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Events Mentioned in my May Planet Alert

In my last article I said that Europe would be experiencing great financial difficulties and that this would be triggered by the opposition of Jupiter and Saturn which causes legal, business, financial, and professional problems. The Euro has been in trouble for quite some time. Actually the financial problem is world wide. I also said that by the full moon of May 27, Jupiter and Saturn will be in exact opposition so financial dealings will probably come to a head by that time. For the past week the United States Stock Market has been falling. Today, May 26, it fell below 10,000 K. The financial crisis continues in Europe.

I was concerned about the Pacific Northwest as the Sun and planets moved over our area. There were eight earthquakes off the Oregon coast measuring 4 to 5.1 magnitudes in the period of two weeks. These quakes were in the ocean just off Portland. Then there was a 4.5 quake in the Vancouver Island region. I’m glad they were off the coast and not on the mainland, although there was a small quake close to Carnation yesterday.

I also said that after the planets crossed the Pacific Northwest the Sun would move into Gemini and then California and Mexico will be under pressure. I just heard today that the United States is sending 1200 National Guard troops to the US/Mexican border to help control the violence there.

Jupiter is in the water sign Pisces and this planet ruled the last new moon, which was May 13, and the Dreamspell glyph was over Japan/Korea. Today’s’ news says that Hillary Clinton just came back from talks with South Korea about the bombing by North Korea of a South Korean ship in March of 2010. Looks like things are heating up in that area. Is a new war brewing?

Then I mentioned Mars and how it would probably stir up violence in the Middle East and possibly the Gulf of Aden. Right after I wrote that information there was major violence in Iraq, which was the largest violence experienced in a long time. Now they are doing a series on TV News about Somalia, which is on the Gulf of Aden and they mentioned this is the most dangerous country in the world for violence. There is constant war there and they have a new Terrorist Leader, who is from the United States. He is recruiting men from the United States to be trained as terrorists. This is not good. The United States is going to send more troops to Somalia to help calm things down, hopefully.

Then we have the ongoing oil spill which has been very detrimental to the ocean and wild life. Pluto, which rules oil is still over the Mexican Gulf and will probably continue to cause challenges in that area. The states that will be affected are the ones along the coast which includes Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, and other surrounding states. Oil is considered the blood of Mother Earth, and she is hemorrhaging.

What will June bring? I am just writing my next article.

*****Mahala Gayle*****


Events Mentioned in my May Planet Alert — 3 Comments

  1. Just to thank you for the web site. I will link it to mine. I’ve been following your monthly articles for about 3 years now and find that they are confirmation to what I get in my meditations – and that is always helpful. Thanks again, Prissy Hamilton

  2. Mahala, Thanks so much. I am trying to remember what “null zone” is—will that be a magnetic reversal? If you addressed this is an archive, could you please tell me which one? Blessings, Margie

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