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Planet Alert for October 2009

Today is October 1, and we are a couple of days away from the full moon. I think the energy from this full moon has already happened with the flooding in Georgia, the Typhoon in the Philippines, the 8.3 earthquake and tsunami in Samoa on September 29, and the 7.6 quake in Sumatra on September 30. All of those events were devastating to the people who experienced that energy. My heart goes out to those people.

The darkness from the total solar eclipse on July 21, 2009 was over India, Southern China, and the South Pacific. Eclipses set up events that happen at the time of the eclipse, like the Typhoon in southern China on July 19, and events that transpire later as a planet triggers that point in space. The trigger for the South Pacific events was the moon’s node in Capricorn opposing that eclipse degree over the area of darkness, which was the South Pacific. The Sun was in Libra which activated Samoa. I also believe that the close approach of Planet X is affecting the core of our planet which causes weird weather and earth changes.

It’s my understanding that Planet X is bringing space debris with it as witnessed by the objects that hit Jupiter and one ring of Saturn. It’s also my understanding that the Earth has guardians that look after this planet and they will not let this Earth be destroyed by a comet, nuclear war, or any other way. The Earth changes will continue, and if some country tries to start a nuclear war I think the guardians will interfere and stop it. We have been in a weather war for years and this has been allowed because the Earth needs to be cleansed and that is why all the storms and floods are occurring. Mother Earth is taking a very long bath.

Uranus is still in the water sign Pisces. Uranus (the planet of change) went into that sign shortly before the tsunami in Sumatra on December 26, 2004 which I believe started the seven years of tribulation. Uranus will be in that water sign until May of 2010, then it will move into Aries for 3 months until August 13, 2010. After that it will retrograde back into Pisces until March 12, 2011. At that time it will move into the fire sign Aries for seven years. This means there will be more storms and flooding until March of 2011. The Bible says that at the end times there will be floods. That sure has been happening.

In my August article I had written that Pluto, along with the moon’s node, is now in the sign of Capricorn. This sign rules the death of the old way of doing things and the birth of the new. Capricorn rules structures of all kinds like houses, buildings, apartments, governments, businesses, banks, and bridges. It also rules earthquakes which could be what causes structures to fall. This sure happened in those earthquakes, and also the tsunami and floods. The moon’s node will be in Capricorn for one and a half years. This means there will be many earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and a total change in our form of government during this time period.

An astrologer friend of mine told me a long time ago to pay attention to the day that Mercury turns retrograde or direct because chances are there will be earth events. Well, Mercury turned direct on September 29 when the quake in Samoa happened. It’s also interesting that our Messenger spacecraft flew by Mercury only 142 miles from the planet’s surface on that day. The object of the fly-by is to investigate Mercury’s hyperactive space weather. Mercury’s magnetic field is buffeted by solar wind as much as fifteen times stronger than the solar wind we experience on Earth.

During an earlier fly-by Messenger encountered magnetic tornadoes – twisted bundles of magnetic fields connecting Mercury to interplanetary space. The twisters are formed by explosive magnetic reconnection events at the solar wind-magnetic field boundary. I wonder what kind of information they got from this fly-by. Mercury must send out lots of magnetic energy when it turns, or appears to go retrograde from Earth. This last retrograde period was a challenge.

I had been expecting some major events to happen in September as the node triggered this past solar eclipse. Mars will be triggering the solar eclipse the second week of October. This could bring some more major Earth events. I think it will also affect our financial system. Mars was activating Pittsburgh when the G20 meeting took place. They said after the meeting that they had solved our financial crisis. I believe they did, although we have not heard the outcome yet. It’s my understanding that all of the gold the Templers have been holding onto for all these years was divided among those 20 countries. I also believe that organization will be our new governing system and the Federal Reserve Bank and all of their connections will be gone, or dissolved in the not to distant future. I think we have a very exciting future in front of us.

The planet Mars is on the ascendant of this full moon chart. Mars will be on 23 degrees Cancer, Mercury will be on 23 degrees Virgo, and Uranus will be on 23 degrees Pisces. There will be a few planets triggering each other. Pluto in the United States birth chart is on 29 degrees Capricorn in the house of money. In a few days Mars will be triggering this energy. Looks like there will be a change in our money system or some kind of financial event. This could also bring a violent act to our country. I hope not, but it is a possibility.

This is the time period when there are many different realities occurring simultaneously. Every one of us creates what we choose to experience and everyone is different. Some people are still caught in the doom and gloom and that is what they will experience. It is very hard to predict the future these days because who are you predicting for? You might be predicting some event and it won’t happen in this reality but will happen in another reality. We are starting to manifest fifth dimension energy and this is like a blank screen waiting for us to create what we choose to experience. I personally look forward to the future with much hope and joy. I see a Divine Governing System of Light manifesting on Earth and I think it will be great. I’m not saying that everything will be fine right away because the Earth still has some challenges to go through but we can create the future we choose to live in NOW- ALL IS WELL IN MY WORLD!

One of the most important issues to look at right now is our emotions. Do you get upset with everything that is put in front of you? Are you still angry about something from your past? Do you get emotionally over stimulated and end up crying your eyes out? Do you get caught up in the events that are transpiring on Earth, or are you peaceful and happy? Being calm in all situations is the sign that you are ready for fifth dimension energy because our out-of-control emotions rule the fourth dimension. Love rules the fifth dimension.

Do you still have fear of not having enough money to exist? Look closely at that fear because that is what you will create. Do you know that the word Love adds up to the number nine? The word Money also adds up to nine. Is that telling you something? There is nothing wrong with having money. Some of us came in with a poverty consciousness thinking that money was the root of all evil. This is not true. Money cannot buy you happiness but it sure can help make life easier. Just think of the freedom money can bring you. Vacations become a possibility or anything else you choose to experience. It’s time for abundance so let’s create that reality.

We also need to ask for what we want. The Bible says to ask and it shall be given unto you. What do you want? Ask for it! I’ve found that if I write down what I choose to have on a piece of paper and then put it where I can see it when I get up in the morning, or whenever, it seems to manifest very fast. I think this is because I am bringing it out of my head and onto paper where I can see it and this causes it to manifest. The planets also seem to have an effect in manifesting certain events. When the time is right the event happens.

Thank goodness Saturn is moving out of the sign of Virgo. Are you ready to become healthy? Virgo rules illness. How many of you have had some kind of illness in the past two plus years? Saturn moves out of Virgo the end of October. The Swine Flu will probably start to disappear once Saturn moves into Libra because the energy for a pandemic will be over as we start manifesting a different vibration. Libra rules justice. Maybe justice will finally reign because it’s time for everything to change. Stay calm as events transpire and think good thoughts. So Be It! Happy Halloween everyone!

I send you my love!

                                               *****Mahala Gayle *****


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