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Thoughts on Being an Empath

What is an Empath? Are you an Empath? Empaths are people who pick up the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of other people. Sometimes they think these emotions are their own and they claim being angry, depressed, or sad, when in reality they have just picked up that emotion from someone else.

How can you tell if an emotion is your own or someone else’s? Sometimes it takes a long time to figure out whose emotion you are feeling. Then you have to learn how to run that energy through your body and release it into the light. This can be a challenging process at times.

How can you keep from picking up other people’s feelings? How do you set up emotional boundaries? What is the process? I’ve always surrounded myself with the golden light and that helps, but I still tend to pick up people’s feelings and accept them as my own, so maybe it’s time to add the electric blue light of protection from Archangel Michael. I think the blue light will protect you from other people’s thoughts.

I think that many empaths are on a high frequency which causes them to attract other people’s stuff. The earth has been a very rough place to live for such  gentle people. Now that the frequency of earth is rising, I think it will be easier for empaths to operate here on earth. The cry of the empath has been – I want to go home, let me out of this mad house. Let me live in a peaceful environment.

How do you create what you choose to experience if you are picking up someone else’s energy and creating from that basis?  I think we need to set up emotional boundaries and declare our own power. We also need to take control of our emotional body and let it know who is in charge. Is it love or fear? Love is a soft gentle energy.

We came here to help the earth and the people on it ascend to a higher vibration and now it’s time to stand in our own power. Empaths came to walk softly on this beautiful earth and to spread love wherever they go. Do you have any idea how much that energy has been needed on earth?

The Indigo children came to earth first to break down old belief systems. Now the Crystal children are here and it’s time for them to start their process of healing the earth. The Crystals are called the children of love.

The older Crystal empaths have held the energy for these beautiful Crystal children. These children are the ones who will bring peace to this earth plane. It may take awhile, but it will happen.

I’ve been thinking about how we create what we choose to experience. It appears to me that creation is three fold in manifestation. The triple circle feminine magnetic energy is the basis for creation. This three fold manifestation is thought (male), feelings (female) and emotion (creation.)

I am (male), I feel (female), happy (creation.)

I feel abundant.

I feel sad.

I feel healthy.

I feel sick.

E – motion is energy in motion.

We create through our feelings, which are feminine. It’s best to create when you are feeling happy or who knows what you will create. It’s also best to create with your conscious mind, not your subconscious mind. Who knows what thoughts your subconscious mind might hold?

We have three minds – our conscious mind, our subconscious mind, and our higher conscious mind. One is in our head (thought-conscious), one in our heart (feelings-higher consciousness) and one in our gut (emotions-subconscious.) When we learn to blend these three minds together and think with our heart, we will be able to create what we choose to experience.

There are many realities occurring simultaneously, which can be very confusing. Your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are the deciding factor in which reality you manifest in your life. Which reality do you choose to experience – one of love or one of chaos?  It’s your choice! So Be It!

I send you my love.


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Thoughts on Being an Empath — 7 Comments

  1. I have been an empath all my life, 60 yrs, and its no easy task. As a tiny tot I learned not to trust people as I would hear their thoughts then ask a question only to be told that was NOT what they were thinking! They weren’t — it was the unconscious mind I so easily heard but from a toddlers point of view I thought everyone lied not realizing they did not know 90% of their own thoughts. Not only did I hear very clearly their thoughts, I also felt them and learned very young to go into the forest and sit beneath a tree to clear the energy. It works wonderfully, as well as hugging a tree snd walking barefoot so you seldom(even today) see me with shoes on! My saving grace was that I maintained dimensional vision upon birth so I had my guardians guiding and training me even at that young age. Tree, forests, nature, barefoot work phenomenally, also water, swimming, showering.

    Gabriel is my doorkeeper, Michael a guardian so I have been blessed with exquisite training as well as their friendship. Without them I wouldn’t still be on this planet today. One of the easiest commands they taught me young was to simply state “if this is not of me, take it from me”. It works impeccably. If it does not leave, it is ‘of you’ meaning you have a thoughtform or energetic of like kind within that is surfacing to be recognized and released. Therein you command, “if this is of me, take it from me”. You may have to work with the thoughtform or energetic (emotion) if you are not ready to release it but at least you will have awareness of it.

    Their guidance at this period of time as your vibration heightens, is to call Michael forward or the blueray to create a sphere of protection around you. Command this protection and that all lower vibrational energies that come into the field of this sphere are instantly transmuted through the blueray or the violet ray. The higher your vibration and light the further your field reaches out into the world. Thus it feel like walking through murk and muck if you do not have this protection around you so you will, believe me, learn to remember to call it in before you ever leave your home.

    The Angels are around all of you, they are there to help. Call on them, they love the acknowledgement and are awaiting your call.

    The Highest Blessings to each and everyone of you await…

  2. This reply is for LeAnn. Leann if you see this I am interested in learning the technique you stated you could share for Empath.

  3. I have often heard my Spiritual Teacher say that “Light Bearers” are garbage collectors and that’s exactly what it feels like sometimes. In my personal experience I have a few techniques that I’ve found to be very effective & very rapid in clearing out whatever negativity I’ve collected. I would be happy to share if anyone is interested. Doing what I call “spiritual bypass” doesn’t clear it.

  4. Thank you so much for this clarity…may I ask > as an empath there are times that I find it somewhat harder to differinciate between the 3minds as energies are fluxuating so very quickly now and what I would like to know if you could guide/advize me when I feel overwhelmed in one area, how to bring things into balance consciously…like a loving command or mantra or breathing technique.

    When I have to go into areas outside of my home, I walk through the energies that others have left behind, as well as from the people around me…I have been leaving a trail of Light wherever I go to transmute any negativity, yet sometimes they hichhike back with me…even though I know I AM protected and use St. Germains Violet flame quite often and a pillar of Golden Light is constant wherever I AM there can be confussion as to what’s Mine…I believe in the ONENESS of all that is, yet I AM choosing to stay focused on my own personal progression to Ascention and find these distractions not only time consuming, but even sometimes annoying..

    My apologies for carrying on, it’s just that there are very few whom give your kind of guidance with whom I can share this with around me.
    Many Blessings Upon Your Heart

  5. So true. I draw the ultra-blue-white God light & “run the energies, earth from below & cosmic, from above” for protection. When I soak up negative energy from others or from electromagnetic emissions, I still feel the effects,especially doing intuitive healing where I scan internal areas of the body. That’s when I found that,rather than dispersing it, it is so much more effective to TRANSMUTE it into pinkish-mauve light with sparklies. And send & surround the person with their OWN TRANSMUTED energy. Powerful!

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