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Planet Alert for May 2005

I just got home from a vacation in Washington, D.C. I felt the beautiful energy from the Sirian Star Gate that opened over that area last August. It´s a very soft, gentle, feminine energy that will eventually change everything. I suggest that people send their loving thoughts to that area and connect with that beautiful vibration. This will change our government faster than anything else I can think of.

The Mars/Uranus conjunction that is happening right now will be starting a revolution in our country. It will be interesting to watch how this revolution works out. People are going to want their freedom. It´s up to the general population how this revolution manifests. It will be a definite consciousness shift.

It looks like we ended one era and started another with the death of Pope John Paul II. I believe his funeral was as powerful as the Harmonic convergence because of all the millions of prayers that were sent to him and that area. Focused consciousness is very powerful.

The Harmonic Convergence in 1987 changed the timeline, and we started experiencing the consciousness of the fourth dimension. Once we moved into that energy we had to face the dark side of life and look at our shadow. This has been going on for several years. The fourth dimension consciousness is like the astral plane where everything exists–the good, the bad and the ugly. This is the dimension where the war in space occurs, which also happens on Earth. As above, so below. Look at the battle in Iraq that has been going on over the powerful Stargate that
exists there.

Because of the Gamma Ray Burst on December 27, 2004 and the focused energy sent to the Pope at his death, we are now living in a different timeline. We are vibrating much higher and moving ahead in fast-speed motion. Some people cannot handle this high frequency energy, and they end up in chaos. Others are choosing to leave this Earth plane altogether. Now is the time to stay cool, calm and collected.

The Sun was opposing Jupiter at the time of the Pope´s funeral, which usually causes large earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. Because of all those thoughts of love and peace being sent to that area, there were only two small earthquakes felt in Italy on April 8, 2005 instead of a large one. As far as I am concerned that was consciousness in action. I don´t agree with the way the Catholic Church has tried to control people for thousands of years. I also don´t believe in worshipping another human being. I believe that the Christ spirit is within everyone, and we are all equal. Some people may be manifesting a higher frequency than others although that doesn´t warrant being worshipped, at least in my way of thinking. Jesus said to look within for God. I believe that honoring the God spark within, which is connected to everything, is where true power comes from.

The Earth is in for some tremendous changes as it transforms into a higher dimension planet. There are prophecies all over the Internet about the Earth being destroyed. There is a good chance that the lower dimension Earth will destroy itself. Many people are looking into that dimension and telling others what they see. Others are looking into the new Earth and seeing something entirely different. There is no right or wrong. Those that buy into the destruction mode will manifest that reality. Others will buy into the new Earth and that is what they will experience.

One of the stepping stones of becoming free, so you can live on the higher dimension Earth, is to give up your belief systems. Has your belief system caused you to give up your free will? Do you want to be free? What are your beliefs? Do you experience poverty consciousness? Are you into poor me? Do you feel like a victim? Do you believe that God is going to save you? Do you believe in sin? What do you believe? You might want to think about your belief systems and see how they have taken away your freedom. You might just be amazed at what you discover about yourself.

I believe that it´s time to live in the NOW. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is not here, yet so what is there to be concerned about? Life just is! Be in the flow of the energy. Let go and let God. The God within you knows what you need, so just let it manifest. Release all of your fears and dark shadows so you can be in the flow. Be aware of what you think. If thoughts can change the crystals in water, think what your thoughts can do to your body. Open your heart and feel the beautiful loving energy from your God spark. You can´t get to the new Earth through your intellect. Heart energy is what it is all about.

Now back to the planets. Jupiter was exactly over Rome when the Pope died. Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius, which rules religion. Pluto has been moving through the sign of Sagittarius since 1995. Pluto is the transformer, and one of the things it is transforming is religion. It also brings things that have been hidden in the dark out into the open for people to see, like all of the sexual abuse issues connected with the Catholic Church.

