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“The Future is NOT what it used to be!” Tom Kenyon

Guest article by Mona Klinger.

A couple of months ago, an email came to me about this man named Tom Kenyon. It said he was holding a workshop in Seattle over Halloween. This workshop was one of the most intruiging things I’ve seen come across my computer ever!!

Tom Kenyon is a very special individual. He is a scientist at heart, yet he has had an awesome task given to him by a group of beings, named the Hathors. I usually delete things that I see immediatly that do not hold much water for me in general, however, I was so fascinated with this one, I actually signed up. I kept feeling nudged to keep reading it as well. He said that “the time had come” to open the Halls of Amenti.” He was going to activate the groups energy and “third eye” through channeled SOUNDS. As we were releasing and opening to higher awareness through this toning, we would be clearing out old memories, thought form, past life patterns, etc. The whole thing was up to us to agree to of course, but the more we allowed, the more he said would benefit us for this exciting event.

So, my friend Mahala and I attended. Read more…

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