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Planet Alert for April 2007

I am writing this article on the day of the Spring Equinox. It is beautiful where I live. The daffodils are in full bloom and the flowering trees are gorgeous. It’s time to enjoy the new energy that is now on earth.

The fast moving planets have almost all moved through the sign of Pisces. Mercury turned retrograde in mid February in the sign of Pisces and this caused a lot of drama for many people. Mercury will finally move out of the emotional energy of Pisces on April 10, into the active energy of Aries. However, the revolutionary energy of Uranus will remain in Pisces for about three more  years.

Because Pluto was in a 90 degree angle to the sun and moon at the time of this last eclipse on March 18, it set power struggles into motion. Because 28 degrees Sagittarius rules lawyers, this is the most recent scandal on the world scene. I don’t think that firing eight US Justice lawyers was a good idea and it is coming back to haunt our leaders. I hope they don’t use some kind of smoke screen event to cover up the scandal, like bombing Iran. We don’t need any more war.

We have been working very hard to integrate our dark side? There is nothing wrong with dark energy; it’s the misuse of dark energy for power and control that gives it a bad name. Scientists say that about 95 % of our universe consists of dark energy. Why can’t we see into dark energy? Are there many different dimensions in our universe that are invisible to us? If we raise our frequency will we be able to see more of our universe?

Creation came out of dark energy. The Bible says; “In the beginning the Elohim (Gods) created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep and the Spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters”. And the Elohim said, “Let there be light” and there was light.

Light can’t exist without dark because they are polarities. Dark adds up to seven, and light adds up to two. Together they form the number nine. Love adds up to nine. We need to balance the light and dark within us so we can manifest love, which is the neutral force. To manifest this neutral force we need to be an observer and not an actor caught in a big negative drama. If you are in a drama you are playing out polarities. Step out of the drama and manifest love.

The battle between the light and dark within us, and outside of us has been played out big time since 1987. Because of the consciousness change on the earth plane during the Harmonic Convergence we were able to jump a time line into the fourth dimension.

The fourth dimension is like the astral level, everything exists there – the good, the bad, and the ugly. The fourth dimension is where power, control, and corruption are played out big time on the world screen. We had to have actors on our screen so we could see our shadow side and  liminate it from our own experience. Bless those actors or teachers. They have done a great job of showing us what we no longer wish to experience in our life.

There was a solar eclipse on 28 degrees Pisces on March 18, 1988. We just had another solar eclipse on March 18, 2007. This means that the fourth dimension cycle is almost over. Time rules the fourth dimension. Haven’t you noticed how fast time seems to be accelerating? It will continue to speed up until it is gone.

We are about to experience events that are considered good or bad that will push us into the fifth dimension. The energy pouring in from the Galactic Center is bringing a brand new energy to earth. In December of this year Jupiter and Pluto will be conjunct the Galactic Center and that will be a huge energy surge. If we haven’t jumped the time line by then that will probably do it.

Because we have the number nine energy in affect all year, we have the opportunity to manifest Christ Consciousness. I’ve heard people say “Christ is coming back in the form of energy and it is soon.” Is it already here, or could there be an event approaching where an energy called the Holy Spirit again moves across the face of the waters and everyone who is ready will be able to integrate this energy?

Remember how Greg Braden has always said that we have to reach thirteen hertz before the change can happen. I believe this change is within us and corresponds with activating the thirteen chakras in our bodies. We also have thirteen bodies in our solar system which are twelve planets and the Sun. There are eight large and four small planets. It’s time to connect with the Sun energy, the ruler of our solar system. The Sun appears golden with a white core, just like us.

For a long time we manifested seven major chakras in our bodies. Then we moved into a nine chakra system. A crop circle appeared in England acknowledging our nine chakra system. I believe many people are manifesting that system right now, although some are starting to move into a thirteen chakra system.

This new chakra system will have seven chakras in our bodies, four in our head, and two outside our head connected to our tensor beams. Our tensor beams are like antennas and when activated will connect us up to Cosmic Consciousness.

The new Christ Star has four points on it, like a cross with four pyramids on it. When you look at your head, picture the Christ Star there with the four chakras. The eighth chakra is at the back of the head and is called the Soul Star, or the Well of Dreams. The ninth and tenth are the pineal and pituitary, or the third eye at the front and back of the head. The eleventh chakra is the crown. You could also say that these four chakras form a diamond shape in your head.

The soul star chakra is being activated in some people right now. Have you had lots of dreams lately or has the back of your head hurt? This chakra was first opened in the mid nineties and is now being activated so we can connect up with Christ Consciousness.

The number 13 is a very sacred number. The flower of Life is the symbol of creation and that has the geometry of 13. There were 12 male tribes of Israel and one woman tribe (13). The Bible says that the new kingdom will go to the woman tribe (feminine energy). This means to those who are capable of activating the 13 chakras and balancing the male and female energy within them.

The USA was founded with 13 states. The number 13 is all over the seal of the United States and the dollar bill. We were supposed to be the leaders of freedom for the world. We fell down on the job although maybe there is still time to change.

The 13th sign of the Zodiac called Asklepius, or Ophuchus became prominent when thousands of people gathered in Turkey (formerly Greece) at the ancient healing center of Asklepius to watch the eclipse. This eclipse was on March 29, 2006.

The new planet Eros, which I believe rules Asklepius, was discovered in October of 2003. Could this be Planet X that people have been talking about? There are now eight large planets in our solar system and four small ones. The four small ones are Ceres, Pluto, Chiron, and Eros. Our solar system is now complete.

There was also a gorgeous comet that came by earth in January of 2007. It had a tail that looked like a winged serpent and they named this comet after Quetzalcoatl. This is the year of the return of the Mayan Christ Quetzlcoatl. Interesting!

In my interpretation of Revelation, we are  moving through the 19th and 20th chapters. The 19th
chapter talks about the generals of the earth gathering to make war against him who sits on the white horse. Hasn’t Osama Bin Laden been seen riding a horse? Some people consider him their Christ. Haven’t we been at war with him since September 11, 2001? This terrorist war has gone on for over 5 years. It’s time for it to be over.

Now we are in the time when world leaders fall from power. Saturn in Leo causes this energy. Many leaders have left or quit their jobs, and some have been fired. Saddam Hussein has already left this earth plane. Has Osama Bin Laden also left, or is he still in hiding waiting to reappear at the right time? Wouldn’t that be interesting?

The 19th chapter also talks about the armada of white ships that appear in heaven. They are already here and about to manifest. These Beings have been waiting for us to reach their frequency before they make mass landings or contact. This time is fast approaching.

The back of my head started hurting in February and continued for several weeks. I have also had many dreams. This is why I know that the 13th charka activation has started. If it is happening to me, I know it is happening to others.

It’s my understanding that when we live on a fourth dimension earth we can manifest  consciousness from the fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions. Soon we will be living on a fifth dimension earth. I think we will then be able to manifest all thirteen levels of consciousness, and become unlimited Beings.

The sun is the ruler of our solar system, and it’s my understanding that it vibrates to the number 13. The word Christ vibrates to the number 5. The light ships are fifth dimensional and above. Let’s start manifesting all thirteen levels of the Sun Consciousness and walk in the light of the Christ. So Be It! I send you my love!

*** Mahala ***

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