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Planet Alert for August 2009

Happy New Year! July 26 was the New Year of the Mayan Dreamspell calendar. I’ve been following the Mayan Dreamspell since 1987 and have found it to be very accurate. The Harmonic Convergence was based on this calendar, and we all know how important that event was. This calendar bases its new year on the time that Sirius rises before the Sun over Egypt. It’s called the opening of the Lion’s Gate. The opening of the Lion’s Gate might also have something to do with the fact that the Sun lines up with a black hole (doorway) in space on July 26 on three degrees Leo. The lion of course rules the sign of Leo. The Egyptians celebrated Sirius rising as a very important time period.

The glyph for the start of this New Year is the Yellow Seed, which is ruled by Jupiter. Did you know that a huge object hit Jupiter on July 20? The hole that it caused was larger than the Earth. Anyway, the explanation for the seed year is of course planting new seeds and what we plant is what we will harvest. Thoughts are things so watch what you create this year. This year also started in the wavespell of the Red Dragon. This glyph represents the root source of life, and within it is found the primal waters of unity. It is the primal spiral of creation whose face can be seen as the primordial Mother in sacred union with the spiral of God.

We just had a total solar eclipse on July 22, 2009 which is the feast day of Mary Magdalene. Isn’t that interesting? This eclipse was also lined up with a black hole (doorway) in space which corresponds to 29 degree Cancer, which is the degree of The Daughters of the American Revolution. Maybe it’s time for more women to come into their power. Because this was a total solar eclipse, and energy came in from a black hole in space it was a very powerful eclipse. The solar wind also brought us many photons from the Sun during this time period which caused northern lights in various parts of the world. This brought light seeds to Earth for the coming year.

There was a major storm in Denver on the eclipse day with lots of hail and damage to the city. Watch the other events that will unfold from this eclipse because they will be awesome. The events will be both positive and negative. Pluto was the dominant planet of this eclipse and that planet rules life, death, and transformation. Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn and the effects from this energy will be the death of the old way of doing things and the birth of the new. Sometimes the death of the old can be very painful and difficult to move through but the birth of the new can be awesome. Capricorn rules structures of all kinds like houses, apartments, buildings. governments, businesses, banks, and bridges. It also rules earthquakes which could be what causes some structures to fall. These are the things that will be changed, or transformed in the next year and a half.

Starting on August 22 the node moves into Capricorn and with Pluto in that sign watch everything start to transform before your eyes. The energy from the sign Capricorn is to control people and Pluto says no more, enough is enough. This next year or so will be the completion of the downfall of the controlling bankers and those who like to control things and people. The United States Pluto is on 28 Capricorn in its birth chart of July 4, 1776. This means that the Sun and Moon were in exact opposition to Pluto at that eclipse and this means transformation.

I also received Dr. Meg Blackburn’s channeling about Pluto. She said there was a three hour anomaly in the rotation of Pluto on July 18. This was a reset to the interrelations to intergalactic energy patterns. Pluto was moved slightly out of its orbital alignment. This will change the gravitational relationships within our solar system. What caused this event on Pluto? Could it be Planet X? Or what is called Planet X. One of our satellites discovered a large object in 1982 that was headed toward Earth. They discovered this object by their heat sensing device. Since it was discovered by heat sensing I assume it must be a brown dwarf star. This information was published and then hushed up. What happened to this object, did it just disappear?

Then a few years ago I heard that Astronomers had discovered an object they called Nemeses that was heading toward Earth. This object is considered the companion to our Sun and has an orbit that comes by Earth and causes havoc every few thousand years. I first heard that Astronomers thought this object would hit Earth in 2012. Then they recalculated and said it would not be here until 2029 and that it would not hit Earth. I think their calculations are a bit off because it looks like this object is close enough now, and has been for the past few years to affect our solar system which includes Earth. According to scientists all the planets in our solar system are going through major changes. Something has to be causing these changes.

The first major change on Earth was a huge tsunami on December 26, 2004. It looks like this was the beginning of the major tribulation on Earth. Then we had Katrina, the city in Texas that was extremely damaged by a hurricane, the earthquakes in China, the earthquakes in Italy, storms and flooding all over the world and major fires in various places. Now look at all the people who are out of work. These changes have been happening to thousands or even millions of people. They have been going through their own personal Armageddon. The Bible says the Earth tribulation lasts for seven years. Seven years later is December 26, 2011, or the ending of Carl Calleman’s interpretation of the Mayan Calendar, which ends on October 28, 2011.

