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Planet Alert for July 2009

The summer solstice on June 20-21 set the stage for the whole summer. The solstice chart showed the Sun in opposition to Pluto. This energy activates power and control issues on all levels. Are you still trying to control anything at all? Control will not work in the new energy because the new energy is one of freedom. Pluto is in Capricorn, which rules governments and business. An example of this energy was the demonstrations in Iran right after their election. Mars just happened to be affecting their area at that time so the demonstrations became somewhat violent. This is the energy the polarity earth will be experiencing this summer. Hopefully we have moved into a new frequency where this type of energy can exist, but it won’t affect those who are manifesting love in their hearts. If you have love in your heart you can walk through fire without getting burned.

The New Madrid fault will feel the effects of this energy either by earthquakes or water events like storms and flooding. Pluto also rules transformation so there is a very strong energy to transform Earth and to continue transforming our bodies into the new vibration energy. I think some of us have finished our rewiring process. I think this was completed at the Summer Solstice. I sure went through lots of electrical surges in my body the better part of June, and it was not comfortable. Did you have any problems with electrical surges or electrical appliances not working for you? Maybe you should keep all your electrical stuff surrounded in the Christ light so their energy becomes compatible with your energy. This works for cars, computers and anything electrical. They also like to be talked to and acknowledged. I always call my car by its name, and I also thank it for a safe journey whenever I go somewhere. I also fill my house with the Christ light. Love works wonders!

July will be a very powerful month because there will be two eclipses, along with the planetary aspect of Mars in Taurus in a 90 degree angle to the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron in Aquarius. This aspect will be exact at the lunar eclipse full moon in Capricorn on July 7, 2009. The triple conjunction is affecting the Koreas and Mars is affecting the West Coast. Wow! What a powerful energy. N. Korea has been flexing its muscles and it looks like a crisis is still building. With that Mars energy in effect, something is bound to happen. Mars of course is a fiery type of energy. My area (Seattle) had a 3.7 earthquake today (July 1) and there was a large fire in Renton, along with a couple of other large fires. This is the type of energy that is in effect right now.

Eclipses are very important events. They activate a certain point in space and when a planet crosses that point things happen. Lunar eclipses are in effect for several months, and solar eclipses can stay in effect for several years. They definitely stay in effect for at least a year; they are not a one day event. The effects of an eclipse can also be felt before the actual eclipse happens like the earthquake and fires here in Seattle.

There are several areas that may be affected by this eclipse besides Korea and the West Coast. Washington D.C. and the East Coast are a couple of other areas that may experience challenges, along with the areas surrounding the Mississippi River. The longitude line of the Sun, at the solstice, was affecting Honduras and they just overthrew their leader. This energy will also continue to affect northern Iran, which includes Tehran. This eclipse will be seen in Indonesia, Eastern Australia, Antarctica, South America, North America and Eastern Asia. It’s time to hold onto your hat because who knows what is ahead for us.

I do know there has been a war going on in space, in fact right over our heads. I had a dream on May 8, 2009 that I was on a space ship and was watching the ships fight each other. It was an awesome dream and I know it was actually happening. It looked like the ships were shooting laser beams at each other. After my dream I was listening to Richard Hoagland on Coast to Coast and he was talking about the war that is going on in space. He thinks it is between two different factions, or groups who are vying for control of this planet. I think it is between negative Aliens (who came to Earth last November 22, 2008) and our secret government. Our secret government has had space ships at least since the Second World War. They are capable of going to the Moon, Mars and maybe even farther out into space. Our space ships do not have the capability of the ships from outer space. Ours are like an old model ford compared to theirs.

I have also heard there is an object coming toward Earth that is fifteen to twenty miles in diameter. It is moving very slowly and changing course as it moves. Sounds like a large ship to me. Maybe it is coming to put a stop to all this war-type energy we seem to find ourselves involved in. Maybe it’s like a parent coming to say, ‘you kids have played long enough in this energy and enough is enough.’ It’s time to move out of the old energy and into the new. The last part of my dream was a huge celebration. Let’s finish up this war stuff and get to the party. Incidentally, the meaning of this lunar eclipse degree is – Guests relax after a huge banquet.

In the 19th chapter of Revelation it says,” Then I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse (ship) appeared. He who was in it is called Faithfull and True, and in righteousness he judges and makes war (or stops the war). And I saw the beast and the kings of Earth, with their armies gathered to make war against him who sits in the ship. The beast and his armies lost.” Is this a light ship moving toward Earth? Time will tell. If it is a ship coming in it sounds like it will come in with lots of fanfare because it also says in Revelation that God’s temple was opened and the Ark of his Covenant was seen within his temple and there were flashes of lightning, loud noises, peals of thunder, an earthquake, and heavy hail.

I received an email a couple of weeks ago talking about the Ark being in a temple in Ethiopia. This email said that Abuna Pauolos of Ethiopia had a meeting with Pope Benedict XVI and confirmed that the Ark of the Covenant did exist and was kept in a church is his homeland of Ethiopia. The email said that the Ark would be revealed on Friday June 26, 2009 but that did not happen. Maybe they changed their minds but the fact that information was put on the Internet means that it could still be revealed. If that does happen then you will know that it is one of the Bible prophecies. Incidentally, Barack Obama’s lineage has been traced back to Haile Sellassie of Ethiopia. In fact his lineage has been traced back to King Soloman. If you are interested in Obama’s lineage look it up on the Internet.

Now back to the eclipses. There will be a total Solar Eclipse on July 21, 2009 at 7:38 pm PDT. This will be the longest total solar eclipse that will occur in the 21st century – the longest until June 13, 2132. It will last 6 minutes and 39 seconds. Totality, or near totality will be visible in many cities such as Calcutta, Delhi, Katmandu, Shanghai and Wuhan. The Sun and Moon will be on 29 degrees Cancer, which is a critical degree. This eclipse will oppose the planet Pluto in the United States birth chart. This means there will be major transformation occurring in our government in the coming months. There will also be a transformation of the financial system. There is a possibility of the world going on a world wide financial system backed by gold.

The meaning of the degree of the solar eclipse is, “Here we have a symbol of the proud preservation of social cultural values. After several generations the ancestor who was perhaps a violent revolutionist acquires a halo of respectability. The tradition that once was born of revolution now extols ‘law and order’. The symbol for this degree is, “A daughter of the American Revolution.” Taken from the book, An Astrological Mandala by Dane Rudhyar. This eclipse means there is hope for the United States and the world.   So Be It!

Isn’t life interesting? You never know what a day will bring. Enjoy the summer and live in joy and happiness. I send you my love and blessings.

                                               *****Mahala Gayle *****

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