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Planet Alert for January 2003

We’re now in the great year of 2003. What will this year bring? First of all it is a number five year which is the number of change. This year will also be expressed as a 23/5. The five rules freedom and discipline, the two rules balance, and the three rules expression. The energy of the number five is very active so it will be a year of action. Last year was a number four which rules work or limitation. This year will have an entirely different vibration.

The positive expression of the number five is feeling free inside. The five will take more chances than other numbers care to experience. This means there is no fear connected with the number five if it is manifesting on a positive level. This year will give us the opportunity to reach freedom within. Isn’t that great? All of you with a number five destiny will fit right in with this years’ vibration.

The negative expression of five is one of control and manipulation. No one can control you if you have no fears. Fear means False Evidence Appearing Real. You may be faced with situations this year that require decisions because five indicates two paths. This will be an important year because five is the middle number between one and nine. There will be continual change and activity this year, and many things will happen unexpectedly, which means we need to be flexible so we can handle this nervous, restless energy.

On February 1, we move into the year of the Sheep in Chinese Astrology. This is one of the most feminine signs in the Chinese Horoscope. The Sheep’s influence will draw us closer to home and our families. The Sheep rules our creative force and artistic endeavors. Wars, international conflicts, and mutual animosities that start in the year of the Horse (2002) usually ends in the year of the Sheep. This is why the Kali Yuga says peace starts in the year 2003 – probably by the end of the year. At least on the higher dimension Earth.

There will be a major shift this year caused by two major planets moving into different signs. The planet Uranus has been in it’s own sign of Aquarius for the last seven years. Uranus is an electrical male energy planet. In March it will move into the feminine water sign of Pisces. It’s going to be interesting to see the outcome of such a powerful male planet in a feminine water sign.

Uranus is considered the planet of change. It started manifesting very strongly after 1962 when several planets lined up in the sign of Aquarius. Remember the turbulent sixties – that was the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Uranus is also considered a rebellious planet. This planet rules the opening of the seals in the Bible. The first seal opened in February of 1962, and the White Horse appeared. Uranus was on 29 degrees Leo in February of 1962, and in August of that year it moved into Virgo to stay for seven years. Since 1962 Uranus has moved through Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius. Each time it moves through another sign it opens a seal in the Bible.

We are in the part where it says, “Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates”. The four angels are released and war starts, unless something changes that vibration. This is referring to the sixth seal that may open this month with the Mars/Uranus square. The energy between those two planets is fiery, explosive and war like. Uranus is over Korea and Venezuela, and Mars is over the Persian Gulf. The opposite side of the world is also affected, which is the West Coast. The tremendous storm that came into the Pacific Northwest on December 27, occurred when Mars was square Jupiter.

After the sixth seal opens the Bible says; “Do not harm the earth or the sea or the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God upon their forehead.” This means that no harm will come to those who are ready to manifest the new frequency of unconditional love, joy, and happiness. I’m excited about this year. I think it will be great for those who have chosen to be a part of the higher frequency world. If you choose to change your life, the fastest way to do this is to be thankful for everything and quit complaining. All is well in my world! I send you my blessings!

** By Mahala ***

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