There was a show on Coast to Coast about Planet X on June 29, 2009. You might want to check out that program. The person being interviewed is Gilbert Eriksen. His web site is He says this object is actually a brown dwarf star, a huge iron oxide ball on an elliptical orbit in our solar system of 1800 years. This object can currently be seen by infrared telescopes in the Southern Hemisphere, and is inside the orbital radius of Neptune (right ascension 18). He said that we would be feeling the effects of this object this summer. Shortly after that statement an object crashed into Jupiter, Pluto was moved slightly out of its orbital alignment and a bright spot appeared on Venus. What will happen on Earth as this object passes by us? I believe the object that hit Jupiter was from the debris that is with this star. The pull from this object could affect our magnetic field and cause many changes. I believe it is close enough now to really affect Earth. I don’t think it will hit earth but it will probably cause Earth Changes.

In the book The 12th Planet it says, “When from the station of Jupiter, the Planet passes towards the west and. increases in brilliance and in the zodiac of Cancer will come the Planet.” The Sun was in Cancer when that object hit Jupiter. It goes on to say “When the Planet attains its perigee, the Gods will give peace. It’s close to perigee right now. I think it’s closest in summer 2010.

The Catholics have been talking about a red ball heading for Earth for years. They call it the Ball of Redemption. I first heard about this in 1973. They have built telescopes to look for it. The Hopis say to watch for a Red ball in the heavens. They have a prophecy about a blue Kachina appearing in the heavens first. I believe that was the Super Nova that happened in February of 1987. Now we have Betelgeuse which could possibly explode into another Super Nova at any time. A couple of my friends have had dreams about a red ball appearing in the sky and in their dreams this is what causes major changes. This object heading for Earth will appear as a red ball, like iron. Some people have already seen it coming in from the south.

Let’s get back to the eclipses. The darkness from that solar eclipse was over China and India. There was a Typhoon that came into south China on July 19, 2009. Sometimes events happen before the eclipse, during the eclipse, or several months after an eclipse. As an example there was a total solar eclipse over Mt St Helens on Feb 26, 1979. Many people gathered in Goldendale (at the site of our Stonehenge) to watch the total darkness. It wasn’t until a year later that Mt Saint Helens started to rumble and then on May 18, 1980 that mountain erupted. The ash went in the same direction as the path of that solar eclipse. It waited until the Sun was on 27 degrees Taurus in opposition to Uranus in Scorpio to erupt. This is how eclipses work. I had been studying Astrology for a couple of years before that event happened but I really got interested in it when I noticed that according to my world map the sun was right over Mt Saint Helens when it erupted. Astrology is a science and it really works.

On August 5 there will be another lunar eclipse on 13 degrees Aquarius conjunct Cygnus X-1, which is another black hole. Cygnus is the constellation of The Swan. The Cygnus constellation allows us to perceive of it as the place from which the first word was spoken: the source of the divine sound or vibration that brought the universe into manifestation. That is pretty powerful. Did this vibration come through the black hole (doorway) of Cygnus X-1? If so, what are we in for with this eclipse? Could it be more high energy particles sent to us from this black hole to transform us?

This eclipse is conjunct Barack Obama’s birthday, and his rising sign is 14 degrees Aquarius. What a high energy time he will be in. The degree of his rising is the ability to short-cut the process of natural evolution by the exercise of will, mental skill and physical self-discipline. He sure has those qualities. This eclipse will be seen over Africa, the Middle East, Europe, western Russia, western Asia, South America, except the extreme East, and North America, except the Northwest.

It looks like we are in for some major changes. We’re also approaching the Hurricane season, and the fire season which could get a little hairy this year. Several planets have been retrograde this summer and one of them is Pluto. When Pluto retrogrades people tend to go within and search for peace. With Pluto going direct on September 12, we will probably see more outer events occurring.

How is your world? Are you living in peace and happiness? Have you conquered all your fears? Do you like yourself? Are you watching your thoughts? Are you creating what you choose to experience? Mother Earth has to cleanse herself and I don’t think anyone can stop that process but we can live in our own world of peace and happiness. All Is Well In My World! The Bible promises us a new heaven and a new earth, and all we have to do is create it.

I send you my love and blessing!

                                               *****Mahala Gayle *****


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I am taking a break from doing Edgar Cayce Past Life Readings this month, time to enjoy summer. Mahala

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