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Planet Alert for November 2009

Halloween has come and gone. I planned on writing my article sooner but I had computer problems. The veil is very thin around Earth at this time of year because this holiday lines up with a black hole on seven degrees Scorpio. Every year this doorway to the stars opens and we have closer contact with those on the other side of the veil. This doorway stays open for a few days as we celebrate All Saints Day on November 1 and All Souls Day on November 2, which is also the full moon of this month.

The 13th sign of the zodiac is called Asclepius and is visible this time of year. If you look at a map of the elliptic you will see that the man/woman holding the snake has one foot on the elliptic at the time of Halloween and the second foot between November 30 to December 16 when a solar wind comes to Earth from that sign.

The Hopi celebrate Spider Woman as their creator Goddess. This is why Halloween has the symbol of a spider. The true meaning of Halloween has been hidden. It is actually the holiday celebrating our creator Goddess, Spider Woman. The pumpkin of course represents the Harvest. In the story of Cinderella, it represents the changing of a woman from rags to riches and Cinderella becomes a beautiful shining light. This is what is upon us right now for those who are ready. They are about to turn into beautiful beacons of light.

I received an email of a channeling from Metatron by Lauren C. Gorgo which said “In the light of the next full moon (November 2) there will be a changing of the guard. This change will commence as a result of new galactic and interstellar alignments that will precede the entrance of a new cycle,” There is a major alignment in force right now as I am writing this article. The planet Saturn has moved out of Virgo into Libra and is on one degree Libra at this time. Pluto on 1 degree Capricorn makes a perfect 90 degree angle to Saturn. Pluto square Saturn brings up challenges with economic, political, and professional power struggles. This is the time corruption and dishonesty will come to the foreground. Any attempts to use dishonorable means to obtain personal advantage can result in damage to a person’s career or reputation. Much stuff will surface to be looked at and released.

At this time Saturn lines up with a black hole in space that holds twenty-seven galaxies in place, which includes the Milky Way. This is a huge black hole (great great central sun) and it focuses into England and the holy land of Glastonbury. Have you read the book “The Mists of Avalon?” When things got too bad on Earth, Avalon disappeared into the mist, or went into a higher dimension. Haven’t you wondered why the Da Vinci Code and the Holy Grail became so popular on Earth? It’s because France, England, and Scotland were the lands of the Holy family and Goddess energy. It was considered Camelot, the place of higher teachings. It was considered very holy because of all the energy pouring into the sacred sites from the great great central sun. Most of the crop circles appear in that area because of the energy that is focused there.

Unfortunately, the dark side took over that area and placed The World Bank in London, a military base close by, and cameras all over England to spy on the people. This control is about to change because of the planetary alignment that is taking place right now. The controllers are in for a surprise because they are about to go down fast. Saturn rules structures and control and Pluto rules transformation.

I took my two younger grandchildren to see the latest Harry Potter Movie. The setting for this movie is England. I found it very interesting. I read most of the books a while ago to see what the attraction was in those books that made them such a huge best seller. I didn’t read the 7th book until after I saw the movie. This book mirrors what is going on right now. It is about the war between the light and the dark and the final scene is where one group (the light beings) say, enough is enough and start fighting the dark ones with their magic wands. The dark lord has taken over the town and the school and it is totally under his control. Then the light ones decide they have had enough and start to fight. The battle goes on but the outcome is up to Harry Potter. He has to stand up to the dark lord and face him face to face. Harry decides that he will stand in his power of love and when they come face to face they both send their power at each other and the energy sent by the dark Lord goes back to him and he is destroyed. Then all the people get to live in peace and harmony. Negativity destroys itself. We do not need to fight. We need to stand in our power.

Let’s go back to the changing of the guard. Maybe this means that from this time forward there will be balance between male and female energy. In other words we will learn how to balance our brains so we can become neutral and that is where the power is. Won’t that be nice? Libra does rule balance, and Aries, the opposite sign rules the brain. Our brains are being rewired right now and our brain centers are being activated. We can help with this activation by using pure oils in aromatherapy. The smells go into our Limbic system and from there activate the Amgydala part of the brain and the Pineal gland. If you know someone who works with the living oils you could ask them which ones to use. When our Amygdala is activated, we will be able to connect with our own Divinity. In other words we will be able to manifest Christ Consciousness.

I receive many emails that I consider negative that portray a very dark future for mankind. I know what is going on in our world but the dark is about to crumble because the planets say so. The dark is holding on real tight and sending out lots of scare tactics to bring us off balance. This is the time when we really need to keep our balance within and to hold the light. Don’t get caught in the negativity. I know that is hard to do if you have lost your job, have no money, and cannot see a way out of your dilemma. It’s very hard to stay centered when something like that is going on in your life. Something we could do is send love and light to our leaders instead of criticizing them and then watch what happens. We might be pleasantly surprised.

We are about to enter the Sixth night in the Mayan Calendar on November 8, 2009. Carl Callaman says in his recent article that we will, in this coming night, be witnessing the most significant transformation of consciousness ever in the history of mankind. I like that! He also says that the birth will be very traumatic. We also have the 11-11-11 this month, which is a major opening to higher consciousness.

I’m concerned about the energy coming in this full moon, and around the time of the New Moon on November 16, 2009. At that time the Sun, Moon, and Mercury will be over the West Coast in a water sign, and Pluto is square Saturn in Earth and Air signs. This means there could be a large earthquake in the Pacific Ocean that causes a tidal wave on the coast. The asteroid Nemesis is on 3 degrees Cancer in almost exact opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. Nemesis tends to stir things up a bit. Maybe we could send some light to disperse some of that energy. I have a feeling a large event is on the horizon.

I live on a hill in Seattle but the valley down the hill from me is in danger of flooding. The Howard Hansen Dam, that holds back the water in the Green River, was damaged in the flood we had here this past January. It has not been fixed and they say it will take a few years to repair the dam. There are 30,000 people in this valley that would be in danger if a flood came. I’ve been seeing the dam surrounded in the White Christ Light. The White Christ Light contains all colors in balance, and is also the color of Goddess light. It is a beautiful shimmering white light with gold and silver specks in it. I would appreciate some help in keeping that dam in the light during the rainy season.

We do live in interesting times. I don’t remember anyone saying the Ascension process would be this hard. I guess the outcome will be worth the trauma we have all gone through. Hang in there because we are in the home stretch. I look forward to the New Earth as promised in the Book of Revelation. Focus on the larger picture, not on all the negativity that is out there right now. It’s always darkest before the dawn. Manifest peace and love in your heart and stand in your power. All is well in my world! So Be It! I send you my love.

                                               Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

                                               *****Mahala Gayle *****


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