeling this energy (started yesterday). I click on your blog about The Star of David Solar Eclipse and well, how incredible it is. There is NO COINCIDENCES, only SIGNS from Creator!! Thank you so much for sending this to me. For some reason, I get these every so often…I was supposed to get this one.

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