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Planet Alert for January and February 2007

 Happy New Year everyone!  I wish you a happy, healthy, and fun filled year. Last year was a number eight year which was very hard for many people. It brought lots of lessons concerning money, power, control, sex, and death. Many people chose to leave the Earth plane last year and this caused sorrow for many people. I think many of you knew someone who died last year because that was the energy of 2006.  Now we are in a number nine year. Nine is the number of completion which means that lots of things will end this year, although there will also be many new beginnings like our new Congress. The House and Senate are now controlled by the Democrats. This shows me that people wanted a change in our government. 

We now have a woman who is Speaker of the House. Do you realize that if something happens to Bush and Cheney, Nancy Pelosi would be our new president? Wouldnt that be interesting?

Nancy Pelosi is an Aries, which is a fire sign and considered the sign of a leader with lots of energy. She has lots of drive to obtain what she wants. According to her chart she is very outspoken, creative, and original. She can deal very well with other races and foreign countries.  She is a very magnetic (feminine) person who has lots of charm. She is a very deep thinker and may even be a genius who can surmount difficulty by seeing a way around problems. She is a very good speaker and can get her ideas across to people. Maybe she will be able to bring ethics back into our governing system. She was born on March 26, 1940 at 10:32 PM in Baltimore, Md. George Bush is a Cancer who has Uranus opposing his Mars right now. This aspect is very hard for him to deal with because it brings a lot of opposition into his life. This makes him want to fight for what he thinks is right no matter what anyone else thinks.  Mars will activate his Sun the first week of February. This is not good for him or our country. Remember, he came in as a war president because the US Mars is conjunct his node. There will be a total lunar eclipse on March 3 that will activate his Mars energy big time. He is experiencing a lot of fighting energy right now.

Neptune has been conjunct the United States moon, which is 18 degrees Aquarius, for the past year. Neptune rules scandals and is continuing to bring hidden information out into the open for all who are interested to see.

Saturn has been opposing Neptune and this aspect rules fear. Every time we watch the news we are being bombarded with fear. This means its time to release any fear energy you may still be experiencing. Neptune is also a feminine spiritual planet and this energy can be used positively for incorporating positive energy into our government.  The energy of number nine is very fast- paced and if you think last year went by fast, watch what happens this year. Christ energy vibrates to number nine because that is what the word love manifests. Love equals 3+6+4+ 5 which adds up to the number 18/9. Lots of unconditional love will manifest on Earth this year.

Even though the number eight is known to rule money, the actual word money adds up to nine. Money equals 4+6 +5+5 +7 which adds up to 27/9. The word anger adds up to 1+5+7+5+9 which also equals 27/9. There will be lots of energy around Love, Anger, and Money this year.

Its time to release any hidden anger that may still be stored in your body so you can manifest love. There is an excellent book called, Acupressure for Emotional Healing by Michael Reed Gach, PH.D and Beth Ann Henning, Dipl A.B.T. This book tells you how to release stress, anger, and other things. This year is the completion of a nine year cycle. The things that were started in 1998 will become complete this year. In November of 1998 the Earth first reached zero magnetics and the poles started to shift. Because of the huge solar flare in December 2006, a major anomaly has been detected in the Earths Magnetic Field leading scientists to believe that a huge earthquake is imminent. There will be a lot of male energy in effect this year with Jupiter and Pluto both in the fire sign of Sagittarius and Saturn is in Leo. This means there will be lots of action on all levels, and with Jupiter in Sagittarius all year the cry for freedom is going to be heard around the world.  The planet Pluto, which is considered the transformer, is still in the ninth sign of Sagittarius which rules the banking system. The banking system has been transforming behind the scenes for quite awhile. I believe this transformation will come out into the open this year, especially after the planet Mars conjuncts Pluto on top of the Galactic Center on January 13. This change could be either positive or negative. Time will tell! There is also a comet in our solar system at this time.  This comet can be seen from the Southern Hemisphere. Comets are messengers. What is this comet trying to tell us? Could it be telling us to be aware of this powerful energy surge that is coming into our solar system on January 13? Mars and Pluto together are very explosive so I am expecting some explosions on Earth. This aspect may also affect our Sun and cause it to flare. As above, so below. Vladimir Putin has his Mars on 26 degrees Sagittarius. This means he will be directly affected by the Mars/Pluto conjunction. He is going to have a tremendous desire for power at this time. I believe he wants to be a major player on the world scene so keep your eyes on what he does. The conjunction of Mars, Pluto, and the Galactic Center happens in the sign that rules fires, mountains, law, courts of law, lawyers, religion, schools, and the banking system. All of these areas will be affected by this planetary energy this year. Pluto has been moving through Sagittarius since 1995 and activating things ruled by that sign. . Many new laws have been passed including Homeland Security which restricts our freedom. Those laws were passed because of a religious terrorist war. This war has been going on for a long time and may heat up with this powerful energy in effect, particularly in the Middle East, including Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Africa.

Along with an expected change in the world banking system, mountains or volcanoes may explode with this energy. I believe we will start to see lots of volcanic eruptions. There will also be lots of fires around the world as the year continues. Jupiter is a large planet and brings large events. We can watch how the energy from this planet works on the Earth plane. In November the planets lined up in Scorpio, a water sign, and we had major storms and floods in the Pacific Northwest. Then the planets lined up in Asklepius, a wind sign, and we had a tremendous wind storm in December in the Pacific Northwest. Some people were out of power for up to 8 days and the winds did tremendous damage.

Jupiter is still affecting our area as the storms blow in and then dump snow in the Cascade Mountains which has had an abundance of snow. The state of Colorado is also under the affect of Jupiter. They have had three major storms in the last month or so. Jupiter will be affecting the area from the Cascade Mountains to the Mississippi River all year long, so look for major Earth changes in those areas. California is also under the effects of Jupiter. The hot desert lands are ruled by the fire sign Sagittarius.

We also have Uranus, the planet of change, in the water sign Pisces. Uranus will stay in that sign until 2010, which means that water events like storms and flooding will continue all over the world. Uranus moved into Pisces in 2003, and in December of 2004 there was a major Tsunami. There has been major flooding since that planet went into Pisces including the ice melting at the poles. These events will continue into 2010. We are definitely in the End Times. The Poles are not only melting, they are also shifting and the weather is crazy. We are experiencing Global Warming and this is the first time in modern history that we have had the technology to destroy ourselves. We have been experiencing the Book of Revelations since the Federal Reserve Bank was set up in 1913, and the First World War started in 1918. Energy is just energy and can be used either positively or negatively depending on how a person decides to think. This could be the year when we start manifesting abundance because we are starting to be happy. Feeling happy, no matter what circumstance you are in, is the first step in creating what you choose to experience.  Its important to bless everything in your life every day. Wake up each morning and give thanks for the wonderful day. Accept where you are in life with joy and happiness. Live life fully. With the high frequency energy now manifesting on Earth, anything is possible. So Be It! 

I send you my blessings.


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