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Planet Alert October 2010

We are in October already and fast approaching the end of 2010. The trees are starting to turn different colors and fall is in the air. I love the beauty of this season. The Sun is moving through the sign of Libra and was conjunct Saturn on September 30, 2010. Saturn has been in the sign of Libra since July of 2010, although this conjunction of the Sun with Saturn will really activate the energy of Saturn in Libra, This energy will be in effect for about two and a half years.

I watched a program on CNN Saturday night called, “What the Pope knew.” It looks like the Child Abuse issues are coming to the foreground to be looked at again. The Pope is being sued by a man who says he was abused by a priest and nothing was done to stop it. This is what I have been expecting to surface as Saturn moves through Libra because Saturn is the stern judge and that sign rules lawyers, judges, lawsuits, courts of law, and anything concerning the justice system.

What you put out comes back to you and the Catholic Church has gotten away with a lot of things that are now surfacing to be looked at and to wake people up to the fact that they have been controlled for a long time. We are in the time period of the downfall of the controllers. Anyone or anything that controls, or tries to control, will have challenges during this cycle, like the minister of a mega church who is being accused of sexual misconduct and is being sued for it. Lots of lawsuits will be occurring during this cycle. The sign of Libra also rules relationships, the arts, clothing, beauty parlors, flowers, social gatherings, and the kidneys.

Then we are in the cycle of the transformation of governments and the business world, which has gone on since the economy started crashing in September of 2008. This is a normal process with Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto rules birth, death, or transformation, and Capricorn rules all structure like governments, corporations, office buildings, and houses. Look at how many structures have been destroyed by earthquakes, storms, flooding, and volcanic eruptions in just the past year. My heart goes out to all the people who have lost their homes for one reason or another and to all the people who are unemployed. That is such a hard lesson to go through, although it also gives many people the opportunity to re-create their life. Many new businesses are springing up everywhere.

Then we have the political war that is going on in the United States. I have never seen such dissension between the Republicans and the Democrats. Have people gone crazy? Don’t they realize that they don’t get anywhere by fighting? Nothing is accomplished, and the war goes on. I guess the revolution comes before the change. It is said that out of chaos comes a new creation. Everything has to come out into the open until people can’t stand it anymore and decide to work together. How can there be peace in the world when there is so much fighting and arguing going on in the public eye. Where is Camelot?

The higher the frequency gets on Earth, the crazier people seem to become. This is a natural process of ascension. Did you know that one of the Nostradamus prophecies was that the King of Terror would arrive in July of 1999? I was thinking about that and realized this was when George Bush first appeared on the world stage. Wasn’t he the King of Terror? Didn’t he bomb Iraq for no reason? Wasn’t that proven to be a war on false pretenses? Didn’t he promote the terrorist war which is still ongoing? Incidentally, didn’t that war go on for seven years just as prophesied in the Bible? It started in March of 2003 and lasted until August of 2010. Isn’t it time to wake up? Get over the fighting and back biting, let’s work together and have Peace on Earth? Let there be peace on Earth and let it began with me.

A great door opened in mid September. Let’s walk into that love energy and start walking our talk. We have until November 2, 2010 to get our act together. This is when the node will be conjunct Pluto and who knows what will happen at that time. This is also when we move into the seventh day of the Mayan Calendar and it is also Election Day. Let’s pray for the highest and best good for all in this election and hope that people make wise choices. Another question: do we need to be ruled by someone? Aren’t we capable of ruling our own life? What would it be like if we all did our own thing? There is only one rule in this Universe and that is Cause and Effect. What you do to another comes back to you. It’s as simple as that. Jesus gave us one commandment and that is to love one another. Unconditional love is the answer. Think with your heart.

I think great things are on the agenda for the New Earth. Let’s all move into that energy and get out of this negative cycle. Fighting and arguing are not part of the New Earth. There may be disagreements but they will be talked through peacefully. Great art and music can come forward in this Saturn in Libra cycle. I think there are great artists from the past who have come back to re-create more beautiful manifestations, and musicians who will bring us beautiful new music. Maybe they will include the new tone that is now on Earth.

It’s my understanding that when a planet exploded in our solar system a long time ago it left our system unbalanced. The missing note, according to a friend of mine, is E#. This note corresponds to the Leo constellation, which is the fifth sign of the zodiac. There were many people working from the higher levels to heal the energy of the missing note, and balance our solar system. It’s my understanding the Leo constellation has been healed. I believe it was healed by July of 1991 when there was a total eclipse of the sun over Mexico City, and this is when we moved into the Sixth Sun. This is when we moved from the sign of Leo into Virgo, the Virgin. This is the sixth sign of the zodiac and rules the manifestation of love. The frequency of love is 528 hertz which equals 15/6. Regulus will be going through the sign of Virgo for the next 2,160 years.

When I asked my guidance about the cycles we were going through, they told me they measured the cycles a little differently then we did here on Earth. They measure the 2,160 year cycle that we just completed by the star Regulus, the royal star of the lion, moving through the different signs. Regulus just moved through the sign of Leo. Jesus came here as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah (Leo) to bring us the understanding of love. Leo also rules the heart and the heart brain is where our thoughts are suppose to come from. When more people start thinking with their hearts you will see a total transformation on Earth.

The most important event to look for in October is Halloween. This is the ancient celebration of our Creator Goddess who the Hopi call Spider woman. This is why spiders are used for decoration on that holiday. The veil is very thin at this time of year and it is very easy to see into other dimensions, thus the symbol of ghosts is also used to decorate this holiday season. November 1st is All Saints Day and November 2nd is all souls day. It’s a good day to start a Mayan New Year.

Many people listen to the doom and gloom that is out there and become very fearful. Everyone has their own reality and they are free to choose what they want to experience. However, that is not my reality. I choose to be happy, healthy and full of the love. We live in an illusion anyway which was created by mass consciousness. Isn’t it time to step out of that illusion and create a new one? So Be It!

I send you my love!

***** Mahala Gayle *****


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Planet Alert October 2010 — 4 Comments

  1. Hey Matthew … see, its true. E# is missing as you can’t find it!

    All kidding aside, just as there are colors of the spectrum that our eyes cannot see, there are tones beyond the conventional scale. E# will be heard when our brains and awareness evolve enough to detect it.

  2. And how many people know that song, “Let There be Peace on Earth” and let it begin with me. Let there be peace on earth, the peace that was meant to be. For God is my Father, brothers all are we. Let me walk with my brother in peace and harmony…..

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