Now we have a new Pope with the name of Pope Benedict the XVI. The prophecies say his rule will be short lived and during his reign the city will fall. Could that be from a volcanic eruption? The prophecies say the next Pope will walk on the rubble of Rome. We´ll see what happens. In December of 2007 the planet Jupiter will be conjunct Pluto at 28 degrees Sagittarius, which lines up with the Galactic Center. This tells me that by that time religion will have been transformed into spirituality. The Gamma Ray Burst from the Galactic Center is helping raise the frequency of Earth. All of the crystals on Earth are being activated by this high frequency energy. It´s time to cleanse and reprogram our crystals.

Are you aware of all of the Earth changes that have been going on since December 26 of last year? There have been major earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and storms. Weird weather is everywhere. Just when we thought winter was over and spring was on the way, major snowstorms happened in April.

During the time of the Solar eclipse from April 7-11, there were 16 earthquakes measuring 6 points or better. Six of those happened in Indonesia. There were also quakes in Peru, Japan, Kodak Island (Alaska), China and other areas.

How many of you know there was a tsunami with the 8.7 earthquake in Sumatra on March 28, 2005? The Seattle Times, dated April 2, 2005, says that waves up to 18 feet high were reported near the epicenter on small coastal islands and the west coast of Sumatra. There was a 12-foot tsunami that smashed boats and docks in the main harbor on Simeulue Island where entire villages were flattened by the shaking. About 300 miles of coastline were hit with waves that were big enough to be deadly. This tsunami was nothing like the one that hit in December with 90-foot waves, although 18-foot waves are pretty large. We didn´t hear much about it because the Pope died and all of the news coverage was on that event.

Did you also know that a hailstorm in Sichuan Province killed 18 people and injured 25? Qianjiang District in Chongqing was the worst affected with hailstones destroying more than 27,800 houses and local crops. There were also major storms in Africa. The eclipse on April 8, 2005 was very powerful. When the moon´s node moves onto 19 degrees Aries in June, and Mars moves into Aries, the effects of this eclipse will again be felt. In my last article I said that the April 24 lunar eclipse would be right over Israel. I didn´t know just how that energy would work out, and several things have happened. First, Syria moved its troops out of Lebanon after being there for 30 years, and a former president of Israel died. The major event was the appearance of the Russian President Vladimir Putin in Israel. The Russian leader offered to play host to an international conference on peace this fall. Keep your eye on the Russian president. He is coming onto the world scene with the planet Jupiter (religion) on top of his sun. The stage is being set for Russia and China to play their part in this great drama.

Before that happens we still have North Korea and Iran to deal with. The planets look a little ominous this month with the Sun making a 90 degree angle to Neptune over the area of Korea, Japan, etc. This can manifest as secret, covert action, or it might activate some kind of water event or maybe even an oil spill. It could also have worked out with the test firing of a missile. North Korea test fired a missile a few days ago. The Sun is in the Earth sign Taurus, which can cause large earthquakes or volcanic eruptions, possibly in the Pacific ocean. Taurus also activates the West Coast in one way or another.

Then a few days after that aspect we have a Mars/Uranus conjunction in Pisces on May 15. This is an explosive, rebellious energy, which can cause very violent events to occur all over the world. Pisces is a water sign which can generate some very emotional feelings. There will be explosions in various parts of the world. Iraq is being especially hard hit by this energy.

On June 2, 2005, we will have a Mars/Pluto square. This is the energy that causes terrorist action, war, violence or volcanic eruptions. This energy will be over India, Pakistan and that area. The opposite side of the world that will be affected will be from the west coast to the Mississippi River. It´s tornado season, and it will probably be a bad one with this energy in effect. Mexico will also be activated by this energy. At the time of the new moon on June 6, there will be three planets plus the moon in Gemini, two in Pisces and one in Sagittarius. This forms a mother T-cross in the heavens and gives us the opportunity to tune into feminine energy. It´s really important to remain calm as chaos continues around us. How is your life? All is well in my world, and I hope it is the same for you.

I send you my love and blessings.


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